My Bi-sexual wife and BBW friend (part 2)

After a while of fucking stacey from behind, I laid down on the bed and motioned for both girls to suck me, with alison going first so she could taste staceys pussy juice that was still glistening away on my cock, taking it in turns they proceeded to suck me off for a good 10 mins occasionally meeting mouths and kissing and probing each others mouths with their tongues. Alison then said it was about time she felt my hard cock inside of her, I laid her down and knelt between her legs slowly slipping my hard 7ins into her, as I started to fuck her stacey positioned herself so that alison could get her tongue to her pussy and tease her clit, as I was fucking alison I was watching as stacey leant up on one arm placed her hand behind alisons head and pulled her mouth harder onto her dripping pussy, with alison frantically licking at her clit and sucking it gently between her lips stacey then shuddered uncontrollably and proceeded to have her first orgasm provided by a woman. As her orgasm subsided she leant over to passionately kiss alison, and as she did so she reached down between alisons legs and started rubbing her clit as my cock continued to penetrate deep into her pussy, after a few more minutes i was getting to the stage where i wanted to cum and could not hold it back and alisons own orgasm was building so as stacey laid back on the bed and began to satisfy herself i proceeded to fill alisons wet pussy with my hot cum, cumming deep inside of her her body convulsed as her own orgasm hit her at the same time, we both collapsed in a sweaty sticky heap, as we both laid there mustering up the energy to move we watched as stacey continued with one hand to rub her clit and with the other she played with her breasts occasionally lifting her giants tits to her mouth and sucking and licking her own nipples, as i left the bed to collapse in the chair in the corner of the room stacey beckoned alison to sit astride her face, alison duly obliged and as i sat there watching she straddled staceys face and with staceys hands clasping her tiny little ass she proceeded to grind her pussy onto her mouth as she licked and teased her clit, finally she slipped her tongue deep inside alisons pussy and savoured the taste of my cum in my wifes wet hole. As the two girls settled back down on the bed stacey asked alison if she would do something for her that she had apparently long fantasised about, she asked her if she would like to grind pussy with her as she had always wanted to experience it. Alison loved doing this anyway so she did not hesitate in giving stacey what she wanted, as the girls positioned themselves on the bed i watched as they propped themselves up on one arm and slowly began to rub and grind their pussies together, all the time they were doing this they were fondling each others breasts, with stacey pulling at alisons half inch long erect nipples and alison cupping staceys swinging breast with her hand, the two of them gradually began to fuck faster and harder and the look of sheer pleasure on staceys face was obvious as she started to moan intensely as her orgasm rose within her body, a few seconds later she said to alison "i feel it coming" and with that she laid back spread her pussy lips and had a shuddering orgasm as alison rubbed her clit between her fingers teasing it as she watched stacey hit her peak.
After we had settled down and cleaned ourselves up we sat chatting for a while, with stacey saying how much she had enjoyed the night, it was decided there and then that this would not be just a one off. The girls regularly meet and have sex, sometimes alone, other times with me present, also occasionally i get to fuck stacey without my wife being there and to be able to do that and then be able to go home and tell her in detail what i did to her is such a great feeling. This comes from being a part of a bi-sexual couple with an open and honest relationship, and more often than not hearing each others tales usually leads to us having mind-blowing sex as we both get turned on by picturing each others sessions.

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3 years ago
Thank you for helping me to jack off that was fantastic
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Good ending!