Handcuffed and made to watch!

As both alison and i are bi-sexual our sex life was what i would describe as experimental and exciting. We regularly invited other people into our bed and on many occasions i have had the chance to watch alison have sex with both men and women and even couples on a few occasions. Alison also enjoyed watching me have sex with other women and she particularly enjoyed watching me suck cock and being fucked by another man. I just happened to say to alison that i fancied watching her with another woman again soon, but unlike normally where i would join in, this time i just wanted to watch. Alison was keen on the idea and soon began to make arrangements for the weekend, all through the week she teased me by telling me what she had planned for the weekend and described to me explicitly what she was going to be doing. The weekend couldn't come quick enough as far as i was concerned. Unbeknown to me, alison had arranged for her friend kay to join us for the weekend, i had fancied kay myself for some time, she was a typical girl next door type, with long blonde hair, a curvy size 14 figure and about 5ft 10in tall with long shapely legs, she was a naturally pretty woman who always found it easy to get men. Kay and alison had been friends since school and alison was the first person she confided in when she came out as bi-sexual. Kay and i regularly flirted with each other when we went out for a drink but nothing more ever happened, much to my disappointment!

As the weekend arrived, alison prepared herself for kay's visit by buying a new black basque and black hold up stockings. Through their chats alison had already told kay that i wanted to watch them, and kay had agreed that was ok, she knew more than anybody what our sex-life was like, and she had no problem with me watching them. As saturday night arrived i sat waiting in the living room watching tv when there was a knock at the door, alison was in the bathroom getting ready so i got up to answer the door. To my surprise it was Kay stood there, it was no wonder alison hadn't told me who she had lined up for tonight! I let her in and motioned for her to take a seat, as she sat down i couldn't help but notice how stunning she looked, she was wearing a red thigh length dress and black stockings, which as she sat down her dress slid up over the tops of. The dress was so tight fitting that her curvy body was literally crammed into the dress, with her breasts being pushed up and out of the low cut neckline. Alison then appeared dressed in a short mini skirt and halter neck top and stockings, she leant over to greet kay with a kiss. As alison left the room to get some drinks i followed her and when in the kitchen i jokingly asked her if it was too late to change my mind and do more than just watch! Alison grinned and said "you chose to watch so watch you will do" "and nothing more". I instantly began to regret saying that, but decided that i would enjoy watching them pleasure each other as much anyway. After a few drinks and some idle chat alison told kay that she just wanted to do something and that she would be back shortly, with that she beckoned for me to follow her. As we headed up stairs i wondered what was going on, but as alison led me into our bedroom i soon realised, She had positioned the chair in the corner of our room so that once sat down i could watch the show in comfort, or so i thought! Alison started to undress me, and before long i was completely naked. she pushed me back into the chair and started to kiss me, then from nowhere she pulled out a pair of handcuffs and immediately began to handcuff my hands behind the chair, i felt totally vulnerable tied there, naked, and unsure of what was going to happen next. With that alison just walked off and left me, i heard her make her way downstairs, and very soon i could hear giggling from the living room. As i watched the alarm clock beside the bed the time just ticked away and before long 20 minutes had passed by and still no one had returned. Straining to hear for any noise downstairs, i soon began to hear gentle sighs and moans of pleasure coming from the living room. I listened intently as the noises then intensified and it soon became apparent that the girls had started pleasuring each other so much that one of them was close to having an orgasm, my mind raced, wondering what i was missing whilst being stuck in the bedroom, after several more minutes i heard footsteps make there way up the stairs and the bedroom door gently opened, in walked alison and kay holding hands, both were stood there in there underwear. Kay had lost her dress and underneath she was wearing a deep red satin bra and matching thong and black stockings and suspenders, alison was wearing her new black basque with ribbon tie down the front with ribbon tied peek-a-boo cups and black thong and stockings. As for me i was still sat there tied up bollock naked with two women staring at me! Kay giggled and told alison she was cruel, but alison just replied that i asked for it and that she was just giving me what i wanted!

Part two follows shortly!
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very good start