The pleasure of older guys (part 2)

As ian approached me, i watched over my shoulder as he wrapped his hand around his cock and started pulling his foreskin back to expose his flared cock head. Once behind me i started to feel his cock push at my tight hole, slowly my ass relaxed and allowed his cock to slip further into me, inch by inch, until finally i could feel his thick length stretching my hole. With his hands clasping my hips, he began to fuck me with long slow strokes, gradually he picked up the pace until he was going at a steady pace and rhythm. Feeling his hard 6inches slide in and out of my hole soon had me rubbing my cock and making it hard again. Once my tight ass had totally relaxed he started to take his cock right out of me and then plunge it back into my gaping hole, the feel of his cock head popping my asshole every time was such a turn on, suddenly i realised i could watch him fuck me in the reflection of the 42in plasma on the tv unit, looking across i watched as he spread my ass cheeks with one hand and held his cock with the other as he kept dipping it in and out of my ass forcing it in right to the base of his shaft...
After several minutes he pulled out and told me to lay on the floor, as i did so he positioned himself on top of me with my legs over his shoulders so that i was almost bent double, again he f***ed his hard length into me and again he kept letting it pull right out before forcing it back in. After a while he knelt up on his knees and held my ankles in the air and began to thrust his hips towards me harder, i reached down with my hands and held onto his thighs as he pounded my ass deeply, soon i could hear him grunting and panting as if he was about to cum, so to intensify the feeling of his cock pulsing inside of me, i clenched my ass tight the muscles of my rectum holding his cock firm as he continued to slip his shaft into me. Suddenly he stopped and pulled out, he clearly hadn't finished yet and didn't want to cum just yet. Giving himself time to let his excitement sub-side he asked me to sit astride his cock, positioning himself on the sofa i then moved towards him to sit astride his lap, facing away from him i then slowly lowered myself onto his length, his cock now easily slipping into my well stretched hole. with his hands controlling my hips and with me balancing myself on the arm of the sofa, i began to bounce up and down the length of his penis, lifting me up by the ass and spreading my cheeks as he did so he thrust his hips up to meet me, his hard cock fucking me ever deeper with each thrust.
Sliding myself right down onto the base of his cock, i sat there fully impaled on him as he reached around and started wanking my cock, which was now rock hard again, gently i started to grind my hips back and forth as he pulled at my hard length, all the time i did this he was kissing my back and the back of my neck. It wasn't long before i could feel myself wanting to cum again, so gradually i increased the pace i was riding him, and reaching down between our legs i started to play with ians balls, rolling them in my hand and gently pulling them, soon i heard him nearing orgasm, this time i wasn't letting him off..
Rocking my hips into his lap, i suddenly felt his cock pulse then twitch and then finally his whole body stiffen then shudder, finally.. His cock pulsed repeatedly as his cum flooded my hole, the warmth of it inside of me satisfying me deeply. As i sat there with his cock still inside of me, i leant back against his chest leaning to one side so he could lick my nipple and play with it, as he did this he continued wanking me with the other hand, after a couple of minutes the feeling of his warmth inside of me and his now softening cock still inside my ass was enough to make me cum, and with a final sigh from me he watched as i laid back against him and he could see over my shoulder my cum spurting into the air and up onto my stomach and chest. As i got up to clean myself up he grabbed my ass cheek and pulled me back towards him, and as he leant towards me he run his tongue along my stomach down to my cock, licking my cum off of me as he did so.
I dont know what it is about older guys, but they turn me on so much more than most. The older the better is the way it is for me...

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3 years ago
Like i'vd said before some day you Ian an I have to get together thanks