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finally last thursday i got to have my second session with pete the tanker driver who delivers fuel to where i work. After his first visit a couple of weeks ago, where he had hinted that he wanted to try man/man action, it hadn't taken much to encourage him give it a go, and having sucked his first cock and had me ease my hard thick length into him, he had apparently enjoyed himself enough to want to feel a guy cum in his ass and maybe even swallow cum at his next visit. So at a little after midnight on thursday, pete pulled up in his tanker as usual and parked up around the back and made his way to my office. Sitting down to a coffee, we started chatting about his last visit and he confessed how much he had enjoyed the experience and had had several wanks whilst thinking about it and imagining what he would like to try next time. After a bit more chat, pete asked me if we could have some fun now, knowing that we would have at least 5hrs peace and quiet i agreed and soon we were stripped and our hands were exploring each others body. Soon pete was kneeling in front of me and had his lips wrapped around my hard cock, for someone who had no other experience of sucking, he certainly knew what he was doing, for several minutes he ran his lips along the length of my shaft, rolling his tongue around my cock head as he did so, occasionally taking it out of his mouth and running his tongue along the base of my shaft right down to my balls, all the time he played with them in his hand, gently pulling them as he sucked greedily on my length, occasionally he would take my cock out and lick my piss slit before spitting on my cock and sucking it back deep into his mouth. After several minutes i felt my cum beginning to rise and knowing the effect he was having on me, pete proceeded to suck faster and harder on my cock. Before long my body began to shudder as i felt my cum travelling the length of my cock and as i placed my hands on the back of petes head, i flooded his mouth and throat with my thick torrent of cum, spurt after spurt emptying down his throat, true to his word pete did swallow. With a slight gag and a few deep gulps he had soon swallowed my entire load.

Wanting to return the favour i pushed pete back against my desk and as he laid back on it, i started sucking his 5in cock, his thick shaft filling my mouth as my lips rippled there way down his veiny length. as he laid there, i reached up with my hand and started pulling his nipple and rubbing it with my fingertips, with his legs now rested on the edge of the desk and his ass now accessible, i spat on my fingertips and started working his tight hole with my fingers, all the time still playing with his nipples and sucking his cock. As my fingers probed deeper into his as,s pete began to push down to meet my thrusts. For a good ten minutes i sucked petes cock, savouring the feel of his thick shaft filling my mouth and the taste of his pre-cum oozing into my mouth. Before long the noises coming from pete signified he was close to wanting to cum and as i continued sucking, his body began to stiffen in anticipation. Not wanting to have this session over so soon, i took his cock out of mouth and gently squeezed it enough until his urge to cum sub-sided.

I then told pete that i wanted him to fuck me, positioning myself so that i was bent over my desk, with my ass just waiting to be filled i encouraged him to get his hard thick length into me. Pete then asked if i wanted him to wear a condom, to which i said no as i wanted to feel his cum filling my ass. This presumably turned pete on even more, because soon he was stood behind me, and as i watched he pulled his foreskin back exposing his large flared mushroom cock head. Slowly he started to ease his cock into me, his thickness stretching my ass as it slipped its way further into my willing hole, holding my hips he soon began to pick up the pace and was soon fucking me deep and hard, his balls slapping against my ass he did so. Reaching down between my legs as he fucked me, i started to then wank myself, and before long my cock was stiffening again. For a good 15 minutes pete continued fucking me, sometimes with long slow deep strokes and rough and fast at others. The longer this went on, the more vocal he seemed to become and once again i soon became aware that he was close to cumming and as his orgasm approached he started telling me that he wanted to fill my ass and that my ass felt so tight, to encourage him further i reached back and spread my ass cheeks wider and begged him to fill my gaping ass with his hot thick cum. with a few final thrusts he then said "im gonna cum" and with that i felt this warmth fill my ass as his cock twitchedand pulsed in my hole as he flooded it with his hot thick cum. For a couple of minutes he just stood there exhausted as his warm cum started seeping out of my ass, trickling down between my thighs as his cock slowly began to soften whilst still deep inside me.

I asked pete then if he still wanted to feel a man cum in his ass, as last time he was unsure. Having now done so to me, he said that he definitely wanted tosee how good it felt to have it done.

So as i sat down on my chair i pulled him over to me and turning him around so his back was to me, i sat him down on my lap, easing my hard thick 7ins into him as he lowered himself down. eventually he was fully sat astride me, amd my whole length was deep inside his tight as, slowly he started grinding on my lap. As he rode me i reached around and wrapped my hand around his soft and cum covered cock and began to rub it and play with it, leaning back against my chest as he continued to grind, i then started to play with his nipples and hairy chest. For a good 20 mins he rode my cock slowly, his moans and sighs of pleasure indicating just how much he was enjoying my cock filling his ass. Before long i was beginning to feel the need to cum again, so holding petes hips, i told him how much he was turning me on and that i wanted to cum and how much i wanted him to feel it. Taking that as his cue to take me all the way, he then placed his hands on the arm rests and started grinding my lap just the way a woman would as she rides you, with me pulling him onto me by his hips. Suddenly i shuddered and then stiffened and pulled pete to a standstill and held him on me as my cock twitched and pulsed before finally unleashing my hot rush of cum deep into his ass, i even heard pete sigh as he felt the first explosion of cum filling his hole, followed by several more thick warm spurts of my cum.

After we had cleaned ourselves up pete admitted how good that had felt and that having now tried it he definitely wanted to experience it again, we agreed then to take every opportunity we could to meet and have now set a date for our next session. In the space of 3 weeks pete has now gone from a bored, straight but curious husband, into a full on bi experienced cock sucking/ass fucking guy, who now wants regular sex! cant wait for our next meet now!!
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8 months ago
Damn that was hot, cock is dripping with precum now! Would luv to experience that!
3 years ago
Now that was well told, had me playing with myself wishing I was Pete, lucky bastard! Go read my stories and give some feedback.
3 years ago
Wow that was hot just love to be sucked and riomed out and than fucked thanks
3 years ago
fuck! brilliant
3 years ago
mmmmm I would love to hook up with you and story
3 years ago
nice story i gave you 5 starts please check out my story about my first time having gay sex with a straight thug guy