My first bi-male threesome

As I have explained in previous posts, since having sex with men for the first time I have decided that despite having met and fucked with many men, much older guys are my favourite. After having had many sessions with peter who was 63yrs old at the time, our discussions invariably got around to what each other would like to experience if we had the chance. After hearing each others tales about our own experiences I happened to say to Peter that I had this fantasy of being fucked by two men, I had experienced many bi-sex sessions with my wife at the time including MMF and MFF, but what I really wanted was to have two men to pleasure all to myself and to have them take it in turns to fuck me. After some chatting peter mentioned that he knows another fella he meets up with regularly who might be up for a threesome. Agreeing that if it could be arranged I would definitely be keen to take part, we left it at that and I waited to hear from peter in the next few days.
A few days later peter invited me over to his house, but no mention was made on the phone that he had been able to arrange a meet with this other guy. As I got to peters house he greeted me in the hallway, with the usual kiss and grope of my cock, as I looked around there was no sign of anyone else, so assuming his mate could not be arranged I disappointedly entered the bedroom with peter and readied myself for a good fuck but without his mate being there to join us.
One thing I enjoy about having sex with peter is that he is not the sort of fella who just wants a quick wank occasionally to satisfy himself, he takes the time to pleasure you as much as you pleasure him, he sucks cock expertly, easily the best oral I have ever had! and he really knows the things that turn me on the most. Anyway as we began to undress, he started to lick at my nipples, my hand wandered down to his flaccid cock, my fingers wrapping around its shaft as he continues to tease my nipples. Kneeling down, he leans forward and takes my cock into his mouth, his wet lips surrounding my shaft as he greedily sucked my cock into life. as it grew harder with every suck in his mouth, he began to pull my foreskin back and run his tongue all around my bulging cock head, licking at my pre-cum as it flowed out on to his lips. after a few minutes I decided i wanted to have him fucking my mouth with his thick cock, so as i knelt in front of him, he placed his hand on the back of my head and began to fuck my mouth, forcing his cock deeper with every thrust. As i took his cock out of my mouth i then ran my tongue down the length of his shaft right down to his heavy hanging balls, which i then proceeded to lick and suck into my mouth and tease. As i was teasing his cock head i suddenly heard a noise in his hallway... panicking, i assumed his wife had returned from work hours early! shit! what do we do... but strangely as i looked up to peter for reassurance he just grinned and said nothing. I was still knelt on the floor in front of him daring not to move i began getting ready to ready to dress and run. until that is i turned to the bedroom door and saw another man standing there. A rather rough looking man in his late sixties to early seventies, to my astonishment he was already undressed and s he stood there i couldn't help but notice his long flaccid cock hanging between his thighs with a thatch of greying hair surrounding it. This man was a tall thin man, with grey hair and a thick matte of hair on his chest again greying in colour. As i looked towards peter he grinned and said "this is william and he has come to give you your fantasy" as it turned out peter had left william his key to get in and surprise me when i least expected it. With that i beckoned william over and as he stood opposite peter, for the first time i had two cocks in front of me waiting to be pleasured. as i wrapped one hand around peters cock i placed the other around william's long flaccid shaft. Slowly i placed my lips around it and began to suck on it greedily, slowly i felt it getting harder in my mouth, inch by inch it grew, until finally it was fully erect and stretching my mouth as i continued to suck it. As i sucked his 8in cock i looked up and watched as william and peter kissed and teased each others nipples, occasionally leaning down to take them into their mouths and tease them with their tongues. for several minutes i enjoyed being knelt there on the floor alternating between sucking their cocks whilst wanking the other. The best was still yet to come though!
Part two follows shortly!
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1 year ago
Suonds just like what happened to me when I met my Bi lover, and his friend showed up and we had a wonderful three way time together. Looking forward to part two
2 years ago
Hot stuff, thanks for sharing.... reminds me of my older neighbor "Paul"! Whom we share loving a couple of times per week.
2 years ago
hot story!!
2 years ago
Very hot sexy beginning!!
2 years ago
so sexy
3 years ago
Repeats are always hot and sexy thnaks