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My Galleries and "Curvy" Women

A couple of my dear friends and also a few others that I have encountered and hope will be my friends have asked why I do not have full figured, voluptuous women in my galleries. This is something I truly have not done on purpose, and I am sorry for making it seem so.

The galleries I make are based on a theme that pops into my head and/or are fantasies or dreams I have, just like any other human being. In search of photos for those themes are the photos that I stumble on. By NO means have I intentionally excluded "curvy" women, who as one woman put it, "have a little meat on their bones"... Continue»
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[Story] Garden Party

Garden Party


I am watching you as we finish up our work in the garden, you look beautiful as usual. You are wearing a nice sexy short pair of cutoffs, a tank top, and a blouse that is tied at your waste and unbuttoned below your breasts. You look so damn sexy with the little bit of garden dirt on your face and here and there on your body and clothes.

I finish up watering the garden and then I playfully decide you are much to dirty to go into the house with so much dirt of you. I take the hose and spray you down with it. At first you scream and say a few choice words to me b... Continue»
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[Story] Hot Day - Shower Time

Hot Day - Shower Time

We started off just talking about how hot it was and that a shower would feel good, this is what we got into and wanted to share. Hope you enjoy, it is just as it happened so it may not be perfect but it was real!

• Lilly:‎ I actually took a nice cool shower before they came over because I was sweaty
• James:‎ Wish I was there
• Lilly:‎ That would have been very nice
• James:‎ Yes it would be... in more ways than one...
• Lilly:‎ We could have washed each others backs and more
• James:‎ yea, each others feet.... lol
• Lilly:‎ Kiss a little
• James:‎ ... Continue»
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[Story] A Perfect Sunday Morning

A Perfect Sunday Morning

A nice short story that happened on Sunday June 8th


I walk into the kitchen and see you reaching up into the cupboard for something. You are wearing one of my shirts and it lifted up over your pretty ass. I come up behind you and quietly kneel behind you and kiss your pretty ass cheeks. We look into each others eyes and say good morning as I put my hand between your legs and massage your pussy while I continue to kiss you butt. One of your hands holds yourself on the counter the other is playing with your breasts and nipples. Soon you are cumming ove... Continue»
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Thumbs Down Coward

It seems that I have made an enemy or for some reason someone does not approve of some of my galleries. This person(s)has enough energy to put a thumbs down on ever picture in a gallery and not leave a comment. All of us do not work on our galleries to have a person give them a thumbs down especially with no explanation. The only reason can be hate and the person is a coward to say anything. If I posted something that is yours, please tell me and I will remove it. But if you are going to take the energy to thumbs down every picture in a gallery at least have the balls to say something. I... Continue»
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[Story] Pleasure Time for My Woman

Pleasure Time for My Woman:

Our stories are more from the moment, they may not be perfect from the standpoint of flow and all writing styles but they are perfect in how we feel in the moment and as such I do not change them other them spelling or other simple edits to reflect our feelings at the time. I hope you enjoy!


I walk into the bathroom and stand there watching you as you shower. I watch as you pay close attention to your breasts as you massage the soap into them and pinch your nipples so they are nice and hard. The soap moves to your butt, your ass globes are shinny and... Continue»
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[Story] A Mother's Day Wish for A Dear Friend

A Mother’ Day Wish for A Dear Friend

I wake you up with breakfast in bed, a nice egg, some toast and strawberry jam, orange juice and of course coffee. I sit of the bed and we talk small talk as you have your light breakfast. I then pick you up from bed and carry you into the bathroom, I run a nice hot bath for you with lots of bubble. I take off your night clothes and kiss you on the lips, nipples, belly button and your sweet pussy before I pick you up and place you in the tub. I use a nice soft soapy cloth and wash your sweet body from head to toe, of course I pay extra special attent... Continue»
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[Story] James Takes Lilly In The Barn

James Takes Lilly In the Barn

This is a sexy tale I wrote together with a friend on the fly, both in the moment. We had fun with it. The flow may not be perfect or the grammar but it is what we felt at the moment and I wanted to keep it that way. I hope you all like it as much as we did.


My Beautiful woman, you have surrendered to me, your mind body and soul. I take you, and will treat you with respect that you deserve your body, mind and soul will be filled with pleasure and care. I will take care of you in every way to ensure your pleasure, give you excitement and keep... Continue»
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[Story] Nina and Tom's Night With Amelia

Nanu277 and I wrote this together over a year ago, I thought it would be nice to post it again about a night when we pick up our cocktail waitress Amelia. Let us know what you think… The story is a little long but we think it is hot. Nina’s site is:


We are sitting in the corner booth of a local bar waiting for our server to take our order for a nightcap after dinner and a movie. We are playing around a little bit, kissing and touching, it was dark, not many people inside. I move in for a nice kiss when I noticed our server was standing th... Continue»
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[Story] Making Love Under The Rainbow

Making Love Under the Rainbow:

You and I are watching the storm under the eve of our home laying together on our double lounge. You look so beautiful in you flowered sundress, I can see your silky and lace bra holding your beautiful breasts peaking out the top of your dress. You are more beautiful than the flowers that are being rained upon.

As we cuddle the rain begins to stop over us, but it is still raining hard in the distance. The sun peaks out behind us and makes a beautiful double rainbow over our garden. You grab my hand and say lets make a wish, over with the rainbow.

... Continue»
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Sexy gifs and pictures

[image] Continue»
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