Under Indian Skies (part 2)

we stroll off the lodge premises and onto the beach. nothing much happening there, just the sea and some fishermen in their boats beyond the surf. some have come ashore to check their catch. most are still busy outside. as we walk up n down da beach u see a dude selling coconuts. as hardly any customers he cracked one for himself and drinks the milk. the sheer sight of the milk running down the cheeks reminds u of something else. u quickly turn around and walk me back towards the lodge. at the point where the beach hits the luscious vegetation we lie down on the beach towel we brought. it is not long before our swimwear is somewhere in the sand around us.

i sit on my knees beside you. my fingers softly tickle your skin, moving up and down from ur neck accross ur breats belly towards ur thighs. as my fingers slide over your waxed mound you open your legs slightly, as in reflex. my hand softly sinks in the soft gorge now opening between ur thighs to touch lightly on your lips. u now open ur legs completely, not in any way ashamed of the fishermen who seem to have noticed something is happening here. my fingers slide between ur lips and i feel u are getting wet quickly. just as i bend down to lick you, you grab my cock. of course, it is standing up proudly. i move a bit so you can reach more easily, and start 2 lick u. i pull up ur legs, knees towards ur shoulders so ur pussy lips open up more. slightly moaning u ask me to move over so ur head is between my legs. i happily do so, and feel my dick being taken in by something wet and warm. you suck my dick with such lust that i can hard ly believe it. as you lick, i start to make fucking motions in and out ur mouth. i am getting hornier every second, and quickly start licking your more and more intensely. as i lick, i use to fingers to work the inside of your pussy. the other hand i use to tickle your buttocks. damn, u are so beautiful everywhere - your whole body is just great. but your pussy is beyond perfection. i could look at it for ages, just stare and touch. but now all i can thinks of is to lick, and taste your juices. i make sure to swallow every drop. as my licking continues, a hear an increasing moan. i noticed that u have stopped sucking. all u can think of now is that orgasm u feel coming. it is far, but noticeably your feet and legs start to tremble a bit. you feel theres an earthquake happening inside of you. i feel u put ur arms around my lower body, ur head pressed hard to my dick and belly, awaiting the physical v******e of your orgasm. as it finally comes you scream in a hard and high pitched voice. your scream holds on for seconds which seem hours. everyone we saw busy on the beach before stop what they are doing and look at us. now theres now doubt anymore what we were up to, but then, there may not have been any doubt anyway. in a panting, almost panicy voice u command me to go on. "lick me! lick me! god damned! make me cum again!" you yell at me. i have no objections to such request, so my licking and ff of u continues. within minutes your pating gets deeper and is intermitted every few seconds by muscular contractions deep inside ur body. i feel your pussy muscles clamp down on my fingers which ar still in your cunt playing ur gspot.

ur orgasm has faded away and u lie on your back next to me, panting still. i lie next to u. we look at each other and still cant believe all this is happening. fucking the living daylights out of each other under the clear blue goan skies. still we havnt had enuf. i turn towards u and climb u. lying half on top and leaning on my arms i look into ur eyes. i slowly bend down and kiss u. our tongues play happily. i now use my legs to slightly part yours and manouever in between. i pull ur legs up one by one and position for a deep penetration. u quickly and eagerly grab my cock and guide it to the entrance. as i feel my dick head touch your wet spot i push it in slightly. u pull me down by my hips to take me in completely bau i pull back just enough to tease u. i make a few very slight in and out motions and i see u are going crazy. "fuck me now! fuck! do it! give me that dick!" you shout and i have no option but to obey. with a slow but firm and steady movement i push in my sword all the way to the hilt. i can hear u sigh in pleasure. with slow but deep strokes i start to fuck u. i now lie down on top of you completely, only slightly supported by my elbows. we kiss intensely as my loewr body and hips continue the rythmic fuck motions. our tongues play cat and mouse, chasing each other in the confines of your and my mouth. as we do so, my hands go through ur hair and i continue to fuck u in the same rythmic motion. u decide to join in, and make motions in the same rythm, me opposite to mine. while we kiss we pant deeply through our noses. this breathing, the soft sodding sound of my dick in your wet pussy and the soft noise of the sea are the only sounds we can hear. the whole world has disappeared around us, and we just fuck. and fuck. and fuck. so intense. then i slowly move off you, and turn you on your side. i lie behind you and slide my rod back in with just a little guidance from you. i pull up your top leg and turn it such that it now lies over mine. i resume my fucking. immediately i feel the difference in position. fucking you this way enables the sensitive spot on my dick to be touched in just the right way by your insides. at the same time, i can just touch your gspot with my cock. this feels good. i start to increase my rythm and its just great. "i wanted to do this so bad, honey" i say to you. "please fuck me, fuck me, dont stop" is your reply. no way im gonna stop now. i know it is now just a matter of time before i come. i start to feel the shivers in my upper legs herald an orgasm. i fuck u faster and faster. "o yes YES YES HONI IM COMING OOOOOOOH YESSSSS!" i shout as i squirt my first load deep inside you. i try with all thats left in me to hold back the second squirt. you seize the window of opportinity by quickly turning away. immediately after my dick slides out, u turn and grab it. u push me on my back and you lie down across my body. you use ur right hand to wank me. u open ur mouth to catch the cum ur know is gonna cum. "hhhhh oooooooooh YEEEESSSSS, baby jerk me more MILK ME DRY!!!!" i shout. as my load after load comes out you keep jerking. my cum flies everywhere, landing on your boobs, face, my belly. you lick the stuff off your lips when my last load has gushed out. u bend down to suck up the drops sill coming out of my rod. i have now squirted completely dry. with pleasure your mouth cleans my dick and you swallow every bit.

we just lie still in silence. after about 10 minutes we try to get up. we literally stumble towards the shore as all strength has gone from our bodies. hand in hand and still nanga panga we walk into the surf. the fisherman are still there no longer fishing, and look at us in disbelief and jealousy. they have never watched anything like it. we just smile and slowly walk into the water. my cum is dripping down our bodies and needs washing off. after a brief swim in the sea we pack up and get ready for dinner.

(to be continued)
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