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Saturday, June 18, 2011

hey stud whats up 12:55 AM

My ass wet, juicy and in the air, legs spread! 1:00 AM


well thats nice now stick something in it 1:00 AM
let me know how it feels 1:00 AM

Ok! 1:03 AM


so what did it feel like and what was it 1:23 AM

My fingers, I had an ass cum!!! 1:25 AM


really... and how was it 1:26 AM

copious! 1:29 AM


so tell me have you had a coc... Continue»
Posted by manpussy4bigdick 3 years ago

My Arabian Stallion

What follows is the unedited, latter half of a chat fuck with an on fire, 19 year old Arabian, which was so hot, I literally had orgasms!!!

----- Our chat on Wed, 12/29/10 5:37 AM -----
Carlo (4:32 AM): What happened?
... ..... (4:33 AM): nothing
Carlo (4:33 AM): I lost contact for a moment. When we chat on cam!
... ..... (4:34 AM): when you have cam
Carlo (4:34 AM): Fri. or sooner!
... ..... (4:35 AM): i hope that very soon
Carlo (4:36 AM): We can't chat- fuck while you are at work, can we?
... ..... (4:36 AM): ok
Carlo (4:36 AM): I want to see you naked!
... ..... ... Continue»
Posted by manpussy4bigdick 3 years ago

My Hawian love Affair

Ah! To be young,beautiful, and enamored of life! This was the state of affairs, when I met the first male love of my life.He was tall, thin, and hung.I was stationed in Hawaii, as the result of the "troop pull out" of Viet Nam. I had been in country(Viet Nam), for six months, of a supposed 12 month tour. When then President Nixon, began U.S. Military Troop withdrawal, and we were given the option of finishing our tours or leaving with the advance contingent of the 25th Infantry. Although my duties were administration(in&out processing), and did not involve combat, I did not relish the possibil... Continue»
Posted by manpussy4bigdick 3 years ago

[Story] The First Time I Sampled Her Wares!!!

The first time I ever saw my wife's face was across the crowded bar area of a NYC disco,Pippins to be exact, on the upper east side, off 5th ave around the corner from Gucci's. She was dressed in a fuzzy, hot pink ,form fitting cashmere turtle neck
sweater, and cream colored hip snugged, flared skirt.Her hair was sweptback , gathered in a ponytail, held in place with a Hermes scarf. Ah, she was the epitome of Pa. Mainline grace, charm, and beauty wearing luscious red lipstick.Her skin the color of Lady Godiva , milk chocolate lit from within.My attention was drawn to her, because I felt her s... Continue»
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[Story] My First Bisexual Fuck as a Bottom

Although life is full of surprises, the most memorable, and pleasurable surprise for me, and most perfect,I might add was the first time I EVER cummed without benefit of penis stimulation, manual, or otherwise. It began with eye contact with an ebony hunk, as I was strolling down 3rd ave.,NYC heading towards home. The classic flirt ensued,(we passed, then both turned). After minimum conversation, we agreed to an encounter at his place. And it was here that i truly felt like someone\\\\\\\'s fuck bitch! It began with deep tongue, mouth to mouth kissing, with frantic disrobing. Then I proceeded ... Continue»
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