Fucking my sexy boss!

A couple of years ago i was working as a retail security guard for a large well known department store, as with most of these places the staff are generally made up of both male and female young school leavers, the lads just wanted to be your best mate and the girls loved nothing more than to flirt and tease and act silly with there friends. the assistant manager on the other hand was nearer my own age and was quite a pretty blonde who was a couple of years older than me at 32, all the young lads on shop floor had thing for her and she was always talked about on the shopfloor as being a hot milf. Having to work closely with management in my job meant that i got to know Sarah really well, and when i first started the job we had to share an office. She was a married woman, but unhappy, and on the many occasions we spent sat chatting whilst on the evening shift she regularly told me that she just doesn't get what she wants at home. After a few months of what started out as harmless flirting things began to progress and it was on an evening when we had already let the staff go home and we were in the progress of shutting up shop and setting the alarms that things really started to hot up, this particular evening the shutters wouldn't come down and as a result we had to wait for nearly 6hrs before an engineer could get to us as we couldn't leave the store as it was. With hours to kill we locked the doors and headed off to the office, before long we had started joking that she was a married woman and spending the night with another man and all the usual innuendo that follows, when suddenly she got up walked towards me and sat on my lap, things just seemed to happen in a blur because before long we were frantically kissing and we were stood up with me pinning sarah to the wall as i kissed my away around her neck, my fingers fumbled at her white tight fitting blouse and i soon had her top undone, her pert little 34b breasts felt so good as i cupped one in my hand and rubbed my fingertip over the satin material feeling her nipple slowly harden under my touch. Soon she had removed my jacket and clip on tie and was herself unbuttoning my shirt, sinking her nails into my bare chest as my hand wandered under her thigh length skirt, lifting it until it was up to her hip, my hand clasping her tight little ass and pulling her in against my now stiffening cock,
squeezing her hand down between us, sarah started to unbuckle my belt and it wasn't long before my trousers were around my ankles and i was frantically trying to kick them off my feet, as i then completely removed sarah's blouse, i felt her hand grab hold of my hard length, her fingers wrapping there way around it and slowly rubbing it harder and harder with every stroke, with a quick twist of my fingertips sarah's front fastening bra popped wide open and her milky white little breasts were out and instantly i lowered my mouth to take her pink hard little nipple between my lips, the second my mouth surrounded it sarah gasped with pleasure as she held my head and encouraged me to keep licking and sucking her breast. Picking sarah up by the waist i then lifted her onto the edge of my desk and with her skirt now up around her waist, she wriggled out of her panties and slipped them off over her sexy high heeled shoes, i then pushed her back on the desk and positioned myself between her thighs, i lowered my boxer shorts over my ass just enough for my cock to spring out to attention. Slowly i started to ease my hard thick 7in length into her, her pussy was so wet from anticipation that it slid in and her moistness surrounded me, with my hands holding her hips and with sarah having wrapped her legs around me and the heels of her shoes digging into my ass, i started to fuck her hard and deep, her breasts bounced as i thrust my length deep into her hole, sarah was a vocal girl and the harder i fucked her the more she seemed to get louder. After several minutes i felt as though my cock would explode if i didn't cum soon, but not wanting to finish too soon i pulled out and asked her to take me in her mouth and suck me, as i leant against the wall sarah knelt at my feet and took my hard cock into her mouth, watching her head bob up and down my length and with her deep throating me it was then that i looked up and realised that as we were fucking the cctv was still running in the room and our performance was now being recorded onto a DVD which gets sent off to head office for loss prevention and auditing purposes, each one individually viewed by somebody at head office!. Pulling sarah back to her feet, i mentioned the situation and she just laughed and said i had better lose the disk then, or at least request royalties for when it hits the market! Despite the moment of giggles we soon got back to what we were doing, and as sarah bent forwards over my desk and lifted one leg up onto my chair, i stood behind her and eased my dick back into her doggy-style, my cock was sopping wet from her pussy juices and as it slipped in and out of her i reached around her waist and started rubbing her clit, before long sarah was bucking her hips back to meet my every thrust and soon she was gasping and moaning as she begged me to cum inside of her, gradually i picked up the pace and before long my balls were slapping against her thigh as i fucked her hard, with one final deep thrust my cock twitched and my body stiffened as i unloaded a thick torrent of cum into her gaping pussy, i immediately felt the warmth of my cum filling her hole and as it mixed with her wetness it soon began to trickle out of her pussy and down her thigh, with that i pulled out and turned her around and made her sit on the edge of my desk, sinking to my knees i then started to lick her clit, all the time looking up into her eyes, the look on her face was a mix of pleasure and shock, shock mainly because as i later found out, her husband rarely went down on her and certainly not after he had cum inside of her. For several more minutes i teased her clit with my mouth and tongue, occasionally allowing my tongue to probe her slit, finally i eased two fingers inside of her and as i continued to lick her clit i finger fucked her until she reached her own orgasm, screaming out as her pussy tightened around my fingers as her muscles contracted. After cleaning ourselves up and sorting ourselves out i set about dealing with the recording which had caught our every move, i replaced the disk with a fresh one that i then dated for the same day. Hopefully no one would notice and we could pass it off as a fault, as for what to do with the original, well personally i would of destroyed it as we both had too much to lose by it being found, but sarah wanted to keep it and in her words "pleasure myself as i watch it whilst he's at work!" For several months we continued fucking and on occasions sarah would come into work and tease me with explicit detail of what she did to herself the night before whilst watching it as her hubby worked nights.
Maybe if i get time part two may get written about one of our sessions in the gents staffroom toilets on a busy saturday afternoon as staff came in and out as we were fucking in the cubicle!
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great story
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great story