The Watcher In Surburbia.

I’d seen them move in a little over three months ago, newlyweds I suspected. They were kissing and hugging every few minutes; they couldn’t take their eyes of each other. While they were unloaded the belongings from the removal van I took my opportunity to go over and introduce myself to them. He was polite introducing himself and his wife – their names were David and Layla. I hadn’t noticed from my living room window how attractive Layla was, but here she stood, probably the most attractive woman I’d ever seen. She was around twenty-fiveish, long blonde with died streaks of black sporadically placed, average sized breasts, but with a body tailor made for fucking. While I stood there chit-chatting I began to imagine her gagged, bound, with my cock buried inside her ass while she moaned with pleasure. As I become aroused I excused myself and retreated to my living room so I could observe safely hidden away while I jacked off.

I continued to fantasize about her Layla more and more. One night while I was making love to my wife of ten years, Layla’s beautiful body entered my mind, and my wife’s face transformed in Layla’s; her beautiful blue eyes looking up at me begging to be fucked. So I did, I fucked my wife as If she was Layla – hard with passion and drive. I moved her from position to position; taking her from every angle, burying myself within her, and within the fantasy. As I a felt the wave of organism rise up before me I pulled out grabbing her hair and positioning myself to cum all over her face, closed my eyes, let out a roar of pleasure “Yeah, Layla take it over your face, bitch.” I said as I came all over my wife’s face. As I opened my eyes my wife laid there covered in cum with tears slowly rolling down her cheeks. I’d never came on her face before; I knew how she felt about it, she deemed it demeaning and disgusting, yet I’d just done it without warning while shouting out another woman’s name in ecstasy. I’d just committed adultery with my own wife.

I continued to watch Layla after my wife left me. I plotted and schemed ways of bumping into her in the street, in the shops; I’d do anything to spend just a few seconds in her company. My favourite day of the week was Monday’s – every Monday she’d be in the garden, in her pink bikini as the Floridian sun glistened off her creamy white skin, alluring me closer and closer. While I continued to observe her, I noticed that she and David had begun to fight on and off, quite regularly.

I’d heard the slamming of their door, and the sound of a car screeching away in a hurry. I looked out of the window to see David driving away. Minutes later I heard a knock at my door. I answered it to see Layla standing there wearing a long white summer dress with her hair flirting with her shoulders
“Hey Layla” I said. She barged past me heading to my living room.
“I know you’ve been watching me…” my heart sank into my stomach. “We both know. At first we thought it was kinda funny, the creepy older man from across the street wanking over the younger married woman.”
“I haven’t” I said, but It was obvious I was lying.
“Don’t. I’ve seen you. David just left me because of it. He wanted to go to the police and report you, but I told him not to.”
“Why? I said.
“I married a bore. His idea of good sex is both of us climaxing together. I’ve always been different. I thought if I married I stiff I’d become like everybody else, but I don’t want that anymore.”
I didn’t understand what she was talking about, but hearing the words sex leave her lips was enough to make my cock throb.
“How are you different?” I said.
“I like to be treated like a whore. Gagged, spanked, and degraded. And I’m sure Mr Greene you can help with that.
She moved closer reaching for my hand and moving it up her thigh to her wet cunt. “Treat me like that slut I am, Mr Greene”
I grabbed her by the throat throwing her to the coach. I reached and pulled her knickers down, tearing away her pretty little dress. “Is it what you want, bitch?” I said.
“Yes. Fuck me.”
“Not until you’ve sucked my cock.” I pulled out my cock and buried in her mouth. She took seven inches down her throat, gagging and convulsing. I fucked her mouth senseless. I pulled out and threw her to the ground-into doggy position. I undressed. Then I fingered her ass preparing it for my cock. She groaned with pleasure. I’m sure that husband of hers would never dream of doing this to her; giving her something she deserves. I spat on her ass hole, and slowly eased my cock into her tight virgin ass hole. “Fuck me hard” She demanded. I happily obliged. Burring my cock deep inside her ass as a spanked her ass cheeks. I continued to fuck her ass until she climaxed. Sending shockwaves through her body she collapsed on the floor, exhausted. I again picked her up by her throat and marched her upstairs to the upstairs bedroom, and threw her onto my bed, locking the door; I walked over and stood above her. “You belong to me now, slut.” I said. I cuffed her to the bed by her hands and feet, slapped her tits, and thrusted my cock deep inside her sopping cunt. I fucked her with so much desire inside me, so much hate, so much love; I fucked her like the slut she wanted to be. “Choke me” she said as I fucked her. I choked her until I felt the imminent arrival of my climax, pulling out shoving my cock down her throat as came in her mouth. “Swallow my cum, slut.” I said.

She left my house degraded and humiliated with a smile on her face.
She patched things up with David, just so we could continue out illicit affair. When he is at work she is on her knees sucking my cock, or being spanked, ass fucked, or swallowing my cum, before going home and giving her husband a kiss laced with my cum.

What a slut.
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