My introduction to cocksucking

This story is 100% true on how I was introduced to the wonderful world of sucking cock.

I was about 24 at the time married with a couple of k**s and driving home from work. I lived pretty far from work and on this particular day I needed to use the bathroom really bad. There was a K-Mart store on the way home so I pulled in and went in to use the restroom. While sitting on the toilet I saw a hole in the wall and being young and dumb I didn't know anything about what it was for. I reached down for the toilet paper and when I did I saw a face at the hole looking at me. I was always horny at that age and when I stood up I let the guy get a good look at my cock. He started running his finger in and out of the hole and so I thought I would give hime a good show and started stroking my hard cock and eventually shot my load in the toilet and left.

Well I couldn't stop thinking about the hole and a couple of days later on my way home I stopped by there again.. I dropped my pants and sat down and could see that I was again being watched so I pulled my cock up and stroked it up hard and the guy put his finger to the hole so I thought well why not give it a try so I stood up and guided my hard cock through the hole and felt a nice warm sensation as the guy put my cock in his warm mouth. I was in heaven, whoever was sucking my cock was doing a great job.. I felt my cum building up and started to panic, I thought should I tell him I am going to cum or just pull it back through, would he get pissed if I shot my load in his mouth and then it was too late and I began to shoot stream after stream of cum in this guys mouth which he swallowed.

Now I was hooked and about every other day I would stop and get my cock sucked on the way home. Then the unexpected thing happed, when I went in to get my regular blowjob, I sat down nd pulled my hard cock up and waited for the sign but instead of a finger another guys cock came through the hole, and I was stunned and didn't know what to do. I reached up and took his cock in my hand and stroked it for awhile and then pulled up my pants and left. I couldn't imagine myself sucking another man's cock.

A few days later I was thinking about stopping again and thought about the cock that came through the hole and I thought what the heck, why not try it. Again I went into the stall and sat down and looked through the hole and there was a guy sitting there stroking a nice hard cock, nervously I put my finger to the whole and he stood up and pretty soon I was looking at this guys cock. I thought well here goes, and leaned forward and licked the head and then engulfed my mouth around this throbbing hunk of man meat. I sucked his cock for a little while and then felt his cock swell in my mouth and the cock head got extremely hard. Being young and dumb I didn't realize he was getting ready to cum and just kept sucking and was amazed how big and hard this cock got in my mouth. Then it happened, my mouth started filling up with fluid and I thought, oh my god he just shot his load in my mouth, I was stunned and didn't know what to do so I swallowed the load.

After that I was hooked, 40 years later I still enjoy sucking a nice cock and swallowing cum.
95% (48/2)
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18 days ago
that's how I got started ....
2 years ago
Great story
2 years ago
My God, you and I have a lot in common. You have persuaded me to tell my story, which I shall do shortly. I have been sucking cock for many years and swallowing cum every time. Hope you keep at it for many more years.
3 years ago
Nice story,thanks for shareing
3 years ago
An awesome story, I want that to happen to me
3 years ago
Great story loved it, is there more sessions like that or more intemite ones
3 years ago
Good story
3 years ago
Very good story !!!! I would like to find a glory hole like that.
3 years ago
Great story. I started out like you, letting other guys suck me off, but then I got curious and decided to try sucking one myself. That was it I was hooked and love sucking cock myself. I have talked with quite a few guys and they started the same way. One guy told me if you suck 1 cock you will be a cocksucker for life. How true!
3 years ago
nice story, I hope you've learn to be a good cocksucker!