Charlotte, My favourite BBW fuck buddy! (part 2)

As charlie stood back up in front of me, i watched as she unbuttoned her short denim skirt and let it fall to the floor, then turning around so that her ass was just inches away from my face, she slipped her fingers inside the waistband of her leggings and slowly she began to slide them down over the ample curves of her plump butt. Bending forwards to fully remove them she teasingly moved her ass just that bit nearer to my face until she was bent so far over i could see a mere hint of her hairy pussy through the gusset of the french knicker panties she was wearing. Slowly standing back up she knew for well what she was doing, because the sight of her white plump ass, which was ever so slightly dimpled, had my cock now stirring and beginning to get hard. As she stood there, i reached around her thigh and pulled her back towards me, leaning forward i savoured the feeling of her ample curves in my hands and kissed her ass cheeks as my fingers worked their way inside the front of the crotch of her knickers and started to find their way down to her clit.
After a while she turned around and teasingly removed her panties in front of me, her pussy was surrounded by an unruly bush of dark brown hair which already started to have that slightly damp matted look caused by her state of arousal. As i stood up myself, i removed the remainder of my clothing and for moment we just stood there kissing, her large breasts pressed tightly against my own bare chest and her soft fleshy tummy and thighs being held up close to mine. We sat back down on the sofa together and positioned ourselves so that charlie was semi-reclined against the arm of the chair with one of her legs over my own leg and the other foot on the floor her thighs nicely spread to allow me to pleasure her with my hands, As i leant in against her side, i licked and sucked at her nipple, teasing it with my tongue, as i was doing this my hand made its way down over the small rolls of her tummy until it slid its way down between her thighs. Slowly my fingers worked their way around charlies pussy until i could feel the hood that encased her clit, working it with my fingertips, varying the speed at which i teased her, slowly but surely her clit began to grow, protruding out from its pink fleshy hood until finally it was well and truly erect and my fingers were able to rub and gently pull at it, the more i teased her the more she moaned with pleasure, as i continued sucking and licking her breast and nipple, charlie had allowed her hand to wander up and she was now caressing and playing with her other breast. After a while charlie was clearly ready for more, the dampness on my fingers telling me as much! she asked me to "get my tongue down there", with that i positioned myself on my knees between her thighs and as she spread her legs as wide as she could, i finally got a long awaited look at her gaping pussy, slowly my tongue started to probe its way up and down her moist slit, the bush of hair almost smothering my face as i did so. Using her own fingers to spread her lips wide she gave me an unrestricted view to her erect clit, now standing nearly and inch proud of her puffy pink pussy lips, taking it in my mouth i gently began to suck it, flicking it with my tongue in a random way, varying speed and pressure as i sucked it into my mouth, occasionally taking it out and running my tongue along the entire length of her slit. It only took at matter of minutes before charlie started to reach an orgasm, her body juddered convulsively as my tongue continued working her clit, her pussy almost seemed to bulge slightly as the it started to swell in response to her arousal.

As i got back to my feet, charlies pussy juices were still covering my lips, so i leant towards her and kissed her full on the mouth so that she got a taste of her own wetness, With that, charlie then positioned herself on all fours and rested on her elbows on the back of the sofa and pushed her ass in my direction, knowing that charlie was on the pill, i decided to dispense with the condoms that i had and proceeded to slide my hard length into her bareback, my cock slid deeply into her wet hole, the warmth of her pussy surrounding me. For several minutes i fucked her deeply but slowly, all the time i watched the curves of her body sway and roll with the motion of her rocking. I held onto the side of her round hips and plump ass as my cock slid in and out of her deep wet hole, taking my length right down to the base of my shaft, with every thrust i could hear her sigh and gasp with pleasure, soon i was doing the same as i felt my own cum rising, it was such a turn on to watch from my point of view, to be able to watch my cock slide in and out her gaping hole, and to see such a beautiful plump fleshy ass pushing against me to increase her own pleasure. Not wanting to cum yet i pulled away and motioned for charlie to lay on the rug on the floor, Once down there i positioned her so that she was on her side with her knee higher up so that i could straddle the thigh that was on the floor, and with that i eased my cock into her wet hole once more, as charlie braced herself against the floor i started to fuck her a bit rougher and harder this time, her large breasts hung sideways and were rested on the floor as i pounded her pussy, using her bent leg to pull her back against me even harder. The harder i fucked her the more her breasts bounced and swayed, soon i was fucking her so hard that she was yelping in pleasure, i watched as her tummy and her large fleshy thigh that i was holding gently rolled in time to my increasingly hard thrusts. soon i wasn't able to hold back and as i pulled my cock out, i just had time to wank myself to completion all over her gaping pussy. Laying onto her back i knelt back between charlies legs, she then got hold of my cock and rubbed my cock head around her clit, my cum was smeared all over her pussy and ass crack. Totally knackered, we both crashed out for a while and just cuddled up on the sofa. Charlie stayed for a few hours and in that time we had sex two more times, both times just as exciting as the first, only this time i flooded her hole with my cum and also i had the thrill of her sitting astride my lap and riding me as her large breasts almost smothered and suffocated me!. That story may follow in part three!
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another terrific story