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My Hawian love Affair

Ah! To be young,beautiful, and enamored of life! This was the state of affairs, when I met the first male love of my life.He was tall, thin, and hung.I was stationed in Hawaii, as the result of the "troop pull out" of Viet Nam. I had been in country(Viet Nam), for six months, of a supposed 12 month tour. When then President Nixon, began U.S. Military Troop withdrawal, and we were given the option of finishing our tours or leaving with the advance contingent of the 25th Infantry. Although my duties were administration(in&out processing), and did not involve combat, I did not relish the possibility of the situation deteriorating into one of basic combat, so I chose to leave.Upon arrival in Hawaii what struck me as disappointing was the trashy environment( trash along the highways), one pictures a vision of pristine beauty, paradise when the name Hawaii is evoked.However the truth of the matter is paradise is not paradise in reality in so far as Hawaii. Anyways I was assigned, as in Viet Nam the duties of in&out processing.And to mitigate the repetitious tedious boredom of the task, I begin to flirt with all who sat before me, male, and female! I had developed pertinent key phrases, and questions embedded in the chit chat discourse that accompanied each interview,that would indicate interest in having a sexual liaison, sometime in the near future.One day after having interviewed twenty or more cocks, and pussies.I looked up into the startling blue eyes of a lanky Adonis! An Adonis that exuded sensuality like rays of sunshine on a dismal cloudy day! His smile gave me a not a hard on, but a cock ache! I was so mesmerized, I forgot to flirt! Evidently my affect on him was the same! I say this because his interview, was one of innuendos,and flirts, he flung like darts in a crowed Irish pub, dart game! And to let me know he was serious he surreptitiously caressed my hand as I returned his processed 201file to his hands.He was a musician, a trumpet player, and was assigned to the div. band which joys of joys quartered in our quad(barracks).That night, he walks down the lanai where I was standing contemplating another uneventful night, and asks me if I would like to show him the day room.When we reached the day room, which we both knew at 1am would be deserted, He pulled me close, cupping my ass cheeks, and squeezing them tightly, while he kissed, and nibbled my lips, driving his tongue deep between my teeth after licking them!He pulled me downed onto an oversize leather sofa, and began to make passionate love to me, exposing my chest, licking, and sucking my paps as if they belonged to him,while rubbing his fingers up,and down my ass cleft as he gently cupped , and squeezed my ass! I quickly freed his straining cock from the confines of his fatigue trousers, all nine beautifully veined alabaster inches, with a glistening drop of pre cum hanging from the head, which sprang up and smacked me in the face!! I held it by it's magnificent curved shaft, and proceeded to rub my face all over the length, and breadth of it, reveling in the raw smell, and feel of wet lust!! Taking the dusky rose in color head between my lips , I began to nibble,suck, sticking the tip of my tongue in its gaping oozing hole to lick it dry, almost cumming from the taste!! I felt him shiver,and he started calling me his "Spanish Rose", and started biting my paps!! By this time he was finger fucking me to orgasm!!! I was hitting anal orgasmic plateaus, that was causing my cock to leak profusely! He began to whisper "suck it all, my Spanish Rose", and finger fucking me harder with two fingers, in circular in&out motions, I could feel the warm juice from my ass cumming, flowing around his fingers drenching my balls, and a tingling feeling in my cock, signaling I was close to cock cumming! I quickly swallowed his entire cock, and began to suck, and tongue it, until I felt it began to throb, and pulsate as the hot salty taste of him, caused me to shoot my load all over his hairy thighs!! In the aftermath, he explained that he called me "Spanish Rose" because he had a lover back home that was Spanish, and I looked like him.I told him my long eyelashes, and Latin looks was the result of my Sicilian, and Sephardi father, Whose Sephardi Jewish ancestors were from Spain.He also told me that he was involved with a "flaming Queen" whom he had rotated with from his last duty station, and would this prevent me from seeing him again.I said "no". He said " I want to fuck you in your ass."! I said "please".

End of Part one
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