That day I met whith my chat friend in the first time. We'll set up a date in the night club to spand it on chating, drinking and dancing.
What was my huge dispapointment, when the fab girl (long, dark, curl hair, big black eyes, and sweet lips) start to dancing after one pint with the strangers not with me... And her dance was such a sexual... She'd moved as a pro stripper nearly. And what I supposted to do? I said to myself. GO ON you IDIOT. She's your date-get a fack out others guys! And that's what I DO! I said to the fella-get lost, she come with me, and I take her on otner site on the dance flor.
She was realy surpised, but she didn't protessed. We'll start dancing as she'd did that before with other guys earley on. But this time, I kept her butt so hard, and close to my legs, that her pussy rub my thigh up and down, up and down. We start kissing and it was a realy horny kissys. I tuch her brests and I knew, SHE WAS READY TO FUCK.
We went over from nigt club, walking down by old market square, up to her hotel.
She tooke me to her room on the 2nd floor, sited me down on the enge of bed and...

FUCK! She'd start talkin' about her boyfriend! Thats why ,she rented the hotel room, couse he will get flight back from Scotland where he lived for a last few years, and she'll have to pick him up from airpot in the next few hours(take him to the hotel and fuck of course).

I was so dissapoined agait this night. What the fuck? But minute after minute, when we talk and deeply looked into eyes, my mind was fool of only one think: Now or Never!

I took her into my arms, put the finger on her cheery lips, and said: shushhhh.
Started kissing her, touching her brest, rub her legs, get closer to her pussy.
I putted her on a bed a stared to take out her cloths(winter time) Boots, trousess, thights, and panties.

Finaly, I saw her lovely tight pussy. Litlle bit hairy, but sweet as hell. So i didn't wait any longer-I licked her as a c***d licking lolipop. And now what?
She'd realy enjoyed that, she was like in 7th heaven, when unexpected alarm phone stared beeping (unexpected by myself-she'd knew) That was her wake up alarm. She said that: Hey lover boy, you are so hot and sweet my teddybear, but I need to take a shower and go to the airpot to pick up my fiance.


ps. that realy happed to me
and I have had a girlfiend as well that time

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