Sex story from Dave180nn

Hi Maria,

Can't help but think about the picture with you in the blue bikini and the plastic ring around your head. That wonderful body is so perfectly contrasted by the humorous situation and the good natured smile on your face. The two things together actually make me want to fuck you even more than before. Firstly, I'd have to act like the true gentleman and relieve you of that heavy weight around your neck before lifting you up off that cold tiled surface to take you somewhere much more comfortable. I would imagine that the bedroom might be a good suggestion.

At that point I could then take my time appreciating your long slender legs and tight body, working my hands across all of your limbs and torso before trailing kisses from your toes to your shoulders and then down to your fingers. Taking my time to ensure that each inch of your body could feel the appreciation and enjoyment that I was getting from the bisual stimulation of such a magnificent body.

Paying special attention to your face, I'd then take your head in my heads and passionately kiss you, sliding my hands slowly down your back and pulling you close before my lips work down your neck and towards your fantastic pert breasts. Releasing those breasts I'd be in heaven as I take in your chest, my tongue gently sliding across each breast before taking each nipple in turn to gently suck so that they stand firm. I'd continue to suck and nibble on each, letting my tongue rub across them as you begin to moan appreciatevely and squirm under my weight. Sensing it was time to move on my hands would slowly work down to your ass, holding your firm cheeks in my hand before my lips kiss there way down your stomach and start to push at the edges of your bikini bottoms. At that point I'd remove all barriers and drink in the sight of my target....pleasuring your most intimate spot with my tongue. Working my lips down, my tongue would flick out across your clit before continuing down and across your lips. Continuing down before releasing my tongue to perform one smooth soft lick all the way back up to your clit. Where once more it would flick out across you, repeating slowly I'd kiss back down before licking upwards, gradually bringing up the pace and pressure of my tongue until you start to squirm more. Sensing your growing pleasure I'd part your legs further and start to concentrate harder on licking you. My fingers starting to push into you so that they can work in unison to bring you off.....
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