A Wonderful Day In El Paso

A Wonderful Day In El Paso

My name is Maria. Recently, I had some sexy fun with Erin. She is one of my best girlfriends on xhamster. You can see her profile here: xhamster.com/user/teengirerin

Erin just finished a two week road trip driving all around the United States with her cat named Tiger. I had been real busy during that time. But we kept messaging each other at least once a day anyway. When she was headed in my direction, I started getting worried that I better speak up or I was going to miss out on something. I at least wanted to see her.

On Thursday I was lucky enough to have a free day. The night before, Erin and I arranged to meet for a little breakfast in El Paso. So, on Thursday morning I headed straight to El Paso to a diner in the heart of town. When I entered the diner Erin was there waiting for me. She hopped up from her seat and embraced and kissed me right on the lips. But we could not make it too big, since we were in a public place.

We sat down and ordered our breakfast and stared at each other. We ate and had a nice little talk about her trip so far and about things going on with me. I told Erin that I had cleared the rest of the day with my boyfriend and my job just in case we wanted to do something. And I asked her if she had some time or did she need to get back on the road. Erin was eager to please and said she wanted to spend part of the day with me.

There was a motel right down the street, so we headed over there. Erin went ahead of me and got the room while i went to fill my car at the gas station. I pulled into the motel parking lot and saw Erin standing by the door of our room with Tiger in her arms. She motioned to me to hold on for a few minutes and went inside. So I sat and listened to the radio for a few minutes and then walked up to the room.

Erin must have been watching through a crack in the curtains because when I reached the door it swung open to this beautiful girl standing there naked. I entered fast and closed the door behind me. I quickly scanned the room and saw that Tiger had made himself comfortable on a chair in the corner. Erin introduced me to Tiger. I said, “Hi Tiger” and patted his fury orange coat. And then......

I could not help myself. I walked straight up to Erin and kissed her and my hand was on her titties so fast. She started pulling at my shirt and over my head it went. Then Erin reached under my skirt and started pulling at the edge of my panties and putting her hand inside them. Then she started rubbing my pussy. It felt so good having her fingers on my pussy lips and sliding a finger inside me.

We only parted long enough for me to drop my skirt and panties to the floor and then Erin's fingers were inside me again. And of course I was rubbing her pussy the whole time. She was already very wet and my pussy was getting wetter by the second. Then Erin stopped kissing me for a minute and let go of my pussy and whispered for me to stop. She took me by the hand and pulled me to the bed, where she laid me down and crawled up next to me. We started kissing each other and playing with each others' pussies again. My fingers were up inside Erin's pussy with my thumb rubbing on her clit.

I slowly moved my face down to Erin's pussy. I continued moving my fingers in and out of her pussy while my mouth clamped on to her clit and sucked away. Erin looked like she was almost ready to cum so I pulled out my fingers and moved my mouth to her pussy hole and sucked away and rubbed Erin's clit between my fingers until she rewarded me with her sweet cum all over my mouth.

I was hardly done when Erin pulled me roughly up to her face and started kissing me again. Then she shoved me onto my back and pulled my legs apart. I was shocked at how wild Erin was with me. She had my legs over her shoulders and her mouth on my pussy in a heartbeat. I was already flowing juices from eating her and then her roughness made me even wetter. I loved it.

Erin was sucking and licking my pussy like a wild girl. That turned me on so much that this 18 year old girl, a teenager, was this hot for ME. Within moments, I could feel my cum building inside of me. Erin did not slow down. She just kept at my pussy, sucking and licking away, until my whole body felt so like fire. When I came, I squirted, and I could feel the orgasm throughout my body from head to toe. My pussy became so sensitive all of a sudden that when she kept on sucking, it made me cum again and again. Nice wonderful multiple orgasm. OMG

OOHH, I had to pull Erin away from my pussy. I pulled her up to my face and we laid in each others arms for a few minutes. I did not want to wait too long. I wanted Erin to feel something close to what she had made me feel. I asked her if she had brought that strap-on with her on the trip.

Yes, Erin said she had brought it because she secretly had been hoping to be with me sometime during the trip. So, then I asked Erin to strap it on me and hook it up.

As soon as Erin had it strapped to me, I grabbed hold of her waist and pulled her back down on the bed. We wrestled playfully for a few minutes on the bed with the dildo popping out between us. Then I whispered in Erin's ear that I wanted her to spread her legs open wide.

I slipped the dildo into Erin's already soaking pussy. It was so tight getting it in at first so I dribbled some spit onto the shaft and slid it in a little deeper. Slowly at first till Erin's pussy became used to it and opened up more. Now it was getting easier to move in and out as she got wetter and wetter. Then Erin started screaming as I fucked her deep and hard with her own toy.

Erin was going wild. I kept it up for a good 15 minutes until suddenly I could feel her squirting juice all over me from around the dildo. I kept ramming her until she yelled out one more time and sprayed a huge long squirt all over my legs and pussy and tummy. Like a fire hose she was. I pulled out the dildo and started sucking on her pussy before she was done cumming and she started squirting more, all over my face. That is what I really wanted. I was so happy with getting Erin to cum like that.

Then we just laid in each others arms for a while and fingered each others pussies and kissed and kissed, sloppy wet kisses and talked a little too. We looked over at Tiger and he looked bored. Nothing we did seemed to interest him.

Erin wanted to make a little distance on her trip, at least into Arizona and I really needed to head back in a couple more hours. We both wished we could have more time together. Maybe some other time.
We did have a of couple hours left. So Erin asked me if maybe we could shower together so that she could freshen up for more driving and so that I didn't smell so much like sex.

Erin took my hand and led me into the shower. We took our time and washed each other all over while we played and kissed each other so much that it made us cum again.

Erin was about to turn off the water, but I told her to let me suck her pussy one more time. I slid down and sat on the floor under her. She straddled my head while I sucked her pussy mildly with the water running over us and I slowly brought her to a nice orgasm. I got up and we both washed off one more time and got out of the shower.

We dried off and went out and got dressed. We kept looking over at each other the whole time. But we knew that was it. Erin picked up Tiger and we walked down to the motel office hand in hand, paid the bill and turned in the key. We stood by our cars for a few minutes and kissed each other goodbye. Bye Erin, Bye Tiger. And then we drove off in opposite directions.


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3 years ago
Very hot and sexy..
3 years ago
too hot story!
what a lucky girls!!!
i wanna do the same with both of yours :P
3 years ago
Jeez Maria - you're a lucky gal! Now if Erin had made it past AZ to CA... One can only dream... Lucky devil!
3 years ago
Very erotic and sexy
3 years ago
Truly a dream come true.

Erin is a dream girl for sure as are you.

So happy you got to make this happen. Not many of us get such an opportunity.
3 years ago
Thanks for the story Maria. Love it. You two are so beautiful and sexy together. Fantastic!! ♥‿♥ ☮ ~Ron~
3 years ago
Very nice Maria! Never lose that magic with Erin:)
3 years ago
Great story:) I could read that over and over. Sounds like the best girl on girl ever:) jaja
3 years ago
i love reading about you and erins stories.
3 years ago
very nice
3 years ago
Fantastic Maria, more than excellent!

Just a simple short summary of your steaming few
hot hours together. Wow, Erin is a wild-cat!
That´s the good influence of The Tiger probably.

It seems you suffer from a similar disease:
both ruled by the stronger pussy inside you! ;-)P

You two moved a lot. But I was moved as well, as I had to swallow as much, as you two probably, in the last minutes of your
"good bye, till next time dear" ;-)

And Tiger was happy: finally he was left in peace!
3 years ago
Refreshing, beautiful, and well written. Such a hot story, touching, and tenderly recounted...what talent!
3 years ago
The highlight of my trip! Erin.
3 years ago
Thats my girl Erin she is one hot and sexy girl and I would love to get to know you as well young lady you write a very good story indeed
3 years ago
PS I see you learnt your lesson too, no more block writing! -See really is an excellent teacher for one so young*
3 years ago
Nice one Maria, Giving her one back after the 'harsh' english lessons.
3 years ago
Nice. I did not realize that Erin was bi - nothing better than hot girl on girl action.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Sounds like sexy times, girls. But again, no mention of me again :(. haha. Jeez, ya'll are the hottest girls going....lucky, lucky babes :)