Shock mother-in-law proposition!

The basis of this story has evolved from a shock encounter with my mother in law last week, the first part is the build up to her surprise proposition and the second part is my subsequent fantasy that i as yet haven't acted upon, Though it is fair to say i am very tempted!

Last Thursday my mother in law June asked me to fit her new kitchen sink for her rather than fork out the expense of a plumber, now it would be fair to say that over the 6 years me and her daughter have been together, june has never really given any inkling that she was capable of what she did that day. If anything our son in law/mother in law relationship was a fairly typical one, of mutual tolerance for the sake of my girlfriend, with the occasional odd job thrown in to save her a few quid! In all these years i have never once seen june as anything other than a rather stuffy, straight laced, mature woman of 53 years of age. Since we have been together i have never even known her mother to have a boyfriend or any male company at all for that matter! I even joke with my girlfriend that she wouldn't be so uptight and rigid if she had a good seeing to occasionally! Little did i know that she wanted me to provide it for her!

That thursday afternoon i made my way to her house, she had already told me on the phone that she would be out at work when i arrive but that i should let myself in with the spare key and just crack on with the job. When i entered her kitchen i found that she had left her clothes airer near the back door, which i had too go through to head out to the garage to get the new sink, it was then that i noticed a black lace thong hanging on the airer and for some reason the thought entered my head that i just couldn't imagine June wearing such a thing, for some reason i would of imagined her to be a big pants type of woman and knowing how cold and prudish she was probably a chastity belt too! strangely i felt intrigued that she may have this unexpected side to her but putting it out of my mind i got to work in the kitchen. A couple of hours later i had the taps removed and was under the unit and was then fitting the new sink when the front door opened and june walked in. Without getting up i said hello and carried on, but as i looked out from the cupboard i could see junes legs and from where i was laid could see under her thigh length skirt, her legs looking immaculate in a pair of black tights. Suddenly i heard june say "when i said fix the sink i didn't expect to see your plumbing too!" not realising what she was on about i sat up and looked at her somewhat bemused and unsure of what she meant, it was then that she nodded down to my jeans, unbeknown to me my zip was undone and the buttons of my boxer shorts were gaping open through the fly of my trousers. From where she stood june must have been able to see my cock through the gap in the buttons, feeling rather embarrassed i apologised and did myself up as june grinned at me with an almost mischievious smile! With that june headed upstairs and i carried on working, 10 mins later she was once again stood at my feet, thinking to myself that i was know beginning to get annoyed with the interruptions i asked if everything was alright and june replied that she was about to get in the shower when she found there was no water flowing. I sat up to explain that i had turned the water off at the mains because i had to remove the taps and her stop cock to isolate them was faulty, but just as i sat up i noticed she was wearing just a bath towel! from my position sat on the floor my eye line was level with the hem of the towel which was just skimming the middle of her well defined thighs, my heart pounded at the situation i found myself in and it must of been obvious i had looked a little longer than was deemed appropriate because june asked if was "enjoying the view"! Once again i found myself pulling myself to my feet and once again found myself having to apologise, this time things felt different though, there felt like there was a tension in the air, an unmistakeable sexual knowingness, the feeling you get that tells you something may just happen regardless of whether it would be right or wrong.

With that i found my eyes gazing down junes incredibly trim figure, for a woman of advancing years her skin still seemed beautifully smooth and her hair despite the gentle greying hung invitingly over her shoulder and down onto her left breast. For a split second i had to stop myself from wanting to kiss her, knowing that that could spell disaster! The trouble was it soon became apparent that june indeed wanted this to happen, stepping a little closer to me she whispered that she knew that this would be wrong but having seen what she saw earlier she couldn't help herself. As she neared me, i again gazed over her body, the white flimsy cotton towel caressed the gentle curves of her body. Her erect nipples were now visible beneath the material, two firm little peaks that now pressed at the underneath of the towel. Rather foolishly i then did the unthinkable and placed my hand around her waist and pulled her towards me, june sighed as i did so, the sigh of a woman who had not had a man in her life for a long time... And then it happened, we kissed! Our lips met and instantly guilt flooded my mind, yes i had been unfaithful to my girlfriend before but this was different this was with her own mother! guilt though was not stopping me, we continued to kiss as my hands ran down the small of her back and onto the hemline of the towel, my fingertips just lifting it slightly as they headed down onto the firm, pert, contour of her ass. Junes hand had already made its way down onto my crotch and her fingers had gently wrapped their way around my flaccid cock, which she had pulled out through my unzipped flies and buttons of my boxers, she was now rubbing my length at an ever increasing pace, my soft cock slowly growing under her touch, all as she looked down at my penis in her hand. I couldn't help myself now, the urge was too great and deciding to make the most of it, i undid her towel and allowed it to fall to the floor. For a moment i just looked at the body of this woman who previously was nothing more than just an interfering old woman who i would never of looked at twice let alone think of her in this way! Yet in the short space of time i was there, i now saw her in a completely different light. leaning down i took her hard nipple between my lips, her petite breasts were blessed with incredibly long nipples.. And as i sucked greedily on her left breast she continued to wank my length, sighing as my mouth pleasured her sensitive nipple. Then disaster, there was a knock at the door! Not knowing who it was we quickly re-arranged ourselves and she grabbed a dressing gown to answer the door, for a split second i envisaged my girlfriend walking in but as it was it was just a work colleague of junes.

After i finished with the job i popped into the lounge and told june i was off, but knowing that things couldn't remain unsaid she led me to the door as her friend sat just feet away and told me that if i ever want things to go further then i only have to say! She quickly explained that she knew it would have to remain a secret though as she had no intention of wanting my girlfriend to ever find out and that she would leave it up to me decide if things go further, she made it quite clear she did, so with that in mind i left hers and headed home. Since that day i have fantasised about what could happen, but also find the guilt builds up every time i do and makes me think it would be far to risky to even contemplate. Should I or shouldn't I?

Part two is the fantasy i now have of sex with my mother in law!
coming shortly!

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2 years ago
Nicely done
3 years ago
Well this is my fantasy i dream of this day and night and i am trying my best to get my mother in laws panties off, i would definetly take it further
3 years ago
very good start
3 years ago
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3 years ago
Go for it. Great story, thus far.
3 years ago
Bring on part two,very good
3 years ago
Can't wait until the next part!!!
3 years ago
Great story. Do the old broad good.
3 years ago
ok i cant see why its only got 3 stars so far i thought it was good
3 years ago
Hell Yes!!!! and Hit it hard!!!
3 years ago
great story, very arousing