Looking for that big belly

Well I'am still looking for that great belly the hanging love flesh that is only inches off ground. ( im getting hard thinking about it) So I was working in eastern washington was there for 2 weeks. I was a heavy drinking back then when I was 22. So I was driving thur town when i seen her. belly hanging so low but not the great one i have been looking for only about 400 ppounds. She was out in front of a bar. I went to store and got beer and then came back by she was still there I had to stop. I parked and went to bar see was out front they had a cover charge and she was collectting the cover. I talked with her, she knew I was looking at her body. I paid and went in young skinny girls. I sat by door and watched her all nite and she knew it. Just before closing I asked if want to go somewhere after she was off she said she could not. But she would be here tomarrow. So it was saterday nite and I went back to see her. we talked more and she told me she did not have to work but she wanted to see if I would show up. We got something to drink and went back to motel. i think she was scared when we got there. She thought I was one of those guys that just make fun of her all her life.i told her that no one should make any remarks about her other then she is one of the sexys thing I have ever seen.I told her that we did not have o do anything I just wanted to be close to her. She did not really undestand. We started kissing and may hands were all over her. stopped me and took off her big sun dress. She did not hve a bra on she had a cup titties just the way I like. And you could not see any panties from the front her belly hide them. She laid on the bed and i almost came right then and there. Her great body covered the full size bed. I looked at her so long she said something but I did not here, the room could have been on fire and I would not have cared. we started kissing and there was not one spot of that body that I did no lick. I lifted her great belly and eat her sweet pussy for hours. She came and squrited my face many times before I eased into her. I stayed hard for like ever. I came three times before we stopped.She told me she had never felt that way before and that see had to go. I said tomarrow then. She said ok.That went on for two weeks after work every nite. She told me she loved me and gave me her number.i never called her again till about 3 years later when i was going thur town. I stopped by her house she cane out side and that belly was about 6 inches lower. I was rock hard as we talked then her boyfreind came out he was ok about us talking. i hugged her and drove home that was about 30 years ago and I still think of the Great belly that got away.
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1 year ago
Yes, when you find a fatty like that you just have to move on it. Gotta give credit to her husband; he saw that belly and married her. He did the right thing considering that you mention her belly is hanging about six inches lower in three years.

The farther the belly hangs, the harder they fuck and the more they crave sperm.
1 year ago
Love big bellies too.