The Gratified Sexual Fantasy

Lighting a cigarette I sit in my car listening to Bob Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone on the radio. In this dark, dank, multi-storey car park, she doesn’t see me as she walks past my car. I pop the trunk of my car before leaving it and begin to follow her. I dip and dodge in between parked cars avoiding detection. She is oblivious to me presence, which will make what I’m about to do so much easier. As she approaches her car she begins to rustle about in her handbag for her car keys. I run up from behind her wrapping my left arm round her neck and placing a knife into her back. “If you scream you die” I say. “Please...please don’t hurt me” she begs. I drag her in-between her car and another, placing her on the floor, face down. I retrieve a cable tie from my pocket and tie her hands behind her back. “You’re doing well. Don’t make a sound and this will be over soon.” I say. I place a gag in her mouth and cover her eyes with blindfold. I can feel my cock turning to rock inside my tight jeans as I listen to her sobs. Lifting her up onto my shoulder, I walk through the car park, observant for passer-bys and cameras. I throw her into the trunk and slam the door shut.

As I drive away with the girl in the trunk, I remove the mask from my face and see myself in the rear view mirror. I hardly recognize myself. Am I disgusted or relieved? It is hard to tell. I know where I am going, I have been planning this for weeks, but the realism of the situation hits me, and I start to think about the girl in the trunk. Something I wasn’t prepared for. I turn right off of an old country road into a stretch of road that leads to a vacated barn about five miles away. The road is filled with pot-holes making it a bumpy and uncomfortable for both me and the girl in the trunk. I can hear her moan every time we hit a bump in the road. “Shut the fuck up, bitch.” I shout. After twenty minutes of trying to avoid the pot-holes, wild a****ls running across the road, and fallen trees I make it to the barn.

The barn is derelict and in dire need of refurbishment. Hay lines the floor. The windows are muddied and cracked. A stair case that once led to a storeroom has fallen onto itself, and lies in a pile by the corner. I have been here before and prepared the barn to my own needs. I makeshift bed in centred in the middle of the room, placed beside it is a table holding my tools and instruments. I walk over to the bed and throw the girl to it. “Don’t move” I say, as a remove her restraints and gag.

Staring down at her I can see the fear in her eyes. Although I want to do this I can’t bring myself to do it. Eventually I succumb to my desires and proceed with my plans. “Take you clothes off.” I say. She begins to beg. This makes me only hornier and angrier. “Take you clothes off.” I say again. Still she refuses. I grab her by the throat lifting her off the makeshift bed and throw her into the barn wall. With my left hand strangling her, my right wanders down her skirt into her panties and I begin to rub her pussy. I reluctant moan of pleasure escapes her mouth. I then release my grip of her throat and rip apart her blouse, revealing a pink, flowered bra. “Take off your clothes” I say. This time she knows I mean it. She slowly removes her clothes revealing her egg-timer shaped body, large breasts, and tight bum. Her blonde hair brushes the tips of her shoulders until a gust of wind comes through the cracks of the barn windows, blowing her hair behind her ears, and erecting her bare nipples. She stands embarrassed and frightened. I move her to a pillar near the far end of the barn, taking both her hands and cable tying her hands around it. Her naked backside is facing me. I take a whip from my table of instruments and begin to unleash my sexual frustration upon her. Lashing and lashing her, her screams become louder and louder. I remove my clothes and begin to rub my cock. “Do you want more?” I say “Nnnnno....please stop.” I flog her some more. Her bum is red roar, I single drip of bl**d runs down the crack of her backside. I walk over to her, my chest against her back, my lips to her ear “I’m going to **** you, now, bitch.” I say. With that I kick apart her legs, take my cock in my hands and insert it into her surprisingly moist pussy. Every inch inside her she begins to sob. I fuck her deep and hard. It’s liberating fucking a woman without the pressure of making sure she cum’s I think to myself. After several minutes of fucking her in the pussy I decide to fuck her anally. I place some lube on my cock, my fingers and her asshole. I begin to finger fuck her ass. Her sobs have subsided, but she is still in a lot of pain and terror. After several minutes of fingering her ass I take my cock and with one thrust insert it into her tight ass. Still tied to the pillar I abuse her ass, while giving her the reach around rubbing her clit. Her groans become moans of pleasure. “You like that don’t you, bitch?” I cut away her restraints and throw her to the bed. I place her in doggy position and proceed to fuck her pussy then her ass, alternating every few minutes. Her cries have returned as I begin to fuck her harder and harder. I turn her onto her back into missionary position so I can see her face. “I’m gonna cum soon” I say. I fuck pussy again, feeling my climax rising. As I’m about to cum I slap her face and begin to choke her. As she convulses on my cock and brings me to climax, I pull out and cum on her face, in her mouth and all over her tits. “Good girl.” She lays there defeated. Unable to fight or run I walk away from my victim, with my back to her I remove the mask, and turn to face her. “Happy Anniversary” I say. The surprise in her face is almost tangible. She jumps out of the bed, cum running down her chin onto her tits. “You remembered” she says. “Of course I did” Five years ago on our first date she had told me that her biggest sexual fantasy was to be rapped and beating. At the time I thought it was weird, depraved and in no way was I inclined to believe she was serious. But over the years her fantasy had manifested into our sexual lives and I decided that on our fifth anniversary I would surprise her with what I deemed a great anniversary gift, I would give her what she wanted – **** or at the very least the illusion of ****.
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3 years ago
awesome story.
4 years ago
very very good & so naughty
5 years ago
5 years ago
Thanks, dude.
5 years ago
absolutely excellent and teh ending so unexpected