My Neighbours surprise part 2

So, I was feeling very very sexy. I had my large butt plug in my GurlPussy and was dressed up to the nines. I felt amazing. I was mincing around my house, walking up and down the stairs and all throughout the house just so I could feel my clothes against my skin. I don't know how many times I walked into my bedroom just so I could look at myself in my full length mirror, I looked liked like a right little slut with my heavy make up and tight clothing, I definitely felt like a right slut.
My wine was going down real easy too and I had just finished my third large glass so I went to pour myself another. I minced into the kitchen feeling my plug right inside of me with every little mincing step I took. I turned the light on and began to pour the wine.
It could have been because I was euphoric from being dressed up or just because I was slightly d***k but I never noticed my neighbours kitchen light turn on. I didn't notice until I was right on front of my window looking straight out at Susan who was staring at me, not quite getting who she was looking at, and then she realised and a huge smile appeared on her face.
Me, I crapped myself, I minced over to the light as quickly as I could and turned it off hoping that this had never happened, but it had.
I just stood there not knowing what to do when then door bell rang. I didn't move.
It rang again but I still stayed where I was, routed to the spot. Next came the banging on the door and then I heard the letter box open and a voice called out "come on, open the door, Mistress demands your appearance" it wasn't Susan calling for me, it was her husband Simon. After I heard what he had to say I had lots of different feelings going on. I was so scared that I had been caught out but also I felt so aroused that Susan had sent Simon to come and get me but I didn't know what to do. He banged again louder this time and he also shouted louder too "Mistress says if you don't come over right now she will tell Karen what you have been doing" "Fuck Fuck Fuck" I thought, I had no choice. I minced over and picked up my house keys and opened up the front door. Simon was there wearing a tracksuit but he didn't look up at me, he just said "Mistress wants to see you" and pointed towards his front door. Simon is an average looking guy I guess, he is slim and has long hair and a goatee beard, Susan his wife is quite average too, long blond hair, slim build, I guess she would be about 36c breasts and about 5'8" tall.
The path between our houses was a bit cracked in places and so I had to ask Simon to take my hand so I would not trip over in my heels. He took my hand but did not say anything. I noticed though that Simons hands were very soft as though he had never done a days hard work.
Anyway Simon lead me across the path and my heart was pumping so quickly, not only had I been caught by my neighbours but anyone else down the street would also be able to see me know, I felt very vulnerable. Simon leaf me into his front door and told me to step into the living room. I had never been so fearful and so excited at the same time, I felt like I could faint.
I stepped in and Susan was perched on the arm of her sofa wearing only a pair of high heeled black patent stiletto shoes, my eyes popped out of my head. Although she is just average she has an amazing body, her legs are long and firm and her breasts stood out on front of her firm and rounded with very erect nipples. Her hair was let down and she had no make up on.
"So, who do we have here then" she said to me.
"My names Maria Mistress" I replied, I knew my place immediately.
"So are you a Slut or a Sissy Faggot"
"What would you like me to be Mistress"
"Well I have a sissy fagott over there" pointing at Simon "So you can be my Slut, If you want, unless you would like me to tell Karen, I'm sure she doesn't know about Maria does she?"
"No Mistress" I replied "if I am a good Slut for you will you promise not to tell on me"
"Well see about that later Slut. Come over hear"
Susan pointed at the side of her beckoning me over to her. I minced over and stood next to her, my heart thumping and my GurlCock clearly visible and hard in my panties underneath my skirt.
"Let me feel that, lift your skirt Slut"
I liked being called Slut, no one had called me Slut before and it made me feel very naughty.
I lifted my skirt to reveal my throbbing GurlCock in my sheer panties. Wearing my cock ring made my GurlCock much bigger than normal. Susan cupped me in her hand and smiled a very dirty smile.
"You like being a Slut don't you Maria"
"Yes Mistress, I do" I replied looking into her eyes as she was beginning to stroke my throbbing GurlCock and making it really hard.
Susan pulled my GurlCock out of my panties and gave me a Squeeze. As she squeezed me pre-cum came out and ran onto her hand. She quickly moved forward and licked the pre-cum off her hand and then took me in her mouth.
I could not believe this was happening. I was dressed up as the Slut I wanted to be and having my GurlCock sucked by my neighbour who I had only politely said hello to before tonight all the while her husband was stood in the corner of the room watching on.Susan stopped sucking me off..
"Well Maria, you are a very Naughty Slut, what do you think about my sissy Faggot in the corner"
"It doesn't do much and its not very Girly Mistress"
"Don't let her boyish looks fool you Maria, She is a Very beautiful sissy fagott when she has to be, shall we make her go and get changed for us"
OMG!! OMG!! I was thinking, what a dream come true.
"Yes Mistress, she should get changed, but what should I call her?"
"You can call her whatever you want Maria, her name is Simone but she loves Sissy, Faggot, Fuck Pet or anything you want that's degrading, she really like to be degraded"
"Come here you fagott" Susan said
Simon got onto his knees and crawled over to his Mistress, He obviously knew where he should be
"Stand up and pull down your trousers"
Simon did as he was told, he pulled down his trousers to show his tiny little cock locked up in a steel cage. He didn't have a single hair thst I could see and I felt very jealous.
"Good gurl" Mistress said and slapped her on her smooth ass really hard leaving a bright red hand print.
"Now get yourself upstairs and pretty yourself up faggot, if you are not down within an hour looking like the sissy you should be I will be up there dragging you down by your hair, now fuck off and get out of my sight"
Wow, Simon was really being controlled I had never come across anything like this before, but I was liking it. Simon shuffled out of the room with his trousers around his knees, he did have nice legs and a firm ass and I wondered what it would be like to fuck his tight GurlPussy. Susan must have noticed me eyeing up her faggots ass and squeezed my balls real tight. I buckled at the knees and instantly lost all the hardness in my GurlCock.
"You want a piece of her ass do you Slut? Well first you have to make sure I have been pleased, So unless you can satisfy me you wont be going near that faggot"
By now I was on my knees
"Yes Id like to fuck your Sissy Mistress but I'm sure I can make you happy first"
"Ok Slut, Your first order is to lick my cunt, And you best make me Cum otherwise your for it you dirty filthy Slut"
"Yes Mistress" these were my last words before I got to my knees and buried my head between het legs. Her legs were firm as though she exercised but not too muscley and they were very smooth as though she waxed and didn't shave. Her pussy had some hair around it but it was very short. I pulled her legs slightly apart and kissed her pussy, then I started to lick her cunt all over and inserting my tongue into her as far as it would go. Susan was grinding her pussy into my face and we got into a rhythm. As she ground herself in I licked upwards and as she let go a bit I darted my tongue in and out of her pussy and up and down. Susan was screaming for me to lick faster and so I moved my head around as fast as I could to help me flick my tongue all over her cunt and up and down her clit. Finally after about five minutes of this Susan clamped her legs tightly around my head and began thrusting into my face and with a loud scream she came onto me, I could taste her juices running down my face and she tasted amazing. Then Susan grabbed me by thr ear and lifted me away from her pussy and stood up releasing me from her grip.
"Mmmmm, I enjoyed that you naughty little slut, were going to have a very good night tonight. Come with me and lets get a glass of wine and get your make up fixed"
"Yes Mistress" I replied feeling very excited.

Much more to Cum, hope you like it so far x

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5 months ago
hope this doesn't appear as a repeat posting but the first comment i made disappeared. i'd love to have a neighbour like you to be my secret sissy gurlfriend or even better my sissygurl "wife" who i could come home to each night and have her waiting on me and ready to play having worn that big plug all day to open up her gurlypussy for her daddy to eat and fuck
5 months ago
very nice second part to your story, can't wait to read the next part once you have written it, in your own time of course, thankfully there are not comments on here suggesting how you should tell your tale, i hate that although i would love to have been a male neighbour discovering your secret and keeping it to myself so we could play together whenever possible, i'd love nothing more than to have a secret sissy neighbour who would be my secret gurlfriend or even better, my sissy gurly "wife"
8 months ago
You still tell a great story you naughty gurl, Sarah xxx.
8 months ago
Wow great story more please perfect neighbours.
8 months ago
very hot.
9 months ago
OK Maria I'm sat here with my cock throbbing dreaming about all the thrills and feeling you had as I have had them to and ready to slowly play with my cock and pussy till I dream about exploding all over your slutty arse and your slut I would assume you are going to fuck and now I will have to wait for the ending and not waste a good cumshot. great story loved it please hurry and finish it so I can cum please Love Patsy & Bill xxx
9 months ago
A dream come true huni. You are very lucky. Xxx
9 months ago
Thank you babe xx
9 months ago
Thank you :) xxx
9 months ago
Thanks Hun xx
9 months ago
Thanks Tricia xx
9 months ago
Loved the story can't wait to read what happens next
9 months ago
loved, loved, LOVED it!
9 months ago
Very hot and sexy story. Love it!!!
9 months ago
What an erotic and wonderful fantasy. Can't wait to read more!