Especially for you pidgebender xx

Knowing of your desire to have two guys pleasuring each other as you watch, i decide to give you exactly what you want!

Arranging for you to meet me at a pre-booked hotel, you arrive as agreed at 7pm and as i open the door to our room i welcome you with a long tender kiss, as far you are aware this was to be just like any of our normal meets and are totally unaware of the surprise i have in store for you. Looking as beautiful as ever dressed in knee length figure hugging low cut black dress and blacks heels, we soon sit back and relax over a few drinks, sat beside each other on the couch we continue kissing and gently caressing each other, you lean against me, and slowly unbutton the first couple of buttons of my shirt and slip your hand inside and lay it on my chest, my hand resting on your leg slowly eases its way up and under the hemline of your dress and over the soft delicate flesh of your thigh, the aroma of your perfume tingles my senses as we kiss some more. My hand slowly slides around to the back of your thigh as you turn in towards me, and as your hand slips it way down my front finally coming to rest over my cock i slowly start holding the top of your thigh just where it meets your ass.
Pulling you over onto me, we sit there just savouring each other, until finally i reach down and begin to lift your dress up over your hips and then finally off completely, watching as your beautiful body wriggles its way out of the tight fitting material. discarding your dress to one side, you then begin to unbutton the rest of my shirt, leaning forward as you do so, firstly kissing my nipple and then eventually licking and gently flicking it with your tongue..
Leaning back upright, you then lean back on your hands as they rest on my knees, in doing so, your large beautifully soft breasts strain the material of your half cup satin bra, reaching up i slip the straps of your bra down off your shoulders and reaching inside one of the cups i ease out a breast, leaning over me with your breast just inches from my face you encourage me to get my mouth around it, and with that i cup it in my hand and begin to lick and tease your nipple, sucking it harder the more you encourage me. My other hand in the meantime has slipped around underneath your ass and my fingertips have slipped their way into the crotch of your panties, my fingers now teasing around the entrance to your pussy, gently probing your hole, before finally working their way onto your clit...
Reaching around behind you, you unclasp your bra and seductively remove it, your breasts finally visible just inches from my mouth, cupping them both in my hands i savour the feel of your soft skin and the dark puffy nipples that are now fully erect, for a few minutes you just sit there encouraging me to play with and suck your breast and nipples. Finally you stand up and step away from me as i watch you turn your back on me and slip your panties off, allowing them to fall to the floor as you look back at me. Kneeling on the floor in front of me, you position yourself between my legs and start to undo the buckle of my belt, to your surprise i pull your hands away and tell you to wait! unsure of what was going on you get back up and sit back beside me, with that i walk out of the room and into the bathroom, when i re-emerge you instantly spot the set of wrist straps i had in my hand. Walking towards you, i motion for you to stand and after turning you around i begin to restrain your hands behind your back, easing you back down onto the sofa, i then ask you if your ready for your surprise...
After a quick text on my mobile, it was only minutes before there was a knock at the door. Opening it, i greeted your treat! It was Andy a guy i know, who himself is bi-sexual. Andy is 45yrs old, of average build and had kindly agreed to join me in giving you your fantasy...
As we made our way towards you, we stop just a couple of feet away. Slowly Andy and i began to put on a show for you, reaching out for my belt buckle andy began to undo it, then as he undid my trousers and allowing them to drop to the floor, he leant over and began to mouth my semi-erect cock over the material of my shorts. Slipping his fingers over the waist band he slowly lowered them until my now fully erect cock sprung out to attention just inches from his willing mouth. wrapping his hand around the base of my shaft, he began to suck my length, his lips sliding up and down my full 7ins, occasionally running his tongue around my flared cock head and slit...
After several minutes andy and i stripped completely naked and were now taking it in turns to suck each other, i purposely moved andy closer to you when i sucked his cock, so that you could watch close up as my mouth worked its way up and down his 8in long, thick shaft. Not wanting you to feel left out too much longer, i kneel between your legs and part your thighs just enough for me to be able to get at your pussy, on all fours i then begin to tease your clit with my mouth, licking it and sucking it in between my lips as you lay there helpless with your hands tied behind your back, all you could do was gasp as i tongue fucked you, your body trying in vain to push itself onto my mouth as your orgasm began to approach, lifting your feet up onto the edge of the couch to enable me to spread your legs further, it is at this point that andy positions himself behind me, having spat on his fingertips he started using them to lube my ass in preparation of him easing his cock into me. As i held your thighs as i continued tonguing you, you watched over my back as andy bean easing his thick cock into my hole, inch by inch it slipped inside of me and as he began to fuck me you looked on as you watched his length slide in and out of my tight ass.. After several minutes, We stop and i untie you. With all three of us now sitting down on the sofa with me in the middle, you tell me you want me to suck him again and as i lean over to do so, you in turn lean down and take me in your mouth, after a few minutes you get up and kneel in front of us both, and having wrapped your hand around the base of andys cock, you help feed his length into my waiting mouth. As i suck him, you ask me if it tastes good and with my mouth still full of cock i grunt my approval. Finally taking it out of my mouth we start sharing his cock, taking it in turns to run our tongues along his length and sucking on his cock head.
Wanting my cock to be inside of you so bad now, i sat on the sofa and pulled you onto me, sitting astride my cock, you slowly lower your way down on it, your wetness allowing me to slide in easily, slowly you start grinding on my cock, in the meantime Andy had positioned himself so that his cock was just inches from our faces and was now in a position where we could both continue to suck him as you continued to ride me.
After a while you said that you now wanted to watch me fuck andy, so as you laid back on the sofa, andy and i moved onto the bed, where i laid him down and positioned myself between his legs, holding his legs in the air i started to ease my thick hard cock into him, after a short while i was fully immersed in his tight ass, my pubic hair brushing against his ass he took all 7ins easily. Slowly i began to fuck him and as i did so i looked across at you, your fingers had already made their way down to your clit, before long you were pleasuring yourself as you watched us two having sex. For a good twenty minutes andy and i continued fucking, finishing off with him riding my cock, as i wanked his length. Andys orgasm soon approached and as i wanked his cock firmly you watched on as his hot thick seed flooded from his cock all over my chest and stomach, not wanting to cum inside of andy, i beckoned for you to join us and as you both laid either side of be you took it in turns to rub my cock, soon my own orgasm built and knowing that i was close to cumming you both went down on me, your mouths waiting just inches from my throbbing length, until finally my body shuddered and then stiffened as spurt after spurt of hot thick cum erupted from my bulging cock head, taking it in turns you both licked and sucked my length, sharing the cum that was now trickling down my shaft.

Hope you enjoyed it baby xxxx
if your lucky there may be a part two!!
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3 years ago
Marcusp1979 please make me lucky and hard again by writing part two.
3 years ago
so fuckin hot as usual! had me stroking while i read it
3 years ago
Just had to jack off this was so hot thanks
3 years ago
thank you :) so damn hot its made me want it sooooo bad xxxxx