My cross dressing for a couple (part 3)

Sliding my way down richards hard cock until i was able to feel his thick shaft fully inside of me, i slowly started to grind my hips on his lap, riding his thick length in the same way that any woman would do.. The thickness of his shaft stretched my ass wide as i gradually started to ride him harder, slowly he started to undo the ribbon of my basque and having undone them just far enough to be able to get to my nipples, he then started to lick and suck them. Occasionally he gently nibbled them and pinched them between his fingertips, with my nipples being as sensitive as they are, he soon had me sighing with pleasure as he teased them and with also having his hard cock hitting the spot deep in my ass it wasn't long before my cock was beginning to grow hard once more..
As i continued to ride richards length, sally knelt beside us on the sofa and as she rubbed her clit she licked and sucked my nipples too, occasionally she cupped her breasts for both me and richard to lick and suck and after making herself comfortable beside us she laid back and spread her thighs as we watched her fingering her wet pussy, thrusting 2 fingers deep inside of herself..

After a while richard said to sally that it was about time i was given a real treat! thinking that things couldn't possibly get much better, i was surprised to see sally get up and leave the room! I was wrong, things COULD get better, sally re-appeared a few minutes later wearing a large 9in life-like strap-on, As she walked towards us it swung side to side and anticipating what was to come next i got off richards lap and knelt down in front of sally, looking me straight in the eyes, she demanded i suck it, without needing to ask twice i wrapped my lips around her cock and started to greedily suck on it, as i knelt there sucking away like some sort of slut i felt richards fingers probing my now loose ass hole. After a couple of minutes, sally demanded that i get on all fours on the floor. Positioning herself behind me, i felt the head of her rubber cock pressing at my now well fucked hole, slowly she fed into my ass until i felt the thick hilt of her toy tight up against me. With her hands clasping my hips she started to fuck me with long slow deep strokes, the feeling of being fucked by this sexy mature woman doggy style with her big strap on had my cock raging hard and having noticed this sally reached around my waist and wrapped her hand around it and started to wank me off as she fucked me. Looking up at richard i knew instantly he wanted a piece of the action, so he positioned himself in front of me. Finally! i had a nice hard thick cock in my mouth, fucking my throat with f***e and also a nice life-like cock fucking me deep. For a good 10mins i let this horny couple use me for their pleasure until finally richard murmured that he was close to cumming. Wrapping my hand around the base of his cock i began to wank him hard, with nice rough strokes i wanked his length until finally his body stiffened and his cock swelled beneath my fingers and then with a deep grunt he emptied load after thick load over my face, opening my mouth wide i tried to taste as much as i could as it covered my mouth and face and trickled down over my lips. Sally, obviously turned on by watching me take her husbands torrent of cum full in the face had begun to fuck me harder and was now talking dirty to me and calling me her bitch and her slut, telling me that i was dirty whore and a cum slut! strangely her words started to make me feel humiliated but it had also had the effect turning me on so much more that within minutes i was begging her to be allowed to cum myself, with that she grabbed my shoulders and pulled me upright onto my knees and with her cock still in my ass she began to reach around and wank me off again. Firmly and roughly she pulled at my cock, stretching my foreskin back as far as she could and running her fingertips over my piss slit. Within minutes i was close to cumming and as sally whispered in my ear that she wanted to see her sissy boy empty his load, with that richard laid down on the floor in front of me just as my thick load erupted from my cock, spurt after spurt of warm cum covered richards chest and stomach, my orgasm felt so intense that i could do nothing but collapse as it subsided, exhausted and satisfied!

Hopefully one day my fantasy couple will become reality!
Finally if you think you could give me what i want, or even if you have any other ideas of what you would do to me then feel free to get in touch, i love hearing your fantasies and get so turned on imagining some of the suggestions that i get sent! ;)
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1 year ago
hope your wish comes true
3 years ago
Is love some fun like yours very hot story
3 years ago
A hot story!