my meet with a guy off gaydate tv

Having been sat at home on my day off last week, and with the missus out at work i decided to have a look at Gaydate TV on sky and see what was occuring and maybe have some text chat or pic swaps with any guys who were up for some fun, having posted an ad it wasn't long before i had three replys, one guy wanted just text chat and one just wanted me to send pics for him to wank too. The third was from a guy who lived in Newport Pagnell just 20 miles away, in his message he described himself as a 52yr old large build guy with stats that read 42c, and 38w with a 6in uncut cock. He wanted a meet and was willing to come and pick me up and take me back to his place for the entire afternoon then bring me back, having exchanged a quick photo of ourselves he said he would be over shortly. when he arrived he pulled up outside my house and i made my way out to get into his car, as i got he smiled and as we pulled away we stared to chat, he had said already in his messages that he wanted to 69 with me so we could taste each others pre-cum before kissing and savouring the taste of our own cum. All in all he sounded like he wanted the meet to be about mutual pleasure and not just wanting to satisfy himself. As we made our way onto the A509 to head to his place, i reached across as he was driving and slowly started to tease his cock through his jeans, rubbing it gently as i felt it slowly started to stiffen in his pants. He then reached across to me and started to return the favour, occasionally taking his eyes off the road to watch his hand grope at my cock. I decided to add to the thrill by leaning across into his lap as he put both hands on the wheel and leant back more as i mouthed at his cock over his trousers, all the time cars and lorries went streaming past, this just made Ian even more horny and his cock now literally stretched his jeans to breaking point... With that i undid the button fly on his jeans and opened them up and slipped my hand inside his pants and began rubbing his cock, his cock felt immensely hard and i could feel the veins that rippled there way down the shaft of his hard cock, his cock had a pronounced upward bend to it and a really large flared head, looking up at ian briefly i then began to lean forward and pull his pants down over his throbbing cock as it sprang out to attention, slowly i eased my lips around his bulging cock head and swirled my tongue around it as i got my first taste of his pre-cum, sliding my mouth down the length of his shaft i began to suck him fast, wanking the base of his cock as i did so. As i sucked away ian kept letting out moans and sighs clearly enjoying the feeling of being sucked in this way and with the risk of being seen, i ran my tongue up the underneath of his shaft and back down to his balls which were now out over the top of his pants, licking them and rolling them with my tongue as i continued to wank him off.
After several minutes i sat up and decided to tease ian knowing that he couldn't return that favour just yet, so as i undid my jeans and slipped them down over my ass, taking my boxer shorts with them, with ian glancing across i began to masturbate right there beside him, wrapping my hand around my cock and slowly wanking as he watched, my fingertip running across my piss slit which was oozing pre-cum, i then put my finger upto ians mouth and made him lick it clean of my juices. for the rest of the journey i talked dirty to him telling him what i wanted to do to him and what i wanted him to do to me... all the while i wanked myself off occasionally allowing ian to have a feel of my hard length, before long we had arrived at ian's house, we pulled onto the drive and went in. Once inside the frustration of the journey was finally released....

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3 years ago
Very hot!
3 years ago
Wow looking forward to part two thanks