A Mother's Day Wish for A Dear Friend

A Mother’ Day Wish for A Dear Friend

I wake you up with breakfast in bed, a nice egg, some toast and strawberry jam, orange juice and of course coffee. I sit of the bed and we talk small talk as you have your light breakfast. I then pick you up from bed and carry you into the bathroom, I run a nice hot bath for you with lots of bubble. I take off your night clothes and kiss you on the lips, nipples, belly button and your sweet pussy before I pick you up and place you in the tub. I use a nice soft soapy cloth and wash your sweet body from head to toe, of course I pay extra special attention to those special places on your body... I can tell by the look in your eye and your soft moans you are enjoying your Mother's day so far. Something that I have never done before, I grab your razor and I ask you if I may shave your pretty legs, you smile and hold one up in the air for me. I soap your legs up and give you the most sensual shave you have ever have, it was a pleasure for the both of us.

I rub and kiss your smooth legs when I am done. Next I place a towel behind your head so you can lay back. I then place my hand under the water and begin to play with your pretty rose petals. You open your legs, shut your eye and smile as I explore your pussy under the bubbles of your bath. In not to much time you arch your back and have a nice little orgasm while the tip of my finger plays with your hard little clit and has budded out from her hood. You open your eyes, tell me that was nice and then we have a nice French kiss.

I take you from the bath and dry you off with a nice big soft towel, I do not miss a spot. I then pick you up and carry you back into bed and lay you on your tummy. I take some coconut oil and drizzle it on your back, up and down your legs, on your beautiful ass checks and down that wonderful crack and let it drip down between your full pussy lips. I feel you relax as I massage your neck, then your back and your nice ass. I rub your thighs and move down to your calves of each leg. When I get to your feet I put a little more oil on them then I lick it off and suck your toes. Hmmm you giggle because it tickles and you also can feel a nice sensation from your toes up to your clit.

I roll you over and lean down and we kiss again, a nice long passionate French kiss, our tongues play in each others mouths. I straddle your body and drizzle more oil over your body, this time it is your breasts, your tummy, and your sweet pussy. I massage each breast with both of my hands, rubbing each of your beautiful globes making them nice and shinny and feeling so good to you and in my hands. I pay special attention to your nipples playing with them, watching them grow and become more sensitive to my touch. I kiss and suckle on each of them when I am done, you moan softly with your hands in my hair as I pleasure your breasts.

I move down your body, rubbing your tummy and working my way down to your waist. I open your legs, you smile and close your eyes as you know your special place is about to get some attention. I rub you on your thighs working my way towards your pussy lips. When I get to them I lightly rub them full of oil, one lip in each hand, massaging them, making the swell and wanting. I then run my fingers of both hand up to your clit. I rub your hard little clit between my fingers which causes you to start moving your pelvis as your desire begins to grow. My fingers separate your pussy lips and I run them inside of you a little bit, massaging the inside of your pussy walls, you beg me for more. It is Mother's Day, your wish is my command. I move my mouth down to your clit and I play with her with my tongue and lips as I begin to explore your pussy deeper and harder with my fingers, your body is moving with each stroke of my fingers and your breathing is becoming faster and shallower.

You grab my head and pull me toward your clit and you whisper to me to eat your clit. I feel your hands in my hair as I go down on your clit and as my fingers inside of you curl to find your g-spot as I begin to massage your special spot inside of you. After a few minutes your legs begin to shake your body tenses as a nice deep orgasm takes over your body. I feel your juices inside of your pussy, I taste your sweet clit as you cum on my fingers and mouth. I keep pleasuring you until you just about pass out, you grab my hair and pull my head from your pussy and smile to tell me you just cannot take no more. I smile back at you and wink as I take my fingers from your pussy and then I move down to drink your sweet cum and coconut oil from your swollen sensitive pussy. You have another small orgasm as I clean you and drink from you.

When I am happy I have cleaned your pussy I move up to you and kiss you. I cover you in blankets and let you sl**p in your nice relaxed state as I go and prepare a nice dinner for you. Happy Mother's Day…..

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9 months ago
Thank you so much Nina, wrote this for a special woman, and a great mother...
9 months ago
Erotic. Ever the gentleman...nice touch.
9 months ago
Thank you so much, I was thinking of someone very special when I wrote this for her:)
9 months ago
This is simply wonderful... I love it