Shock mother-in-law proposition! (part 2)

Having had my unexpected surprise encounter with june last week, i have done nothing but fantasise about her since! After having had my mouth around her incredibly erect nipple and to have her gentle wrapped around the length of my cock i now see a different side to her that i had never imagined existed. Despite the fact that what happened was totally wrong, i just cant stop myself imagining taking her up on her offer and seeing what comes of it! Since that day i find myself having the same fantasy over and over again, it goes like this...

Having arranged with june to come round to her house on a pretend job, she welcomes me at the front door in a satin dressing gown which is tied tightly around her tiny waist. The soft flimsy material clings to her petite figure and under the shiny surface of her gown her semi-erect nipples press firmly against the material. As we close the door behind us, she turns to me and presses me back against the hallway wall, leaning in towards me, we begin to kiss. A kiss which feels illicit but at the same time impossible to resist. Immediately junes hand runs down my chest and down over my crotch, groping at the soft mound in my jeans, her fingers wrapping themselves around its length. Grabbing me by the wrist june drags me along the hallway, our destination her bedroom i assumed. I was wrong, she dragged me through to the kitchen, taking me over to the circular table that sits just beside her french doors leading to the conservatory, over looked by neighbours, we were now visible to anybody who may just be happening to look our way. In an instant, june had pushed me back against the french doors and had already sunk to her knees as she excitedly fumbled with my belt and buttons. Within a minute my jeans were around my ankles and junes mouth was placed against the ever stiffening bulge in my jersey boxers, her lips caressing my cock over the cotton material. After a couple of minutes, june looked up and told me she had craved my cock since she set eyes on it last time, and said that she had envied her daughter for long enough, now it was her turn to have some fun! Pulling the front of my shorts down, my cock sprang out to attention right in front of her, junes lips immediately wrapping themselves around my hard 7in cock. Slowly she licked and sucked her way along the length of my shaft, savouring the feel of my erect cock between her lips. After several minutes of watching down on june sliding her soft delicate lips along my shaft i decided it was my turn to return the favour.. Pulling her to her feet, we again kiss, this time i am able to taste my own salty pre-cum on her lips, f***efully i then push her back towards the table, brushing items aside i then lift her light frame up onto the edge of the table, and positioning myself between her thighs i begin to undo her gown, letting it fall down off her shoulders in the process, underneath she is wearing a matching thigh length satin chemise, which had now ridden up to the tops of her thighs. Kissing my way down junes neck, she leans back onto her hands and raises her face to the air as she enjoys me kissing her neck, my lips slowly moving lower as she wraps her ankles around the back of my thighs. As i make my way down her body, i stop and tease her erect nipples over the satin material, her perfectly hard buds straining against her outfit. Finally as i drop to the floor, i get my first proper sight of my mother in laws hairy pussy, her thick bush surrounds her moist hole, the musty aroma of her excitement is evident, then as she looks down at me i move in between her thighs and finally get that first taste of junes wet pussy. My tongue probes her lips, running its way through the thick thatch of greying hair until finally i feel her clit directly beneath my tongue, teasing it, i lick and gently nibble on it as i feel junes body shudder in my hands. Her hand suddenly clasping the back of my head as i hit the right spot, at a steady pace i begin to tease her clit, sucking it in between my lips as i bring her to orgasm.
After pleasuring her for a while i stand up and remove my shirt, now naked and stood between her thighs, i wrap my hand around the base of my shaft and slowly start to ease my thick length inside of junes wet pussy, looking at her i realise i had finally done the unthinkable and was now deep inside my mother in law. Slowly i fed my cock in and out of her gaping hole, her wetness lubricating my cock with every stroke. Wrapping her legs around my waist she pulled me closer to her and in doing so pulled me fully deep inside of her. Leaning over i pulled the shoulder straps of her chemise down and lowered the material just low enough to be able to get junes breasts out, as my cock filled her pussy my mouth surrounded her little breast, taking her half inch long nipple between my lips as i did so. Gradually i started to pick up the pace and soon my balls were slapping against her ass as my hard cock pounded her willing pussy. Knowing how light june was i then told her to wrap her hands around my neck and as she did so, i lifted her off the table. Her legs still wrapped around my waist, i turned with her in my arms and pressed her back against the glass french doors. For a few minutes i held her in my arms as she used the glass for leverage to push herself back against my cock, fucking frantically as we kissed and probed each others mouths with our tongues.

Before long i felt my cum rising, and knowing that i was not going to be able to hold back. I asked june if she wanted me to cum inside of her, she gasped that she did, so with her still wrapped around my waist i lowered myself into the dining chair and had her sat astride my lap as my cum started to build. Her wetness made a sopping sound on my crotch as she started grinding on my lap, i knew then it was only a matter of time before i flooded her hole with my cum, so leaning over i took her breast in my mouth and started licking and sucking as my other hand gently squeezed and fondled the other, finally with a deep gasp my body stiffened as i flooded her gaping pussy with my warm thick cum!
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3 years ago
this is awesome
3 years ago
great story sequel perhaps?
3 years ago
Excellent. Since this was your fantasy, will there be another chapter where you let us know more? Thanks for posting.