Opportune fun with a tanker driver!

As i work as a security guard at my huge local car dealership four nights a week it is one of my duties to e****t the fuel tanker drivers into the site to replenish the petrol station twice a week, last night as usual the tanker arrived at 3am and having lowered the bollards and e****ted the driver through and having supervised him through his duties, it was then that as usual i offered pete the driver a cup of coffee before he heads off. Accepting my offer, he parked up and followed me to my office where i had previously been sat looking at this site on my works laptop as i passed away the hours watching some good porn, what i had forgotten was that my profile page was visible and the laptop open, and as pete sat down in my chair my profile was the first thing he had seen! as i returned with the coffee, pete didnt mention the website but he had a surprised yet intrigued look on his face. As we sat idly chatting he brought the conversation around to porn and sex and then mentioned the fact that he had seen my laptop and that he had read my profile. He seemed surprised to find out that i was bi but just said "each to his own". Not wanting him to be uncomfortable i tried to get off the subject but each time i tried he just seemed to bring it back to porn and sex. I know pete is married but he never really mentions the wife, so i just took it as his way of getting his release from the lack of sex at home. After a while the questioning became more about bi-sex, so taking the opportunity i asked pete outright whether he had ever tried it. He said no but was quite open minded so could see no reason why he would never try it, with that i asked him if he was in a hurry to leave at the same time i gave him a sly grin. He said he wasn't, so i asked him if he was willing to try it for the first time. Nervously he nodded, a look of anticipation mixed with nerves shot across his face, i walked towards him as he sat perched on the edge of my desk and without speaking again i placed my hand over the slight bulge that hung there in his jeans, placing my hand over it and wrapping my fingers around it, i slowly began to rub. The feeling of being touched by another man must of been a thrill for him because no sooner had i got my hand on it, it was rock hard! slowly i unbuttoned the button fly of his trousers and reaching inside i eased his hard dick out of his pants, again checking with pete that he still wanted this, i then sunk to my knees, wrapping my lips around his hard veiny shaft. Pete was an older guy of about 50yrs old and quite short with greying hair and slightly overweight, his cock although relatively small at just over 5ins felt so good in my mouth, it was immensely hard and the veins rippled their way along his length, and his foreskin pulled back to reveal a large flared cock head. As i sucked his length i could soon hear pete mumbling to himself that it felt so good and judging by the moans coming from him he seemed to be enjoying himself. With my hand wrapped around the base of his cock as i wanked him, my tongue flicked over the tip of his cock, occasionally dipping my mouth back over its head as i wanked him into my mouth, soon he was so into it that ifelt his hands on the back of my head as he begun to f***e his cock further into my mouth, for several minutes he fucked my mouth as i knelt there in front of him and willingly let him do it. Rubbing his balls with my hand as i wrapped my other back around his cock, i started to lick my way along the length of his shaft and down onto his balls, before making my way back along the length of it until i could take his mushroom shaped head back into my mouth. sucking him that bit harder and faster now, it didn't take long before he muttered that he needed to cum, i think he assumed that i would just wank him off and just let him cum over the floor, but to his obvious surprise i just kept sucking and wanking him, and very soon i felt his body stiffen and his cock pulse between my lips as he unleashed a stream of thick cum into my waiting mouth. After i had sucked him dry i stood up and he said that he had never had anyone swallow before, let alone a man and that it felt so good to have experienced it, despite his earlier nerves he then asked me if he could return the favour, he said that he wanted to experience what it feels like to have a cock in his mouth and who knows maybe more!
So as i sat down in my chair he came over and knelt before me, and unzipped my trousers, pulling them and my boxers down to the floor as i wriggled out of them. Staring at my cock momentarily, as if savouring the moment for the first time, he then tentatively wrapped his hand around my flaccid cock, pulling my foreskin back to get my cock head into his mouth. Wrapping his lips around it, he slowly began to suck my soft cock and slowly it began to grow with every mouthful, until finally all of my hard 7ins were being greedily sucked into his waiting mouth. As i laid back enjoying having a virgin cocksucker working my length, pete gradually grew in confidence and started trying different techniques, and soon he was licking and sucking my balls, wanking my cock in his mouth as he sucked just my cock head and was running his tongue along my hard thick shaft. Occasionally darting his tongue over my piss slit as it oozed my pre-cum, something which pete seemed to like the taste of, as every time i leaked some his tongue immediately lapped it up!
After a while i could feel my cum rising and not being sure whether pete would want me to cum in his mouth or not, i warned him and told him he had better stop if he didnt want to swallow my load, to my surprise he said not only does he want to swallow my load but before he does he just wants too feel a cock in his ass briefly, to see whether it was for him or not!. I was ok with this, so as he removed his trousers and pants, he turned around and bent over my desk. His virgin ass was now waiting to have my cock eased into it, spitting on my fingers and using them to work his ass a little, i listened as pete moaned with pleasure at the feeling of his tight hole being violated for the first time, my fingers stretching his ass just enough to now take my thick hard length. Slowly i pushed my cock head at his tight hole, watching it stretch to accommodate me, until finally my head was inside him, pete let out a soft groan which seemed a mixture of both pleasure and pain, slowly i eased the rest of my length into him until i was fully immersed and he had my full 7ins stretching his ass. Slowly i began to fuck him, long slow strokes until he felt comfortable with me fucking that bit harder. After several minutes of hearing pete moaning in pleasure and telling me how good it felt to have cock inside of him, it wasn't long before i needed to cum and this time i couldn't hold back, so telling him that i was near to cumming, i also asked where he wanted me to do it! He told me eagerly that he wanted to taste it, so as i pulled out, he turned around and immediately wrapped his hand around me and started wanking me furiously, his lips wrapped around my bulging cock head, within seconds my cock twitched and my hot thick load emptied into pete's waiting mouth, being a heavy creamer i didn't expect pete to be able to swallow my load at the first attempt and i was right, as after 6 or 7 good spurts he started to gag and as he pulled away from my cock to recover i shot another 3 or 4 good loads all over his face. I half expected him to spit the load in his mouth on the floor but to my surprise he swallowed the lot, looking up at me as he did so. After cleaning himself up, we sat chatting and he confessed he had really enjoyed the experience but admitted he wasn't too sure about swallowing a load despite having enjoyed the taste of cum for the first time, he even hinted that during his next delivery next week he might like to experience having a man cum in his ass as he said having my cock in there felt so good and something he was glad he tried. Hopefully, next time he delivers i may have a part two to write!
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3 years ago
love it! thanks x
3 years ago
great story mate - love yr stuff x
3 years ago
Truckers are the best because the don't always get a chance to cum for days and usually are ready to be sucked or to fuck or get fuck thanks
3 years ago