Toms instructions for the posted video

When you've finished Marge, I want you to chose a pair of panties. They're both the same size and will fit you very comfortably. I want Paul to film you examining them. I used them as cock wipes when I was generating my cum and watching you fully clothed, and either stripping to underwear, panties and tights. I could have made them messier with precum but we can't have them too perfumed as they might go off. When you've made your selection I want you to inhale them. Where they nestled against my balls or against my bell end as I guesstimated how naughty it would look as you smelt my scent. You can even use your tippy tongue to taste the slug trails. I'd like to see you do that! Next, you put them on so that they're intimate with your groove, from clit to anus. Then you can put on tights and even another (White?) pair on the outside. This will seal the nasty fragrance within and close to your cunt.
Paul, I want you bollock naked through Marge's preparations.The pair that is remaining are yours. You too will examine, inhale and admire the cock smudges. You too, are allowed to lick the soiled parts to taste for saltiness. They probably won't fit but you can try to get them on. If you do, they'll be tight and restrictive for the moment. Your balls might not fit but we'll see. If you find them too tight we might have to get you to put them in your mouth when you are being wanked.
Right, Marge, turn around and lower your panties and tights. Paul present the container of my cum to Marge and she will annoint her cunt first with my cum, pleasuring her clit and hole. Paul, spread her arse cheeks and Marge reach behind and finger your arsehole, your tight arsehole with my cum too.It should be lubed enough for a slender dildo or a hairbrush handle, Paul will use an item on your arse to show me. Then Marge, you can release his cock from his panties and suck Paul to erection. When he is swollen he will unroll a used condom full of a wad of cum I provided over his penis, so make sure you suck his shaft rigid. Help him roll the condom over his cock and then spread to accept his cock with my cold cum tingling the end of his bellend. I want to hear Paul extolling the effects of another man's spunk to excite him.
Now Marge, Paul will fuck you, pleasure you with added cum squealching inside your pussy. You can use extra toys on your clit with my cummy lube if you so wish. I'd like for you to cum Marge. Not you Paul.
When she cums, can you please clean her up with your mouth and fingers. Make sure neither her cum or my spunk remains. So, that when Marge shows me her post climax cunt it is clean and shiney, open it up and show me Marge. Open your arse cheeks too, just in case any has slipped down your groove…. Remember… I will be wanking when watching that part.
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4 months ago
Very hot story! I am like you, Paul!