My Neighbours surprise

It had been too long, far too long since I last dressed up. I am a cross dresser with Sub and Dom tendencies but unfortunately my partner does not like me being a Gurl and so I have to when I can sneak in a dressing up session to fulfil my needs.
I hadn't dressed up for over a year and was itching to feel the touch of my nylons next to my skin. My partner was going out to meet up with a friend which was to be an overnight visit which meant I was to be on my own.... "What should I do" I thought to myself, "watch a film, play on my Xbox?"
No I thought "I'm going to pamper myself and get dolled up". I always feel guilty doing this but needs must and all that.
So Friday night came along and I waved my partner goodbye from the front door. As soon as she was off the drive I closed the door behind me and locked it, Just in case!!
I poured myself a large glass of Rioja and took a big swig and felt the warm sensation running through my veins. I wasn't sure if it was the wine or the anticipation of knowing that soon I would be all dressed up and feeling very sexy.
Upstairs I went and done the usual things, I had a very close shave and got out all my clothing ready to slip into it.
Unfortunately because she doesn't like me being a Gurl I can't shave my legs and so I am a bit hairy :( and therefore I always wear a pair of shiny 20 denier sheer tights which I laid on my bed. I also laid out my black satin under bust corset, my deep laced black stockings, sheer black thong, my very short red tartan skirt, my white silk blouse, my long auburn wig, my red platform high heeled shoes and also my partners make up box.
I also laid out some of my toys. I have a couple of butt plugs, one to start with which stretches my Ass nicely and another which is quite a bit thicker. I also have a lovely dildo which is very thick and eight inches long. I also have a cock and ball ring which I absolutely love to wear.
My cock was dripping with pre cum by now, I gave it a squeeze to f***e it out onto my forefinger and licked it off, Mmmmm I so love the taste of pre cum.
I just wanted to get straight into my clothes but had to slow myself down, the excitement was getting to me, and the wine was too.
I then ran a deep hot bath and had a nice long soak using her girly stuff I had given her as a gift. I smelt wonderful.
I have for a long time now shaved my cock and balls and so I made sure they were very smooth.
After a nice long soak and drying myself the first thing I did was squeezed my little cock into my cock ring, this also pushed out a thick load of pre cum which I wiped off with my finger and quickly licked.
Next was my first butt plug, A bit of lube and in it went "Oh that's so nice" I thought licking my lips and gyrating my hips against the feel of it inside me.
My Cock was beginning to get stiff now so I focused on the getting dressed, I didn't want it to be over before I began.
I pulled on my tights which really helps to hide the hair and pushed my cock and balls through the hole I made in the crotch, this is a must.
Oh the feel of the nylon on my legs sent a shiver through my body "this is lush" I thought "I can't wait to see the finished image"
Next my corset, which is a bit tricky when your doing it yourself but to get that real figure it's a must for me.
I then sat down at the dressing table and started on my make up. I love loads of it and so took my time with this.
Three coats of foundation, to help hide the shadow, no matter how close I shave there's always a shadow :(
Thick black eye liner going out to a point and four applications of mascara.
Black glittery eye shadow, dark blusher, dark lip liner and deep red lipstick finished off with lip gloss.
Then came the wig, I love my long auburn wig, it's not too red, just perfect in fact.
I gazed into the mirror and saw a different person looking back at me "Hello Maria" I said aloud "Lets have some Fun"
By now I had finished my wine ran downstairs to get another large glass.
I have to be careful now as my kitchen window faces my neighbours and neither of us have curtains or blinds.
I don't really want to get caught so went in slowly checking to make sure no one was in there. Safe, I quickly poured and went back upstairs.
Another large swig and now it's time for my plug change.
I took out the smaller of the two, lubed up the bigger one and eased it in "Mmmmm that's so big" I allowed myself to penetrate my hole a few times, feeling the wonderful sensation of my fat butt plug spreading my hole open and filling me up.
"That's it Maria" I had to stop myself again "concentrate Gurl" I said.
I pulled on my hold up stockings, feeling the alluring touch to my legs,
Pulled up my panties and arranged myself within them.
Got into my white satin blouse and pulled up my tartan skirt.
And finally stepped into my shoes, I love high heels and these have a two inch platform too.

Sorry I'll finish this another time ;) xxx
73% (12/5)
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5 months ago
hot start, it was like i was peeking in your window and watching you as you dressed, has me wishing i was your neighbour
9 months ago
too bad more of our partners can't support us
9 months ago
Part 2 done
9 months ago
Part 2 done
9 months ago
Part 2 done
9 months ago
Part 2 done x
9 months ago
Loved your experience Maria I use to dress alittle when I was younger because I had 4 sisters and plenty of chances to use there clothes but finally had my first experience with a couple of Tgurls years ago now Im hooked on slutty Tgurls because they have naughty thoughts of kinky sex .That said I am always respectful kind and considerate until the rules are laid down and any thing goes .
10 months ago
Can't wait for the rest xxx
10 months ago
Can't wait for the rest xxx
10 months ago
damn more plizzzz. live me hanging
10 months ago
Thanks Hun, The rest will follow in time, I will let you know x
10 months ago
i would love to hear the rest of the story
10 months ago
I Know The And I Also Have Girlfriend Who And When She Goes Out, I Love To Dress Up With Her Clothes.[she dosent know i do this]...She Dosent have A Key so she has to call me to come down to get her. so i dress up and pull the blinds down so no one sees me
we live on the second floor where people can look right in.i dress up and play my shemale dvd's on both tv's in house while i dress up so i can see and hear them moan and groan.mmmm i love that. i just love this pict i have my 10in but plug in my mancunt. ill just love to parade arount the house feeling sexy n so the way when i walk..i can feel that buttplugg all in my mancunt..mmmmm.sometimes when it's gets late bout 3 or 4 in morning when everybody's sleepine i walk out to the hall and dump the garbage. i feel so great doing this. sometimes i walk out on my balcony..