Fucking my step s****r!

When i was 16yrs old and doing the usual teenage things of hanging around with mates and getting pissed most nights, I happened to have my chance encounter with a very pretty girl who was also 16yrs old, she was of english/oriental mixed race and was incredibly beautiful and curvy and the clothes she wore left little to the imagination, One evening i was out with my mates and hanging around down by the seafront near where i lived, after a while a group of about 8 girls passed by and after some typical semi-d***ken banter and the usual teenage bravado the girls finally agreed to join us, after a few hours most of my mates had paired off with some of the girls and before long a few of them had made off and either headed home or sloped off for a bit of fun with the girl of choice. The girl i was sat chatting to was called Leanne, i had seen her about our small town on occasions but had never really had anything to do with her, as the night wore on we started getting more flirty with each other and in the typical way teenagers do, we started getting more and more horny, the heavy petting soon becoming more full on, until finally we headed off underneath the pier. Once there we wasted no time in stripping off and before long i was stood there with a raging hard cock and leanne was stripped to her bra and panties, laying ourselves down on the warm sand, we started kissing and touching each other, slipping my hand down the front of her panties i remember even now the excitement i felt as my fingers slipped over her neatly trimmed pussy, my fingertips finally making their way down to her soft puffy lips, my fingers spreading them slightly as i fumbled around rather naively for her clitoris, leannes hand then joined mine and guided and encouraged me to rub her in the way that she wanted and before long she was gasping as i hit the spot perfectly.
after a short while leanne made her way down my body and soon had my cock in her mouth, licking and teasing me with her tongue and lips almost expertly. Eventually she slipped her panties off and sat astride me, and as i laid there just looking at her she proceeded to ride my cock like there was no tomorrow.. we could hear people in the arcade above us and could even see people through the gaps in the boardwalk of the pier taking an evening stroll, but at that moment i was too busy savouring this young beautiful girl taking my length, her hand were rested on my chest as she grinded her pussy on my cock. By now i was aching to get her nipples in my mouth so reaching round i unclasped her bra and watched as her pert 32c breasts fell from their cups, the softness of her skin and the puffiness of her erect nipples just turned me on even more and before long i was getting to the point where i wanted to cum, as with most teenage experiences it felt like it was all over too soon, but as she leant forward and i was cupping her breasts and licking and sucking her nipples, my cock throbbed and then i couldn't hold back any longer, my cum rushing out in a thick torrent flooding the condom i was wearing.
After cleaning ourselves up we sat for a while chatting and agreed to see each other the following night.

The following night we sat were sat just chatting about our families and it was then that our connections gradually started to unfold, leanne mentioned that her mum had remarried to man called terry and that they lived together on the other side of town as a f****y, i explained to leanne that i hadn't had anything to do with my father for several years after he split from my mum and it wasn't until just recently that i had plucked up the courage to go see him, he too was called terry and had remarried but in the handful of occasions we had met up since i had never met his new woman and had no idea she even had a daughter of her own. Our discussions eventually led to us making the same conclusion that the people we were talking about were indeed the same people, after a few months of leanne and i seeing each other we decided it best not to carry on as gradually i then became increasingly close to my father and more crucially her mum was beginning to appear on the scene too.

unfortunately fate seemed to bring us together though, because before long i had joined the same sunday league football team my dad managed and after each game i would head back to his to shower and freshen up before heading down the pub. It was then that leanne and i could no longer avoid being together. This one particular sunday i was freshening up as my dad made lunch, when leanne slipped out her bedroom and made her way into the bathroom where i had just stepped out of the shower, despite the fact my father, her step father was just down stairs we couldn't help ourselves... leanne walked over and almost instantly wrapped her hand around my cock, slowly wanking me until i was fully erect in her hand, leanne was wearing a baggy nightie and wasn't wearing a bra, her breasts could be clearly seen sitting pertly through the material, her nipples pressing at the soft cotton material. Without a thought i lifted it up over her head and removed it as she wriggled out of her knickers, and despite the risk i bent her over the edge of the basin and proceeded to ease my cock into her from behind, the floorboards of the bathroom creaked with every movement, but our desire for each other was too much and before long my cock was thrusting deep into leannes tight pussy as she tried in vain to stifle her moans of pleasure, the sheer risk and naughtiness of the encounter soon had us both on the point of cumming, this time i flooded her warm wet pussy with my cum as we weren't prepared for the encounter.

After a few months of sneaky fucks and quick spontaneous fun, things became slightly more interesting, it turned out our parents had planned a "f****y" holiday and we would all be staying in a rented holiday home for the week. Trying to keep our feelings in check, the first couple of days passed by uneventfully that was until one evening when we were all going out together, our parents were sat waiting for leanne and i to get ready, when suddenly my door pushed open and stood in the doorway was leanne wearing the shortest skirt i had ever seen and a pair of heels, instantly i wanted her, she looked so fucking sexy that i just couldn't help myself and with just a stud partition wall an inch thick and approximately 12ft away our parents sat waiting for us, i pulled leanne into my room pushed her onto the bed and hitching her skirt up over her hips, i reached down pulled her panties to one side and eased my cock into her... frantically we fucked each other as i f***ed my cock into her deep and hard, my balls slapping against her arse as i did so, almost as quickly as it started, it was over. within minutes the thrill of fucking my step s****r as our parents sat feet away had me cumming hard, my cum flooding her pussy as my cock throbbed and pulsed deep in her wet hole. straightening ourselves up, and trying to look as innocent as possible we made our way to the lounge and joined the others, walking to the bar our parents walked ahead of us and leanne and i casually strolled behind them, smiling at the though of what we had just done, leanne even told me that as we were walking along she could feel my cum trickling out of her and making her panties damp.

After the holiday we continued fucking each other for a few more months before finally deciding that things were becoming far too risky and that as we were now both old enough to know the risks involved and the damage it would cause if we were caught, we decided to cool things off and both found other partners, even now 15yrs on though we still chat about what we got up to, and we both still openly admit that we are still attracted to each other but our lives have gone off in very different directions since then. And now we just remember the fun times we had, even to this day our parents still have no idea what went on.
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3 years ago
it did not mater you are not blood related to bad you did not let everyone know but you still have something special
3 years ago
Nice story, now go read mine and give me some feedback...
3 years ago
oh man that is sooooo hot!!! x
3 years ago
Nice, original story.
3 years ago
nice man i liked that alot
3 years ago
mmmmm yes so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 years ago