My Cross-Dressing for a couple fantasy

For some reason just recently i have found myself having a recurring fantasy of wanting to try cross dressing for a bi-sexual couple. Several years ago i did try cross dressing just the one time for a dominant top guy but since then have never really given it any more thought, besides i personally have always seen myself as dominant rather than submissive, but having watch a few sissy porn vids and various CD clips i have found myself increasingly turned on at the thought of giving it another try. My fantasy goes as follows....

One evening i am sat watching a few porn vids when i come across a particular clip of a guy dressed in stockings and suspenders and padded bra, being made to suck another guys cock as his wife has her hands wrapped around the base of it feeding it into his mouth, before long i had unzipped my fly and was soon slowly wanking my ever hardening length watching in envy at this sissy boy being f***ed to suck cock. From that night on i have fantasised about having my own encounter just like the one on the screen in front of me.... Deciding to take the bull by the horns i post an ad on craigslist briefly detailing what i would like to experience and sat back and waited for the replies to roll in, after a few requests from mostly single guys and the odd really perverted requests i finally received a reply from a couple in their late fifties, they described themselves as both being bi-sexual and from their brief description had obviously had experience in what i was looking for. Having requested photos of each other we soon agreed that we were all up for meeting and within days we had agreed for me to go to their house. For the next few days i found myself looking at their photo and tried imagining how i could dress to pleasure them both, i could already see from their photo that the guy was quite obviously a real bear of a guy, he was 6ft, at least 15stone with a thick blanket of greying chest hair, receding hairline that was closely cropped and arms that looked powerful and strong and covered in tatts, his wife was almost the exact opposite, petite, and feminine with tiny little 34b breasts that sagged heavily with long dark erect nipples that you could hang your coat on, she looked normal in every way but from their messages obviously had a devilish streak.

As the night arrived for me to meet them, i spent the last few hours prior our meet preparing myself for finally being able to act out my long awaited fantasy.
Having showered and shaved, i finally found myself standing at the foot of my bed staring at the selection of lingerie i had compiled for this very occasion, having tried on a few pieces, i finally settled on wearing a pair of white hold up stockings, a pair of white lace hipster style knickers which hugged the contours of my ass invitingly with the hem-line just running above the base of my ass cheeks. And finally a white lace up 3/4 length basque, the ribbon lacing ran right down the front of the figure hugging outfit and the hemline stopped just above my navel. To complete the look i then put on a tight fitting thigh length lycra stretch dress which clings tightly to my figure. Admiring myself in the mirror i then apply just the faintest of make up. lipstick and eye liner mainly and as i sit on the edge of my bed i slip on a pair of black stilleto shoes and after a quick final once over i make my way out to the car.

On the drive over to their home, i began to feel my adrenalin rushing at the prospect of what was to come and soon i started feeling the first stirrings of my cock beginning to appear in anticipation of the impending fun.
As i pulled up on their driveway i could feel my heart pounding in my chest and my nerves tingled throughout my body, just as i stepped out of the car, the front door of the porch opened and i was greeted by the sight of sally standing there in a short black skirt and white satin blouse and black stockings, after a quick kiss on the cheek we walk into the living room and sally beckons for me to take a seat. There was no sign of richard at this point so i asked if he would be joining us soon, sally said he was just in the shower and would be along shortly. As we sat talking sally complimented me on how good i looked and nervously i asked her if she thought richard would approve, she nodded and smiled and said that she was certain he would like what he saw. Relaxing slightly and becoming more confident, we sat talking and the more we chatted it soon become apparent that as a couple they were very sexually experienced and had a very open relationship. After a short while sally slips out of the room to find out if richard would be much longer and very soon she returned and said that he would be a few more minutes but that it was ok for her to keep me ENTERTAINED until he was ready. with that sally came and sat down beside me on the sofa and as she turned herself towards me she placed a hand on my knee, gently she run her palm along my thigh and after gently caressing it over the material of my silk stockings she slowly slid her hand up underneath the hem line of my dress, continuing to slide her hand up until she found my stocking tops, for a minute or two she just caressed me right there, the feel of her hand brushing my thigh and the lace work on the top of my thigh soon had me feeling aroused. Leaning in to kiss me, our lips met and as she continued to f***e her hand further up under my dress i found myself slowly cupping her breast over the shiny satin material of her blouse, her little breast cupped perfectly into my hand and as my thumb brushed over the material i began to feel her nipple harden to my touch..
slowly i began to unbutton her blouse firstly just the to couple of buttons as i kissed around her neck and then finally all the way. slipping out of her blouse she then straddled my lap and as she sat astride me, she started caressing my chest, grabbing at my chest as if she was holding a real breast, squeezing it firmly as her fingertip rubbed my nipple, my hands were now on sally's thighs and as she kissed me and slipped the strap of my dress down off my shoulder, i started to lift her skirt further up her thighs, finally i was able to see her stocking tops and as she wriggled on my lap my hem-line had now risen too and as we kissed i was able to feel our stocking clad legs touching, occasionally i could feel the soft gentle touch of her thigh pressed against mine.
After a few more minutes i heard movement in the next room and as we both looked up richard entered the room...

Stood in front of me now was a huge guy, calling him a DADDY just wouldn't do him justice! Freshly showered, he stood there wearing just a towel wrapped around his waist, his body still glistened slightly where he hadn't finished drying himself, and his thick mat of greying chest hair just invited you to want to run your fingers through it. As he walked towards us both i was able to actually see his cock swinging freely behind the lightly d****d cloth of his towel...

Part two to follow shortly!!!
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3 years ago
can hardly bear the wait to
3 years ago
Great start could be a fantastic story hope you wirite the next chapter soon thanks
3 years ago
Loved the story. cant wait to read the next chapter.