The pleasure of older guys!

Having first met with ian a couple of weeks ago, after exchanging details on gaydate tv, we finally had our second meet last night. After our first encounter, which as he requested was more of a tender, mutual pleasuring session. I decided this time that i wanted to show him the more dominant side to my nature and asked him if he was ok with being submissive. Being a larger build guy and a bit of a bear himself he had always played the top role but said that he was willing to succumb to me just so he could experience being dominated by a much younger guy. I always prefer older guys because they tend to be more experimental and willing to give instead of just take.
Anyway, at 6pm last night ian arrived at my place, my girlfriend was at work for the night and for a few hours at least, i would have the house to myself. Answering the door to ian in just my tight black boxer shorts i welcomed him in, he seemed older than i remembered from the first time, despite being 52yr old he looked ten years older than that. Looking at him, i suddenly remembered just how good our last meet was, and the pleasure that this guy gave me. Wasting no time in asserting my dominance with him, i ordered ian that he just does as he is told and do not question me!. He nodded almost pathetically in agreement, as i moved towards him, i immediately placed my hand on his crotch, and wrapped it around his soft cock, holding it in my hand squeezing it gently. As i moved closer to him i f***ed him back against the wall of the living room and knowing how much he liked kissing, i leant in to kiss him f***efully on the mouth, squeezing his cock just that bit harder as i did so. Instantly i felt his cock twitch through his smart black trousers, and within seconds his penis had started to grow in my hands, stiffening ever more as my hand started to rub along its length.
Ian then tried to reach down for my cock, but as soon as his hands were near it, i pushed them back away and told him he wasn't aloud to touch until i told him so. Kissing and gently biting my way around his neck now, with the stubble feeling abrasive against my lips. I started to unbutton his shirt, as i got half the buttons undone, i parted the shirt and started to lick and flick my tongue around his nipples, reaching for his belt, i then started to unbuckle it. As the belt finally parted, i flicked the button of his between my fingers and they popped open, slipping his button fly down i then slid my hand inside his trousers once again gripping his now hard penis, the head of which had now eased its way out of the side of his briefs which were straining to contain his thick 6in cock. Wriggling my hand just enough to cause his trousers to fall to the floor, i then started to lick and bite his nipples again. As he slipped off his shoes and stepped out of his trousers, he again attempted to reach out and touch my cock, this time i grabbed his wrist and f***ed it back against the wall beside his hip, i pulled his shirt down his arms as i held him there and allowed him to remove it. Finally ian was stood there in just his briefs and with me still in my shorts. As i continued to pin his wrist back against the wall, i started to make my way down his hairy chest and stomach until i was finally on my knees in front of him, leaning in towards him, i ran my tongue over his cock head which was bulging out of the side of his overstretched pants. Ian gasped as he then felt me place one hand on the waistband of his pants and begin to ease them over his throbbing penis as i again licked his cock head, as i lowered them his hard length sprang out in front of me, as i looked at it from such a close range i could see the veins pulsing along his thick shaft, and his flared mushroom head glistening with pre-cum that was beginning to ooze from his piss slit. Now with ian firmly pinned against the wall i began to take his cock into my mouth, sucking just the head to begin with until finally i started to deep throat him, gently raking my teeth along the length of his shaft as i sucked him ever faster and harder, occasionally stopping to run my tongue around his flared cock head and lick my way up the underside of his cock before dipping my mouth back around its length. After a while i stood up and f***efully turned ian around to face the wall, pushing him to lean against it with both hands, now standing there totally naked, i made him bend over slightly to allow me to get my tongue around his tight hole, kneeling behind him now, my tongue probed its way around ians ass, savouring the scent of his clean showered freshness mingled with the hint of his musty pre-cum that was still glistening around his cock head, reaching down and under his thighs i wrapped my hand around his cock and began to slowly wank him, all the time my tongue teased his hole, making it slowly wetter in readiness of my cock easing its way inside of him. I could hear ian moaning with pleasure as my tongue pleasured his tight ass, his enjoyment obvious as he bent further forward allowing me greater access to his hole. After a few minutes i told him that i wanted to feel my cock in his mouth, and that i wanted him to get me nice and hard so that i can fuck his tight ass. He immediately dropped to his knees and having briefly rubbed my cock over the material of my boxers he quickly removed them and finally got his hands around my cock, he took my flaccid cock into his mouth, and with his wet lips he slowly began to suck his way up and down my shaft, with one hand he held my balls and gently rolled them in his hand. Soon my cock started to stiffen as ian worked his expert mouth up and down the length of my cock, dipping his mouth quickly over my cock head as he pulled my foreskin back to expose my hard flared cock head. Wrapping his hand around the base of my cock, he began to wank me as he continued to lick and suck at my head. After several minutes my cock was achingly hard, demanding ian gets up, i then tell him to get on all fours on the sofa. As he knelt on the sofa he pushed his ass out towards me inviting me to ease my cock inside of him. Spitting on my fingers i used them to work his hole, gradually his body relaxed and soon my fingers had loosened him enough for me to ease my hard thick length into him. As my cock slowly filled his ass, i watched as in reached down and started to rub his own cock, finally i was fully inside of him, my pubic hair pressed right against his ass crack, gradually i started fucking him, with long slow strokes to begin with, slowly building up the pace until i was pounding deep into him, my balls slapping against his thighs as i did so. Fucking ian at a relentless pace, it wasn't long before i could hear him groaning with the unmistakeable mixture of pleasure and enjoyable pain. For some twenty minutes i fucked his tight hole, varying from fast deep strokes to more long deliberate slow ones. gradually i felt my cum rising, but not wanting to unload in his ass this time, i pulled out and made ian turn around and kneel on the floor in front of me. Ordering him to play with his own cock, i then wrapped my hand around my own length and began to masturbate just inches from his mouth, as my cum started to rise along the length of my shaft i looked down and watched ian wanking, before finally demanding him to open his mouth for me. A few strokes of my cock later i shot my hot thick load, spurt after spurt covering ians face, and chest, some even spurting into his mouth as i thrust my cock towards his face. As my orgasm passed, i looked down at ian and watched as he licked my cum from his lips and swallowed what had made its way into his welcoming mouth. For a moment he seemed to just kneel there enjoying the feeling of my thick cum sliding its way down his throat.
Now it was ians turn, As he stood up, we kissed, and instantly i could taste my cum on his lips. Turning for him to follow me, i knelt on the sofa and having leant over i spread my ass wide and looked back at him and demanded he fucks me, telling him "do what you want with me", he didn't need telling twice!

Part two follows shortly...
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3 years ago
Great fantastic story looking forward to the next chaper thanks
3 years ago
FUCK YEA! I cant wait for part 2