My first bi-male threesome (part 2)

As i got back to my feet the three of us stood there for a few seconds just looking at each other as we wanked and rubbed each others cocks. William then laid peter down on the bed and as he knelt on the end of the bed sucking peters cock, i knelt behind william and began to rim his tight ass. After i had got it nice and wet i started to ease my finger into him slowly, as it worked its way into his hole his ass became accommodating and after a few minutes it was ready to take my hard 7in cock. All the time i was teasing his hole i was wanking his cock and playing with his balls as they hung between his thighs.
I stood up and as william continued to suck peter, i began easing my thick cock head into his ass, slowly inch by inch my cock eased into his tight hole, until finally it was in right up to the hilt, as i began to fuck him he sucked peters cock even faster and as my balls slapped against williams ass cheeks i heard peter ask him to slow down or he was going to cum before he was ready. After several minutes of fucking william i decided that i wanted to feel his cock inside me, so as he laid down on the bed i straddled him and gripping his cock at the base i began to lower myself down onto his hard penis, his bulging cock head flared as it penetrated my tight hole then suddenly it just slipped in, slowly i bagan to ride his hard cock enjoying the feel of his large head stretching my ass as it slipped in and out of me. Peter leant over and started to lick my nipples and as he did this he started rubbing my cock, reaching out i wrapped my hand around his hard shaft and began to wank him. As he leant over williams stomach he took my cock into his mouth and started sucking me as i continued to ride williams penis. I beckoned for peter to stand on the bed in front of me and as he did so he leant back against the wall and i began to suck his cock greedily, it felt so good to have a nice hard cock in my ass and peters cock in my mouth. As i continued to ride william, peter clasped both hands around my head and began to fuck my mouth faster and more roughly, suddenly william began to moan with pleasure and as he reached down to play with my cock with one hand my nipples with the other he let out a huge gasp and sigh... i then felt his hot thick seed flood into my hole, his cock literally throbbed and grew thicker as he unloaded his cum into me.
Peter not wanting to be left out then asked me if i would fuck him, he asked me to fuck him roughly, so as i pushed him back onto the bed i lifted his legs into the air, and both william and i began tonguing his ass in preparation for my thick cock fucking him. When he was wet and ready i knelt between his legs and began easing my throbbing cock head into him, as i held onto one leg and playing with his nipple with the other hand i started to fuck him quite roughly pulling my cock almost all the way out before driving it back in again right up to the hilt, with every thrust my balls slapped loudly against his ass. As i picked up the pace i then held him around his thighs as i pulled him harder onto my cock. After a good 10mins of rough fucking i began to feel my own orgasm approaching so as i began wanking peters cock i also reached out to pull william towards me to suck him, as he stood there in front of me i started sucking his flaccid cock as i felt my cum travel the length of my hard shaft until finally it unloaded into peters ass, spurt after spurt of thick hot cum filling his hole. As i moved away from the bed william leant over and took peters cock into his mouth and began sucking him until finally peter gasped as he cum in williams mouth.

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10 months ago
Such a hot scene
2 years ago
Hot Stuff all three of you are lucky men to share such a day of loving1
3 years ago
There is something to be said for the old guys they are like a vintage wine to be siped and sucked and let that life's time of experience fuck your rocks off. xxx
3 years ago
3 years ago
Fucking hot!
3 years ago
good story, right sexy ya