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As my girlfriend has been working nights this past week I decided to take the opportunity to get in some late night cock action. So a couple of days ago I headed off down to the country park near where I live late in the evening, this park is a well known cruising and dogging area but also has the added advantage of bordering on a dual carriageway with a large layby where lorries tend to pull in for the night. As I entered the park it did not take long before it became apparent I was not the only one with the intention of getting some cock action, almost immediately two guys appeared coming from the same direction as each other, they then disappeared off into a secluded section of woods. As I continued along the path I then became aware of some noise coming from the tree-line just too my left some 30yards away, judging from the noises somebody was getting fucked or sucked and was obviously enjoying it. A little further on a lad about 20yrs old approached obviously looking for action but in all honesty tonight I was after mature dick so headed off towards the layby end of the park. As I neared the exit from the park into the layby I spotted someone approaching from the opposite direction and heading straight for me, as he passed we made quick eye contact but nothing was said. Unsure of this guy intentions I decided to continue out of the park and lingered near the lorry park waiting too see what happens, for all i knew he could have just been nipping out to take a piss or as I suspected he may have been looking for the same thing as me, cock fun!
A couple of minutes later he reappeared and headed straight for me, as he went to pass by me he looked across and casually said "are you waiting for me or someone else". It immediately became apparent he was as i suspected looking for some action, so taking the opportunity i said i was waiting for him if he was interested, with that he beckoned for me to join him in the cab of his lorry, this guy was just what i was looking for that night, at least 55yr old, slightly on the chubby side but very hairy, full beard the lot, a real bear of a guy. Almost straight away he made a play for my cock, rubbing it for a moment before undoing my jeans and easing it out onto my lap, he then bent over and proceeded to lick around the head of my cock and played with my foreskin before sliding it back and taking my 7ins deep into his mouth. Most lorry drivers i have encountered before usually drew the curtains around the cab before indulging in any fun, but this guy was quite brazen about it, although we were in quite a busy layby he had no intention of drawing the curtains. He continued to suck on my ever growing cock for several minutes before easing a hand under my jeans and pulling then down over my arse as he continued to suck me, with that he then slid his hand under me and gradually started to work his finger around my tight hole rubbing at my ring as he let me fuck his mouth, gradually i felt him ease in one fingertip followed then by a second, slowly pushing them deeper as my hole became more accommodating. After a while he sat back and undid his shirt so i could lick and bite his nipples as i played with his cock, as i took his bulging cock out of his pants it stood proudly to attention, it was a good 8ins long and quite fat and fleshy, ileant over and took it in my mouth, immediately i could taste the pre-cum on the head of his cock and the musty aroma to go with it. After several minutes sucking his cock as i played with his nipples i became aware he was close to cumming so i eased up a bit as i did not want him to unleash his load till he had his cock inside me. Assuming that he would get me on the bunk to fuck me, i began to prepare myself to get there when he suddenly suggested that he wanted to fuck me outside where there was the opportunity we could be watched. I agreed that would be good, so as we headed back in to the entrance of the park we made our way to small clearing which had picnic tables dotted around. As i approached one of the tables he turned me around and again began to unbutton my jeans, this time dropping them to the floor followed by my boxer shorts, he then pushed me onto my back on the table and started to undo his trousers and take out his cock, with my legs now in the air, he bent down and started to tongue my arse getting it nice and wet in preparation for the moment he would ease his cock into me. As he stood up he began to roll a condom onto his throbbing cock and began to probe my tight wet hole with the head of his cock, slowly it began to ease its way inside of me and within a couple of minutes he was fully inside me. He started to fuck me quite roughly as he held my legs in the air, all the time he was thrusting in and out of me i was wanking my cock, enjoying the feeling as i felt his heavy hanging balls slap against arse as he fucked me, after several minutes he began to moan with pleasure as he felt his cum rising and with one last thrust he pushed deep inside of me as his hot sticky cum filled the condom. As he pulled away i said to him that as i didnt get to have it fill my arse properly i wanted to taste it, so as i got off the bench i knelt down in front of him as he removed the well filled condom and took his slowly softening cock into mouth, for a few minutes i just knelt there sucking him clean, savouring the taste of his cum as it glistened around his cock head. Realising that during that time he hadnt actually made me cum he then wrapped his hand around my cock placed it against his own wet sticky cock and as we stood there facing each other he proceeded to wank me off until a few minutes later he was able to stand and watch me shoot my own hot load onto the floor. Both having been thoroughly satisfied we exchanged phone numbers and some idle chat before going our separate ways. As i left the clearing and headed home i just happened to notice the young guy from earlier some 40yds away clearly having just pleasured himself whilst presumably watching our perfomance at a distance.
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3 years ago
Now that i've done and yes the trucker are the best suck their cocks and rim them out and even to get fucked by them it so in credable just what i needed to be reminded thanks
3 years ago
great story, truckers are the best...i've had some serious fun with them several times ;-)