My Bi-sexual wife and BBW friend

one of the great things about being part of a bi-sexual couple is the freedom to explore and try new things without feeling your other half is missing out. Alison my ex-wife is openly bi-sexual and we regularly enjoyed the pleasure of sharing our bed with other women many times, usually the women she either picked up or met were generally of the same kind each time, nothing out of the ordinary but all sharing one thing in common they liked girl on girl action. In the cafe where I used to stop by occasionally after work was a girl who was a friend of mine called Stacey who is a relatively attractive BBW and 50yr old, about a size 22 with big 44GG breasts and a sexy plump ass, Stacey and I always used to jokingly flirt with each other and I would play it up a bit and tell her the things I would do to her given half a chance and vice - versa. I knew that Stacey had a desire to also want to try being with a woman, so deciding to kill two birds with one stone I decided to tell Alison about Stacey that evening. Alison herself is a very slim size 8 with pert little 34b breasts and long slender legs, she is very open minded about all things involving sex and after some discussion about the possibilities she found herself becoming very turned on at the thought of pleasuring a curvier older woman.
After a few conversations back and forth, Stacey agreed to come to our house and have a few drinks and just see what comes of it, if anything does. That friday stacey arrived at ours and upon opening the front door I was amazed to see her dressed up and looking quite sexy in a black thigh length skirt and black shirt that barely did up over her huge breasts, the buttons gaping just enough to get a glimpse of a black and red lace basque underneath, just under the hem line of her skirt was the unmistakeable detailing of her stocking tops. Alison herself is one for sexy and sometimes quite kinky underwear, and she had duly dressed for the occasion as well, she had matching white bra and french knickers on and a pair of white hold ups all concealed under a thigh length full zip front dress. As we all sat chatting and relaxing as the drink flowed the atmosphere seemed sexually tense but with an underlying hint of anxiety. I decided to leave the room and let the girls chat and give them a while alone to see if that would help the situation. Some 15mins later I could hear movement from the lounge and what sounded like kissing and gentle littles gasps, I decided then to head back and see how things were, to my surprise stacey had joined alison on the sofa and they were both indulging in some fairly heavy petting with alisons hand tucked inside staceys shirt and staceys hand was placed up under alisons dress and running over the crotch of her knickers all the time kissing, stopping to look at me they both giggled and alison said why not take this upstairs and really get things going.
Once upstairs the two girls continued to kiss and explore each other, as for me I just sat on the chair in the corner of the room and enjoyed the show unfolding before my eyes, alison and I had an agreement that she would decide if she wanted me to fuck the other woman or not and would give me the nod if she did. Im guessing between them they had agreed I could join in as stacey had made it quite clear she had wanted to fuck me anyway, so when alison motioned for me to join them I did quite happily!
As the two girls kissed, i slipped behind alison and reached around her front and undid the zip on her dress, she slipped it off her shoulders and as it fell to the floor the look in staceys eyes said it all, you could see was dying to explore alisons body. Alison proceeded to unbutton staceys shirt and get her first look at her heaving breasts being squeezed out of the top of her basque, stacey slipped out of her skirt and as alison leant down to lick and kiss the tops of staceys breasts, I slipped my fingers down the front of alisons knickers and began to rub her clit, already i could feel the dampness rising in her panties. Alison then undid the laces on staceys basque and as it fell away her huge breasts fell free, her breast although big were quite pert with large areolas and big suckable nipples. By now I had undone alisons bra and slipped off her panties and she was just stood there in her hold ups and heels, she laid stacey back on the bed and leant on top of her as she began to suck and tease her nipples, as she did so she slipped a finger inside staceys knickers and began to slowly rub her clit, I started to undress now and as i stood there beside the bed with my erect cock in hand alison said to stacey "you can suck it if you like, you have waited long enough", with that stacey reached out and pulled me to the edge of the bed and turned her head and greedily began to suck on my hard cock, teasing the head of it before sliding her lips down the length of it. all the time she was doing this alison had slipped off staceys knickers and was now knelt between her legs and was proceeding to tongue her pussy and clit, as i looked at her buried between stacey big thighs i could hear and feel stacey moaning with pleasure as she continued to suck my cock.
After a while stacey sat up and pulled alison towards her as she sat on the edge of the bed and began to lick and suck on her nipples, her fingers probing between alisons legs, rubbing at her pussy. stacey must have decided she wanted to taste another womans pussy by now as she laid alison down on the bed and lowered her head between her legs, tentatively she began to lick and suck on alisons clit, occasionally letting her tongue probe inside her wet pussy, as she kissed her way back up alisons body, i positioned myself behind stacey and as the two girls kissed and took it in turns to suck each others nipples i proceeded to ease my thick hard cock into her. As i began to fuck her doggy style i could hear alison asking her if it was good to finally feel me inside her.

Part two to follow shortly!
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thata not lesbian thats called fun thanks
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Like wise good start.
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very good start