Pleasure Time for My Woman

Pleasure Time for My Woman:

Our stories are more from the moment, they may not be perfect from the standpoint of flow and all writing styles but they are perfect in how we feel in the moment and as such I do not change them other them spelling or other simple edits to reflect our feelings at the time. I hope you enjoy!


I walk into the bathroom and stand there watching you as you shower. I watch as you pay close attention to your breasts as you massage the soap into them and pinch your nipples so they are nice and hard. The soap moves to your butt, your ass globes are shinny and bubbly from you rubbing them with care. I hear a little moan and your eyes open wider as you run your finger over your pretty ring of your ass, you are making sure all of you are clean, you slide just the tip of your finger inside and clean your entrance out. Your other hand is against the shower wall to hold your self up as you finger fuck your ass with just the tip of your finger.

When your butt is clean you move to your front again. I watch you lather you pussy with the soap. The lips of your pussy are next, you run them between your fingers to wash them, nice and squeaky clean. You pull up the skin of your pussy exposing your clit. You rub and clean her, I love the way you watch yourself as push your pussy out a little further to get a better view of you cleaning your puss. I can tell by your face you are very excited and are wanting to orgasm.

That is when I open the shower door and surprise you. I tell you I was watching you and you were about to cum with out me with you. Hmmmm now that is not nice. You smile and tell me you are sorry, I kiss you deep on the lips then I ask you for your hands. I step into the shower with you as you present your hands to me. I tie them in the thick soft rope and lift them over your head. I back your butt up against the shower and tie your hands to the shower head. My beautiful woman looks so nice, your breasts are nice and stretched out from your arms being so high over your head, your nipples so hard and needing to be licked and sucked. I can see your clit still popping out of its hood as I place your leg on the tub wall so your pussy is open for me.

You look so sexy with the water running over your head, over your breasts and tummy and running off your pussy between your legs. The look in your eye and the look of your face are precious as you stand there bound in the shower waiting for me to take you. I move in and kiss you hard and deep as I grab your breast in my hand and massage it as you moan into my mouth. Your pleasure has begun as I take your body and pleasure it and make it mine.


As I'm tied, I can feel my pussy wet and beg you to suck my pussy or even finger it but you instead you grab the vibe, put a bit of gel on it then turn it and start rubbing my clit, it doesn't take long before I'm having massive orgasms and my body begins shaking and I'm asking you to stop but you don't and you turn it up then stick inside my pussy hole and soon I'm pissing and cumming all over you and the shower floor, you then pull it out and watch me piss and cum even more... You then start fingering my terribly wet cunt then you eat me out, as you’re eating you are also stroking your very hard cock and the precum is flowing. You look down and moan and think that your so in need of cumming so you take me down then stick your cock inside me mouth where you begin fucking it and soon I'm drinking all Your wonderful cream, then you know you have to fuck my dripping cunt you bend me over and before I know it your fucking my pussy like you've never fucked a woman before.. You've now cum a few times inside me and would love staying inside of me but you can see that I'm getting tired so you take me down then gingerly wash my body up making sure to not miss one single part of my nice body...

You now have lying nice and clean on our bed where you've placed several red rosé petals and our love pearls... With my eyes still blind folded you tie my hands to the bed then spread my legs, you can see that my clit is still popped and swollen and my lips red so you gently give my breasts a kiss then go down and kiss clit and pussy lips then back up where you French me then tell me that your going to make love to me with the pearls


I slip off your blindfold and you see all the pretty rose petals on our bed and you see the string of pearls, you lay there and smile because you know you are in for some pleasure. I move to one of your legs and slip a soft rope around your ankle and I do the same to the other. My pretty woman is spread out ready for me to take her and give her more pleasure, your nipples and clit are standing in attention, your pussy is still leaking your cum from your orgasms in the shower.

I move up and French you again while I pick up some rose petals and lay them on your body. I love the look on your face as you watch me play with your body. I take a petal and run it over your face, your nose your lips, then down to your pretty nipples. The rose petal color matches your nipple’s color, looks so sexy. I run the petal over the pretty petals of your pussy lips as you moan from its soft touch. You jump a little when you feel it go over your extended clit, I think it needs more attention, maybe in a little while.

I find the pearls I laid next to you. I ask you to stick out your tongue and I run them over your tongue making them wet with your saliva. I run the string over your body, around your breasts over your hard nipples, I watch your eyes as they follow the pearls as I move them over your body and listen to your soft moans when the string runs across your nipples.

The pearls are now being run over your hard little clit, your body shakes as each pearl one by one runs over your hard little bud. Your clit wants more she wants to cum but not yet. I have the string now at the opening of your pussy, which is leaking so much fluid, you are so wet. I bring my mouth over your clit and start flicking your clit lightly with my tongue. I begin to insert the string of pearls into our pussy one by one. With each pearls going inside of you I increase the pressure from my tongue on your clit. Your moans increase as the pleasure to your body increases.
By the time I have the string inside of your pussy I have your clit inside of my mouth and you are humping my face hard begging me to make cum. Just as you beg I take the string of pearls and start pulling them out of your pussy and then you tense up cumming so hard. By the time I get the pearls out of your pussy you are squirting you’re cum all over the bed, my hand and the pearls. I release you from your bonds… for now.


I look up with such pleasure that I've squirted such a large amount of juices for you, with cum still leaking from my cunt you go down and clean it all up then French kiss me sharing our cum... I sit up and see your cock is so hard, you look at me and tell me it's painful to be so hard so I bend down and start stroking it with such vigorous strokes then I go to sucking it then you beg me to fuck it so I climb on top and go slowly at first, you look up and tell me to fuck you harder so I do and within minutes you are cumming straight up my cunt and I let out such a deep moan then bend down and passionately kiss you... Then with a huge smile on my face I turn around so we can 69... You grab my swollen clit and chew it while you insert a finger into my cunt, I tell you I'm going to cum and you tell me your also about to, my pussy is contracting around your finger as I start gushing a large amount on creamy delight for you then I feel you cum in a hugs amount down my throat... I now feel satisfied but your not. The pearls and tying ropes are close by


I so need to keep pleasuring you and ask you to present your hands to me so I can tie you up once again. I bind your wrists back to the head board, but this time I slip the rope around your ankles and lift your legs spread eagle and tie your legs wide apart to the headboard as well. Your pretty butt hole and your pussy are nicely displayed for my taking, your pussy is open and still very wet.

The look on your face is precious and wanting as I flick my finger on your hard clit as you let out a moan then my face goes down and I start licking your ass hole. You scream out loud from the sensation of my tongue on your anus and cum instantly. Your cum runs from your hot cunt down to your ass as I lick it and drink it as I pleasure your back door. Your whole body is shaking against your bindings, you are panting and moaning in sheer pleasure.

When you calm down from your orgasm I grab the pearls again. Your ass is so wet from my tongue licking it and your cum all over it. I run the pearls over your clit, between your pussy lips then to your ass hole. I surprise you as I start inserting the pearls inside of your ass one by one. I can tell you love the feeling by the smile on your face and the look in your eyes. When most of the string is inside of you I stand on the bed over you with your pussy high in the air from your legs being tied over your head. I take my cock and start fucking your wet cunt. I stroke my cock inside of your wet tight pussy you feel the pearls moving inside your ass with each stroke of my cock. I rub your clit with my finger as my cock rubs the inside of your pussy. With three sensations going on you are soon quivering and screaming in orgasm, as your orgasm begins to wind down I grab the string of pearls and start pulling them out of your ass hole which is so tight now because you are cumming so hard.


After I calm down from cumming I put my fingers down over my now very swollen cunt lips. I can't believe I was fucked so hard and can still get up and move, before going back to the shower I gently bend down and kiss you, you pull me back to the bed and start rubbing my wet cunt then my clit and I instantly cum on your fingers then you lay me back and eat me out again, my clit and lips are so bruised and swollen from being fucked so hard that it takes me no time to have another few orgasms.. I can feel my heart beating so fast that I feel like passing out, you see my face and stop but then you bring your cock to my mouth so I can suck it one last time, I not only suck your cock but also give quite a bit of attention to your now very cum filled balls then go back to your cock, your cock seems to large inside me mouth but I continue sucking until you've cum all the way down my throat... I tell I can't move and have to rest so you go to the kitchen and being back a bottle of water and a couple glasses of wine but as soon as you enter our bedroom of passion you notice I'm sound asl**p so you walk over and gently cover me up then kiss me


I lay next to my beautiful woman with who I make love with in such wonderful ways stroking her hair as I watch her sl**p peacefully with a smile on her face while drinking a glass of wine.

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9 months ago
We did play off of each other nicely didn't we... thank you so much for the kind comment!
9 months ago
The ramp up of the intensity is wonderful.
9 months ago
Thank you so much, it is the passion we feel together when we right... I am so glad you like it...
9 months ago
IS so love this story... Such passion and seduction!