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I really like the photo of you laying in the sand with your pink bikini on and the hat over your face. I like it because I fantasized about walking by you on the beach wearing shorts and showing of my tan, toned body. I paused nervously just below your feet and you hadn't seemed to notice me. I couldn't believe what I was doing but I somehow knew it was ok. I kneeled down between your feet, pausing one last time to see if you stirred. You didn't and so I began to rub my hands up your thighs. Upon my touch I could feel your body tremble with a mixture of pleasure and fear. You raised your hat just enough to see me. I smiled at you and to my amazement you smiled right back and replaced your hat. I continued to massage your thighs spending more and more time just below your pussy. My hands occassionally brushing your beautiful cameltoe. I was getting so excited I could hardly contain myself.

I slid my hands up your hips, wrapped my fingers around the strings of your bikini bottoms and slid them off. After seeing your lovely pussy I began kissing your thighs getting ever closer. My tongue began exploring the areas all around your clit but never pushing past the lips. Your hips began to squirm in an obvious motion saying that you wanted my tongue between your lips. I could not tease you any longer. I slid my tongue slowly over you clitoris, down to you vagina and penetrated you with my tongue. After a few minutes moving my tongue deep inside your vagina I moved back up to your clitoris and you body really clenched up. As I was ravaging your clit I slid my shorts off.

When you got so horny you were moaning with pleasure I stopped tonguing you and shoved my rock hard cok deep into your pussy. I could not believe this was happening. I started slow and kept pumping faster and harder. We were both moaning loudly at this point. Finally my bravery peaked. I slid the peak of your hat to the left and passionately kissed you on the lips! I instantly climaxed and shot my hot cum deep inside your pussy. Feeling my cum you cried out in orgasm as well.

After lying on you for a moment while we both caught our breath, I kissed you firmly on the mouth, turned you hat back to its original position, slid my email address into your bikini top and walked away with my shorts in hand.
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