Handcuffed and made to watch! (part two)

As alison and kay walked into the room they made their way past where i was sat and as they did so they both reached out and rubbed my cock just the once and continued towards the bed, the feel of them both rubbing my cock but not being able to do anything about it was such a turn on. As they got comfortable on the bed i just sat there watching intensely as they laid down and started kissing, tenderly they probed each others mouths with their tongues and as they were doing this their hands were caressing their way up and down each others body. As i was positioned at the foot of the bed but to one side i had the best view possible as alison laid on her back and kay positioned herself on top of her, i sat staring as kay started running her tongue down alisons neck to her chest and finally to her nipples which were poking out nice and erect through the ribbon ties on her basque, with a teasing glance towards me, kay then pulled at the ribbon until the ties unravelled and alisons pert little 34b breasts were now exposed. Gently kay took alisons nipple in her mouth and sucked on them as alison sighed in pleasure at the feel of her good friend teasing her sensitive nipples in this way, as kay then undid the other ribbon she grabbed hold of both of alisons breasts and squeezed them up into hard little mounds in her hands and this time sucked them harder and more f***efully, alisons nipples were rock hard as kay took them in her mouth once more and started biting them gently. Continuing her way down alisons body kay finally reached the top of her thong, once there she pulled down the top of the material to reveal alisons neatly trimmed pubic hair, kay kissed her just above her pubic hair before slipping her hands inside the waist of alisons panties and slipping them down her long slender legs, with a satisfied and cheeky grin kay then threw the panties at me and they landed on my lap. Now as kay positioned herself between my wifes legs i was able to watch as kay began to slowly and tenderly lick and tease alsins pussy, with one hand kay pushed one of alisons legs into the air to be able to get at her clit more easily and also to allow me to see her tonguing alison better. With the fingers of the other hand kay then parted alisons lips to expose her large clit and eagerly began to lick it, almost expertly she teased her clit, rolling it with her tongue and sucking it between her lips to gently nibble it. As she continued tongue fucking alison i began to find myself looking at kays curvy and soft yet decidedly sexy ass as she raised it off the bed as she knelt on all fours, her thong was pulling tight into her crotch and with her slowly moving her ass about i could soon see it parting her pussy lips and riding deeper inside her slit. I sat there imagining how good it would be to go over now and pull it to one side and start off by kissing my way down her sexy ass until i could then probe her moist pussy with my tongue. Unfortunately being stuck where i was didn't help so all i could do was watch. After a few more minutes i watched as alison began to reach orgasm, her body stiffening and her crotch raising up off the bed as she pulled kays mouth harder onto her, her body slumping back down as her moment sub-sided.
Now alison wanted to repay the favour but in doind so she wanted to make the experience almost to much to take for me, so as she positioned herself on the floor in front of me at the corner of the bed, she sat with her legs spread so i could see her wetness glisten, and beckoned kay to stand in front of her facing her but also in front of me with her ass just inches from my face, slowly she lowered kays knickers down and as she stepped out of them and kicked them away with her foot she positioned herself on the corner of the bed so that she was squatting above alisons mouth as she knelt on all fours with her ass staring back at me, teasing me with its movements as alison started to probe kays slit, alison reached up with one hand and caressed her friends ass as she started to lick at her clit, i watched almost unblinkingly as alison licked and probed her way around kays now moistening hole, and now with her other hand alison was now rubbing her own clit and parting her pussy so i could see the pink puffiness of her wet lips. My cock was now well and truly erect, my cock head straining and glistening with pre-cum in anticipation of what might follow, within minutes kay herself had started to reach her point of orgasm and gently she rolled her hips in time to alison licking her clit before finally letting out a moan and deep gasp of pleasure as she finally climaxed, as both girls got up they turned to me and kay jokingly remarked that i "seemed to be enjoying myself", with that alison knelt down again this time between MY legs though, and started to wank my cock and lick around my cock head, finally she took me to the back of her throat and started to suck on my rock hard cock with vigour, sucking me like it was going to be the last time she would ever be able to do it again! Kay then asked whether i would like her to have a go, and without having to be asked twice i told her to get me in her mouth, she joined alison on the floor and they soon began to take it in turns to suck my cock and lick my heavy hanging balls. As kay continued sucking me alison undid kays bra and i watched as it fell to the floor and her soft fleshy breasts hung heavily and swung in time to her sucking me, before long i soon felt i wanted to cum and with how worked up i was it wouldn't have taken long for me to unload my hot creamy cum. But not allowing that to happen both of them stopped and made their way back to the bed, my cock was painfully erect and i could feel my cum having already made its way along the length of my shaft, but being made to stop and not being allowed to unload was torture. All i could do was watch on as kay and alison continued pleasuring each other as they laid on the bed, their hands exploring every inch of each others body. For nearly an hour now i had been sat there watching them enjoying each others bodies and apart from a bit of cock sucking, i hadn't been able to do a thing, my cock had been hard the entire time and it was now beginning to ache from being so hard and from the teasing it had received. After a while of them pleasuring each other with both their mouths and tongues and also their hands, kay and alison looked at me and asked if there was anything else that i wanted, i immediately asked to have the handcuffs removed but alison refused point blank saying that i made the choice so i had to live with it. Totally dejected i didn't know what else to say other than i needed to cum so bad it now literally hurt!. with that they both came back and knelt in front of me and as they both played with my hard cock, all i could do was rest my head back and enjoy the feel of these two wanking my throbbing penis, after a few minutes of wanking me alison looked at kay and seemed to nod to her as if in some sort of agreement of something, and then suddenly kay stood up. she straddle my lap as alison continued wanking me, cupping a breast she held it for me as she leant in towards my face, just close enough for me to be able to lick and suck her nipple. I then felt alison pull my foreskin right down to expose my bulging cock head, and as she did so, kay lowered herself down onto my cock, unfortunately all she had in mind was to tease me, and to my dismay all she did was take my cock head just inside her pussy and no more. I was helpless as she bobbed up and down on just my cock head, never allowing any more than that into her. it was torture as she did this for a few minutes, all the time she did it, she stared me direct in the eyes and knew what effect she was having on me. Before long i said i needed to cum, but i just knew from the teasing she wouldn't allow me to cum inside of her. And i was right! just as i was about to shoot my thick load she raised up off of my cock and alison wanked me frantically as i sucked on kays breast, my cum spurted everywhere, it shot all over kays spread pussy, all over alisons hand and down the inside of kays thighs. Cumming finally was such a relief, that it almost hurt as i did so. After giving me a satisfied grin, kay got off my lap and finally alison uncuffed me. Free at last! after cleaning ourselves up, we spent the rest of the evening chatting about what things alison and i had been up to before and describing to kay the pleasure we get from doing things like we did tonight. Our night with kay was the first but fortunately wasn't the last.
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