first time bi with older guy (part 2)

Having experienced my first time with peter, I couldnt wait to get home from work and tell my other half about what had happened that day. She found the whole thought of watching me pleasure a much older man such a turn on that she suggested I should contact him during the week and see if he fancied meeting up again and to discuss the possibility of alison watching this time. Having spoke to peter mid-week it was agreed that he was up for another meet this time at my home on the saturday night and he was quite happy for alison to watch. Saturday finally arrived and as agreed peter turned up at 8 on the dot, i decided to put on a smart shirt and trousers and tight black shorts, alison was dressed in her usual short skirts and revealing shirt and was wearing a black basque and stockings underneath, she always look great in those as she was slim built with pert little 34b breasts and nipples almost an inch long. As alsin went to pour drinks peter came and sat beside me on the sofa leaving alison with the armchair on the other side of the room, after a while of chit chat alison turned the conversation to what i had told her about at work. Peter decided it was time to take the initiative and quite openly placed his hand on my crotch and proceeded to rub my cock through my trousers, alison must have been sat waiting in anticipation of what was to come next because as i glanced across at her she had laid back in the armchair and had lifted her skirt up to her hip and was slipping her panties to one side and slowy rubbing her clit. This was enough for me to take the plunge and undo peters belt and trousers and ease out his flaccid cock, leaning forward i then put my lips around it and slowly began to suck with each suck of his length it began to get harder and harder. He slipped out of his trousers and shorts and I stood in front of him and lowered mine, anticipation had got the better of me and my cock sprang out to attention right in front of his face, so he took the opportunity to get his mouth around my cock and proceeded to suck on it greedily.
After about 20 mins of that he unexpectedly tore my shirt open and began to bite and lick my nipples the whole time wanking my cock as he did so, then to my surprise he spun me around and pushed me onto all fours on the sofa and started to rim my virgin arse getting it nice and wet before starting to ease a finger into me, as he did this he was wanking me off and starting to talk dirty and telling me the things he wanted to do to me. After a few minutes he stopped what he was doing and finished undressing and sat back down on the sofa, beckoning for me to come and sit astride his hard cock, alison and i had already agreed that when i did it was going to be bareback because i wanted to feel his cum flood inside me. As i moved towards peter i looked at alison and she was layed there with three fingers deep in her trimmed pussy and rubbing her clit with the other hand, she then said "i want to see that cock in your ass" so slowly i sat astride peters lap and gently eased myself down onto his hard shaft, it felt so hard and tight at first but as it slowly eased in the pain went away until eventually i was fully impaled on his cock, gently i began to ride him until i felt comfortable to pick up the pace abit and ride him a bit harder, after a while i heard alsion say she wanted me to turn round and face her and ride him that was so she could see the look of intense pleasure on my face, i duly obliged and as i rode up and down on his cock my own erection bobbing in time to the movement i reached down and played with his balls and watched as alison brought herself off to her first orgasm.
I decided that i wanted to feel peter inside me doggy style so positioned myself on the sofa and spread my ass for him to penetrate me deeply and turned to him and begged him to fuck me hard and deep so that i could feel his cum deep inside me, after a dood 10 mins of fucking me i felt peters body tense and his cock suddenly get harder inside me and with one large groan i felt his hot seed fill my ass, he seemed to cum for ages spurt after spurt filling me up.
I had already decided i wanted to fuck him whilst he was on his back so now it was my turn, he laid on the floor raising his legs so i could get my first taste of ass as i began to rim him, eventually i eased my hard thick cock into him and slowly fucked him for a good 20mins, all the time i kept leaning forward to kiss him, lick his hairy chest and nipples, as i fucked him i reached down and began to rub and wank his cock again until it was hard once more, as i picked up the pace i wanked him harder and faster until eventually he came all over his stomach and chest, this in turn made me more desparate to fill his ass with my own cum, so i duly obliged, just as felt myself cumming i pushed deep into him and filled his ass just as he had done mine,
thoroughly exhausted we cleaned ourselves up and sat back on the sofa satisfied, alison too seemed thoroughly satisfied with what she had seen as she laid there with her pert little breasts out and her pussy dripping wet from pleasuring herself. We all agreed that this is something we all wanted to happen again.
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1 month ago
Hot story
3 years ago
i knew you would like it in the ass you dirty boy good story made me cum
3 years ago
By all means you must do this again you can even invite me too i love a hard cock in my asshole the more the better thanks