My Cross Dressing for a couple fantasy (part 2)

As Richard stopped in front of us, sally looked at me and got off my lap and with an almost devilish grin she invited me to introduce myself, standing up to meet richard eye to eye i soon realised that i was going to be in for a real treat, looking me up and down he looked back at sally and said "she's a sexy little honey isn't she" to which sally nodded her agreement. f***efully grabbing me by the waist richard then spun me around and pulled me back against his chest, with one hand now around my waist, the other reached around to my thigh and ran its way down the top of it until it reached my hemline and slowly his fingertips lifted the bottom of my dress until he could feel my stocking tops. f***efully he began to kiss and bite at the back of my neck as his hands wandered their way all over my body, finally coming to rest on my "breast". All the time i was pressed against his chest i could feel richards flaccid cock just hanging there pressed tightly against the firm contour of my ass.

By now sally had slipped her skirt off and was now sat on the sofa with her legs spread wide teasingly rubbing her pussy over the material of her black lace panties. Reaching down with both hands to the bottom of my dress, richard then proceeded to lift it off over my head and finally i was stood there with my full lingerie on display, looking me over sally complimented me on how sexy it was and richard nodded his approval. Sitting herself up sally then reaches out a hand places it over my tight panties, being white in colour and lace they were semi see-through and as such she could see my soft 7in cock laid there being hugged by the clinging material. all the time she was rubbing my length richard was caressing my breast and kissing my neck. Slowly my cock began to stiffen and as sally pulled my panties down over my ever increasing bulge my cock sprung out to attention just inches from her face, without prompting sally just leant forward and took my hard cock between her lips, slowly she sucked her way up and down the length of my shaft teasing my cock head as she did so. Reaching around behind my back i now took the opportunity to finally get my hands on the length of meat that was pressed so tantalisingly against the small of my back, reaching around i placed a hand on richards thigh and as my hand moved further upwards i felt the first sign of his flaccid cock beneath my fingertips, gradually i wrapped my hand around it and began to rub it, it was a good 5-6in when flaccid and as i rubbed it slowly started to grow beneath my touch. Unwrapping his towel he allowed it to fall to the floor and as he stood there totally naked i was finally able to feel his strong hairy body pressed against my own bare flesh, my hand still wrapped around his cock as i wanked him slowly. After a few minutes richard whispered to me that he wanted to lick my pussy, so as i knelt on the sofa on all fours, sally sat beside me and placed my hand over her panties and encouraged me to rub her, with that i then felt my panties being pulled gently down over my ass cheeks, just enough for my tight clean hole to be exposed. Then, as i slipped my fingers inside sally's panties and began to run her clit, i felt the unmistakeable feel of richards tongue swirling around my ass, his tongues darted around my hole and as he reached under my legs he started to wank my cock at the same time, sally asked me if it felt good and all i could muster in return was a gentle sigh of appreciation... His tongue probing my hole felt so good that before long my cock was so hard it felt like it would explode, gradually sally crept under my arm and was soon laid under me sucking my length at the same time richard licked my "pussy".

After a while i turned back around and sunk to my knees and as sally wrapped her hand around her husbands cock, she started to feed it into my willing mouth! As i sucked richards length i was able to look up and watch this incredibly sexy couple kissing, as i sucked greedily on richards 8in of uncut cock, i watched as he undid her bra and began to fondle his wifes breast, sagging slightly but with incredibly long hard nipples it was was great to watch as he played with and caressed her hard nipples as i sucked his cock.. After pleasuring richard for a while i stood up to join them and as richard cupped her breast he encouraged me to get my lips around her long nipple, sucking it slowly as he reached out to wank me with his other hand, sally herself was already wanking her husband as the three of us stood there entwined.

A short while later richard asked if i wanted to fuck his wife, i said yes and he then added that it was only on the proviso that he could fuck my pussy, i readily agreed and before long sally had laid herself back on the sofa and was beckoning for me to get between her legs, with my panties now totally discarded i knelt between her thighs and pulled her panties to one side, slowly i began to tease her moist pussy with my tongue, her clit was small and hard and before long she was begging me to lick it harder as she neared climax, my tongue continued working her pussy as her body shuddered beneath me. As i continued licking and teasing her i felt richard behind me stroking the back of my stockings as he wanked his cock watching on as i pleasured his wife. Positioning myself between her thighs i then wrapped my hand around my hard cock and as i pulled my foreskin back to expose my flared cock head i begun to probe her wet pussy with it, slowly it slipped inside of her inch by inch until finally i was fully inside of her. Gradually i began to fuck her willing pussy as she played with her breasts, not wanting richard to feel left out i reached out and pulled him towards me and as he stood there beside me i started to suck his hard length, his hand held the back of my head as he began to f***efully fuck my mouth, all the time he was throat-fucking me my cock was still fucking sally hard and deep as she watched her husband using my mouth for his pleasure.

Before long i could feel my cum rising and as i neared climax i pulled out of sally and wanked my cock as i shot my hot thick load all over her gaping pussy and stomach, all the time i was doing this richard was still frantically fucking my throat... Pulling me to my feet richard said he likes to taste his wife juices on other guys cocks so he wanted to taste mine too, with that he sunk to his knees and wrapped his lips around my slowly softening cock, sallys pussy juices covered the length of my shaft and obviously savouring the taste, richard sucked away greedily until i was clean. Now he demanded it was HIS turn to get some pussy action! Sitting down on the sofa, he beckoned me onto his lap and slowly he eased his thick hard cock into my pussy, inching it inside me slowly i felt his cock really stretching my hole until finally i was fully impaled on his hard length.

Part 3 follows shortly!!!
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1 year ago
my cock is hard as a rock now! Richard is too nice to you. he should have just slid your panties to the side so you can enjoy the womanly feeling of panties when you sit on him
3 years ago
What a cruel way to leave it! impalled on a hairy bears 8inch? hard and trobing cock!!!!
3 years ago
Wow i really love this one lookind forward to the next chapter thsnks