Watching a male prostitute at play!

despite having had sex with many men, there was still one fantasy i hadn't yet fulfilled. I had been having this desire to watch a guy who is totally naked pleasuring himself as i watched on, but i myself wanted to remain fully dressed. there is just something that turned me on about the thought of another guy feeling vulnerable with his own nakedness as another guy watches him. I think everyone in that situation becomes more self-concious and has a feeling of vulnerability.
Having spotted an add for a guy who advertises massage and other services in my local paper, i decided to give him a call and find out more about him. He told me his name and that he was 39yrs old and was 6ft 2in tall with a tanned, toned body and a 9in uncut thick dick. We quickly discussed what it was i was after and having agreed, he invited me to his flat.
When i arrived, he answered the door wearing a pair of tight fitting button fly jeans and a skinny fit T-shirt, he led me through to the lounge and as i followed him through i couldn't help but notice how incredibly tight his ass looked in those jeans. He motioned for me to sit in the armchair as he went off to get us a drink, when he arrived back in the lounge he sat himself down in the sofa opposite me, before long he had reclined himself enough to be half laid down, and as i watched on he began to slowly rub his cock over his jeans, i could see even from i was sitting that where his jeans were so tight fitting there was a long flaccid bulge laying to one side as the material clung to it. Stripping his top off, i could immediately see he was telling the truth about being toned, his abs rippled along his torso in his semi-reclined state, his body had clearly seen a few tanning sessions also as it looked bronzed all over. He barely had any body hair just a short wisp of hair winding down from his chest until it stopped at his navel and then thickened slightly as it continued down until it disappeared under the waist band of his jeans. Gradually he unbuttoned the top couple of buttons on his jeans and it wasn't long before he slid his hand down the front of them until i was able to watch his hand slide its way down over his length. After a few minutes he unbuttoned the rest of his fly, and then he reached in and pulled out his length, his cock was still soft but even so it was at least 5-6inches long, sliding out of his jeans he then, laid back down and started to rub his cock more vigorously. Slowly it grew in his hand until it was now fully erect, his cock head flared and shiny from the pre-cum now seeping from it. As i just sat there watching intently, he just continued to immerse himself in self-pleasure, it was as if he was alone in the room, with one hand he was playing with his heavy hanging balls and the other he was running his palm over the wetness of his cock head. Gripping his cock from the base of the shaft he would then wank his length working his foreskin back and forth over his head. The more turned on he became the more noise he started to make. His fingers pinched at his nipples as he wanked the full length of his thick dick. As for me, i had now un-zipped my own trousers and had got my cock out and was now masturbating myself as i watched this guy pleasuring himself. After a good twenty minutes, he got up and from a drawer he pulled out a big thick black dildo and a tub of lube, he then got on all fours on the sofa and as he leant over the back of it with his tight butt facing me, i watched as he started to work his fingers around his tight hole, lubing his ass up as he did so. Working his fingers inside himself he had soon loosened off enough for him to start using his toy. With slow pushes i watched on as this toy slid into his tight asshole, his butt slowly encircled this thick black cock until it was a few inches deep inside him. His balls were hanging heavy between his thighs and they were swaying in motion with him fucking himself. My cock was rock hard as watched him, and soon my pre-cum was oozing from my slit and i was working it with my thumb all around my cock head. I could see his cock that was now beginning to soften again hanging between his legs, so taking the opportunity, i walked over and knelt behind him and reaching between his thighs i wrapped my hand around his length. slowly i wanked his long shaft as he continued fucking his ass with the dildo. All the time i was still wanking my own cock, leaning down to get under the toy that was thrusting in and out of his ass i proceeded to lick his balls, running my tongue up from them to his ass and the toy. All the time wanking his now erect cock. After several minutes he murmured that he needed to cum, so moving back away and sitting back down, i watched as he continued wanking and fucking himself, very soon i heard a deep sigh and moan of pleasure then suddenly spurt after spurt of thick cum showered down onto the leather sofa between his legs, he must of cum at least a good 10 spurts before collapsing on to his elbows totally satisfied with himself. His softening cock now starting to hang back between his legs, it wasn't long before i was wanting to cum myself and watching his cock and balls and slowly contracting ass hole just made me harder and more turned on, he asked me to come over and join him and if i wanted too i could cum as well. I told him i did, and that i wanted to empty my own thick load over his ass, he nodded in approval and before long i was wanking the length of my cock just inches from his hole, finally with a deep grunt i emptied my own hot stream of cum over his ass crack and lower back, the hard spurts shooting thick load after thick load all over him. I casually put my cock back away and thanked him for what he had done and left, my fantasy fulfilled. That was probably the best £40 i have ever spent!
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3 years ago
Now why did you have to go and make our special evening a "Public" display?
Must say you certainly remembered all the glorius detail though, thanks Luv!
3 years ago
Wow some fantasy was very hot thanls