Uncontrollable lust for (much) older women (part 2

As i followed Yvonne through to the lounge I couldn't help but watch her plump yet pert ass wiggle as she led the way, as we entered the lounge Yvonne turned to kiss me, and almost instantly she made a play for my cock, as she placed her hand around my flaccid cock she began to rub it over my trousers, stroking it until she felt it slowly stiffening in her hand, as it got harder she seemed to become ever more turned on... gasping as she was rubbing it.
Suddenly she became like a woman possessed, she dropped to her knees and within seconds was frantically fumbling with my belt and trying to undo my trousers, it was as if she couldn't get at my cock quick enough! pushing me back against the wall she literally tore at my boxer shorts, my cock springing out to attention, she was wild as she wrapped her hand around the base of my shaft and began to greedily suck up and down the length of my hard cock, every time she reached the head of my cock she swirled her tongue over it before taking my whole length of it back into her mouth, as she sucked me I held her head forcing my cock further into her mouth, after several minutes of frantic sucking I could here yvonne letting out little gasps of pleasure, almost as if she was nearing orgasm just by sucking my cock. Knowing that I wouldn't last much longer if she kept on sucking like that, I pulled her to her feet. As I did so I turned her around so her back was pressed against my chest, and as my hand ran around the front of her waist, I slipped my fingers down the front of her panties, instantly I felt the wetness of her pussy on my fingers, the material of her panties already damp from her excitement and anticipation. As my fingers began to probe her pussy, my other hand made its way up her tummy and under the material of her baby doll, until it reached her heavy hanging breast, gently caressing it with my hand and playing with her erect nipple. As we stood there I teased her clit with my fingers, rubbing it roughly with my fingertips, and as I was doing this Yvonne reached around behind her and wrapped her hand around my cock as it pressed into her ass, After a few minutes Yvonne turned to me and said "Its been so long since I last felt a hard cock" and then "I want you inside of me". He words now explained the reason why she was like a woman possessed earlier, Malcolm obviously hadn't been giving yvonne any satisfaction for some time. Yvonne took me by the hand and proceeded to lead me to her bedroom, once there, she turned and started to fully undress me, as she did this I slipped her panties to the floor and for the first time I got to see her pussy, it was just as I imagined it to be and just as you would expect of a 64yr old woman, it was quite bushy and there were flecks of grey hair mingling in with the dark brown hair. Her wetness had created a musty aroma which was in itself almost like an aphrodisiac, as I laid her back on the bed I positioned myself between her thighs and as we kissed my hands again began to wander down her body and under baby doll outfit, this time I eased it up over her breasts and as I leant down I took her erect nipple into my mouth, slowly i started teasing her nipples, taking it in turns as I sucked and licked both. As my tongue ran down her tummy I continued to play with her breasts and nipples until finally my mouth was just at her pussy, as I inhaled the musty aroma of her wet pussy, my tongue began to tease her clit, taking it in between my lips and gently sucking it occasionally, and then flicking it with the tip of my tongue again, slowly I started to tease it more roughly and more frantically, as I did so I began to feel Yvonne's body shudder, so as I clasped her under her thighs and on the base of her ass, she then grabbed hold of the back of my head, and within seconds her body convulsed and she cried out as she had her first orgasm, grinding her soaking wet pussy onto my mouth as she did so.
As her orgasm sub-sided I worked my way back up her body and again kissed her on the mouth only this time she was able to taste her own pussy juices on my lips, her tongue probing my mouth as she savoured the feeling. As I knelt up between her thighs I wrapped my hand around my cock and pulled my foreskin back and exposed my large bulging cock head, as I rubbed it around Yvonne's pussy and clit she began playing with her nipples, until finally I started to ease my rock hard cock into her, inch by inch I pushed it deeper into her until my full length was inside of her and I was able to feel her wetness against my own pubic hair, slowly I began to fuck her, with one hand on the bed over her shoulder holding her down and the other clasping the back of her thigh, gradually picking up the pace as I fucked her, until my balls were slapping against her ass and the wet stickiness of her pussy made a slopping sound as I thrust my cock in and out of her hole. After several minutes of fucking Yvonne like that I felt my cum rising, the sheer wetness of her pussy and the relentless hard pounding she was taking just turned me on more until I was almost on the brink of emptying my heavy load into her. To delay my own orgasm, I pulled away from yvonne and said to her "I want you sat astride my cock" and "I want you to ride me hard". As I laid back on the bed, Yvonne leant down and again took my cock into her mouth, sucking the length of it a few times almost as if she was savouring her own juices that were still glistening on this much younger man's hard cock. As yvonne straddled my lap she reached down and wrapped her hand around my throbbing penis and slowly lowered herself onto it, taking it deep into her pussy. At first she didn't seem comfortable sat astride me, almost reluctant to want to move, it was then that she said "I haven't had sex in anything other than missionary for years", she had literally forgotten what it felt like to have a cock inside of her in this way. Slowly she began to rock on my penis, gradually growing in confidence as she began to relax, until finally she was slowly grinding away on my hard length, as she leant forward to kiss me, my hands held her breasts as we probed each other mouth's with our tongues, leaning up she tipped her head back and let me suck on her breasts, squeezing them into my hands as they formed tight little mounds, greedily I sucked on her nipples as she continued to ride me, as she sat back upright I tenderly caressed her tummy and breasts as she began to enjoy the feeling of my hard cock as deep into her pussy as it would go, she even reached around and under the back of my thighs to pull herself harder onto it. After a good twenty minutes or so I decided I could not hold back any longer. As I sat upright with yvonne still astride me, I reached around to the small of her back and pulled her towards me, with that she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms wrapped around the back of my neck, and as we sat there kissing she continued grinding on my cock, with one hand I pulled on her nipples, until finally I whispered to her "I'm gonna cum", and within seconds I felt the warmth of my cum rising along the shaft of my pulsating cock, then suddenly my hot sticky seed flooded her wet pussy, as yvonne felt my load filling her she began to gasp in pleasure, firstly at the warmth and then at the sheer power of it spurting deep inside of her.
After we had calmed down and the adrenalin hit sub-sided, we laid there contentedly cuddling for a few moments, It was then that I looked at her and thought to myself that sex with a much older woman is even more satisfying than sex with women my own age. Yvonne thanked me for making her feel things that she obviously hadn't felt for a long time, and we made the decision that at every opportunity I would provide her with exactly what Malcolm wasn't!
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3 years ago
a good one for sure
3 years ago
Great story! I wish I could experience a woman like that :)