Thighs Part five

Misty and Susan came home a few hours later. Susan asked Sammie why she was running around in a T-shirt and panties. Sammie said she felt like it. Misty said that they didn’t know me all that well, despite my kindness. This was kind of hypocritical of Misty and Susan. Susan had watched me masturbate and probably Misty saw some of it too. I had seen Susan naked in my bedroom. She knew she could trust me, but seems they were worried about Sammie.
The girls had brought home some deli sandwiches and we ate them out on the porch. Misty and Susan and I sat in the three lawn chairs and Sammie sat cross-legged on the floor. I could see the dark shadow of her pubic hair under the sheer cloth. Nobody seemed to notice and I realized they were getting more used to be half undressed around me, despite Susan’s statement earlier.
Misty went to bed fairly early going in to my bedroom. Susan and Sammie staid up for awhile, but went to bed at the same time. I was sitting alone in the living room and was soon over at my computer looking at porn. My whole life had turned into sex. I wondered what would happen in the future if they did or didn’t leave.
I jumped when Misty asked if I wasn’t going to go to sl**p. She startled me and laughed as I recovered. She was wearing a pair of white panties and a shirt that come to her belly button. I already had an erection, but felt a surge as I saw her. She squatted down and asked me what I was looking at. I told her just odds and ends. She pulled up a stool and sat next to me. She said to go ahead, they all like porno too. I was watched a video of two women lying on a bed talking and masturbating. The women became silent as they came close to orgasm. One came and the other one took a bit longer, but as she reached orgasm the first woman bit at climaxing one’s nipple, then feverishly kissed her. The second one came with an eruption of body twisting and gasping.
Misty made a motion like she was waving air at her face and she gave a look of excitement. She said that was wild. I said I agreed. She then went to bed and I wondered if she was in there touching herself as I sat at the computer. I waited awhile then went into bed. I left my underpants on and climbed into bed next to Misty. She said that she felt better now. It didn’t dawn on me what she was telling me. She told me I could feel better too, unless I felt better in the living room. I realized she was saying to go ahead and masturbate
I asked her if she was sure she wouldn’t mind. She turned on her side facing away from me. I was still hard and I pulled down my underpants and began feeling my penis. I knew it wouldn’t take long. I began stroking myself and couldn’t help shaking the bed. She turned over to see me jerking on my penis. I was coming closer and she put one hand on my shoulder and then I came. Globs of cum shot out from my penis onto my stomach. I felt all the tension leave instantly. Misty had a few Kleenex in her hand and gently wiped off the cum on my stomach. I protested, saying that she didn’t have to do that. She said she didn’t mind and wiped it up and threw the Kleenex into the wastepaper basket. She drew her hand back and she shook it, saying she got some on her hand and wiped it onto my arm, laughing, and then turned over to go to sl**p.
I was aghast at the way my life had turned upside down. It was so intense living with them that my head hurt. Watching porno with Misty next to me was something I could have never dreamed of. I was a little uneasy with Sammie’s turn sl**ping in my bed; but conversely I was aroused by the situation.
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