My First Bisexual Fuck as a Bottom

Although life is full of surprises, the most memorable, and pleasurable surprise for me, and most perfect,I might add was the first time I EVER cummed without benefit of penis stimulation, manual, or otherwise. It began with eye contact with an ebony hunk, as I was strolling down 3rd ave.,NYC heading towards home. The classic flirt ensued,(we passed, then both turned). After minimum conversation, we agreed to an encounter at his place. And it was here that i truly felt like someone\\\\\\\'s fuck bitch! It began with deep tongue, mouth to mouth kissing, with frantic disrobing. Then I proceeded to kiss, lick, and nibble his eyes, nose,ears,neck, and languidly moving to his nipples, armpits, trailing down to his enormous frightening un cut cock. At least 9inches, and very thick, with balls that would put the bells of St. Mary to shame.I was licking, and nibbling , relishing the moans, and grunts I was eliciting. When suddenly I was on the receiving end! He began to suck, and nibble leaving excess spit as he sucked, he attacked my nipples with such intensity, that my cock began to ache from being so hard. At this moment, he flipped me over, brought me to my knees, and began to kiss, and nibble my ass cheeks, and my balls, licking my ass crack. Tenderly licking around my ass hole without touching it. Then suddenly he plunged his tongue in my ass hole, and began to eat my ass, like I eat pussy! My God! Suddenly, I felt like a true bitch in heat, like one of the women who\\\\\\\'s pussy, I had sucked, and fucked . I began to moan, and thrash in pleasure indescribable unmercifully so. Just when I thought, I would pass out with joy. He flipped me onto my back with my legs over his shoulders, and started rubbing the head of his huge cock in circles around my ass hole, which was juicy from his eating.He began inserting the head of his cock, and withdrawing it, until my ass hole started to clinch, and grab at his cock involuntarily! After moments of this, I began to beg, and plead,I,m not ashamed to say for him to fuck me hard, and deep. Which He proceeded to do. Slow, and easy in, and out with circular thrusts. I began moaning Poppi, and he began moaning Mommi, all the while my ass hole was milking, and clinching involuntarily, like a milking machine gone wild.I was having multiple ass orgasms, as he fucked me, and sucked my toes simultaneously. My ass began to make the sucking sounds of a pussy being well fucked. He began to fuck in a rapid motion, going deeper, and deeper until I felt his balls smacking my ass, and suddenly he hit my prostate, and I shot hot cum all over his chest, at the same moment I felt his hot cum fill my ass! Unbelievably his cock was still hard, as was mine, and he asked me if he could fuck me again. Naturally I said Hell yes.
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3 years ago
Great story...made my cock rock hard
3 years ago
Yes can enjoy more of this thanks
3 years ago