Thighs Part four

She told me to stop staring and get out of bed. And then she left the room. Misty and Susan took showers and got dressed for work. They both looked sharp. Misty was dressed in a short skirt for her waitress gig and Susan was wearing tight jeans and a tank top that hung dangerously low. I wondered if Susan bent forward if anyone could see her small breasts. They walked over to my primitive driveway and drove off.
Sammy left the porch and came over to me. I asked her when they would come back. She said that Susan’s shift was 6 hours and Misty worked about the same. We walked back to the cabin. Sammy was wearing really tight and ragged denim shorts. The fabric pulled tight around her crotch and held her nice butt tightly. Her pale thighs were set off against the faded blue denim and It was all I could do to keep from grabbing her and running my hands all over her body.
We went inside and Sammy made some eggs and bacon for us. We sat at the kitchen table. I asked her what kind of work she had done in the past. She said that she had worked in a 24 hour diner and had been robbed by her boyfriend. She said she had not known that he would ever do such a thing. He got caught and our relationship came out and I was arrested too. I spent a year in jail.
I remarked I was sorry. She went on and said it was a nightmare to be among the hard core women in the county jail. She said she had been sexually assaulted many times. She said several women would hold her down while they took turns doing horrible things to her. The sad thing she said was she started to like the abusive sex and had started joining in with the other women. At that point she began to cry. She stood up and just stood there crying. I got up, not sure what to do, but she stepped to me and I hugged her. I could feel her hot sobs against my neck and wetness from her tears. Her breasts pushed against my chest and my arms were around her waist and back. I hadn’t felt the soft pillows of a woman’s breasts for years. Her clean smell like soap and body powder filled my senses.
I tried to gently let her go, but she held on to me, her hips pushing against mine. Then to my surprise she lifted up her head and kissed me deeply. I hesitated, and then kissed her deeply. She was getting more excited and I wondered if this was a mistake. She ran her hands over my lower back and over my rear. I did the same feeling her thin waist and full behind under my fingers.
She finally pulled away, but held my hands. She asked me if I wanted her. I choked out that I did. She went on saying she only knew about sex that was rough and submissive. She asked if could show her a gentler way.
My penis was stiff and my throat felt full. I said I would try and she pulled me into my bedroom. Sammy slid her shorts off and sat on the bed. She then slipped her white, sheer panties down and threw them on the floor all wadded up. I followed suit and took my jeans down and slipped off my underwear.
My penis stood out and up, the head a dusky color of excitement. I looked at her unique, pretty face with the sad, brown eyes. I stepped over to her and sat down and put my hand on her firm thigh, then let it slide up into her brown hair. I felt dampness there and moved my body on to hers. She wrapped her arms around my neck and we fell backward onto the bed. My penis was screaming for relief, but I wanted this to last as long as possible. We kissed deeply our naked bodies pressed together. My hard member was squeezed between myself and her full thigh. I was afraid I was going to cum, but I fought it.
Suddenly Sammy pulled loose and sat up. I sat on the edge of the bed as she broke into tears again.. Her face was flushed and the tears made her cheeks wet. I tried to put my arm around her, but she pushed my hand away. I was hurt by the gesture, even though I had no claim to her love. She got up and un-wadded her panties and pulled them on, then left the bedroom. I got dressed and followed her. She was on the porch sitting in a lawn chair with her feet up on the railing. I walked out and sat next to her and waited.
She told me that as long as she was out of prison, that she couldn’t make normal love, then went on and also said that she had been with a woman before and liked it better. Sammy said that when she was 18 her b*****r, who was 19, began making sexual advances, mild at first then more suggestive. She said she awoke one night to find him next to her bed lifting the covers and shining a light on her panties. She said that’s how she always slept. She didn’t think it would ever be an enticement. She went on; she said she was in her dresser looking for a bra and picked one up. It had a pale substance in one of the cups. She realized it was cum and it flaked off on to the floor. She looked in her panties drawer and found a pair of sheer panties still damp from her b*****r’s cum.
Sammy said she was furious and confronted her b*****r in the back yard. She shook the panties and bra in front of his face and he grabbed them and held them. Sammy told him she would bring this to her mother. Her b*****r then got in her face and with a visage pale with anger told her that if she said anything he would hurt her bad. Sammy said she backed off. Her b*****r was a violent person. He had punched her once and knocked her down. She said she could only storm into the house and go into her room and lock the door. Her b*****r stood in the backyard holding her underwear.
A week later she said, he burst into her room one afternoon when her mother was out. He grabbed her and threw her on the bed. Sammy only had on her bra and panties and he ripped them off violently. He then pulled his pants down exposing his erection. Sammy tried to scream but he stuffed a sock into her mouth. He f***ed her thighs apart and she said when he entered her it hurt. He was big and fully erect. She said she was still a virgin. When he was ready to cum, he pulled out of her vagina and pumped hot, white cum onto Sammie’s tummy. He then pulled up his pants. He told her with clenched teeth that if she ratted him out he would make her feel pain that only a woman could feel.
She was in terror when he left. She ran to her door and locked it. Then slid to the floor and cried. She took tissues and wiped his emission off her tummy. Her vagina was still oozing bl**d and it hurt. There was a little she could do but clean herself off and think of how she would get away from him.
He assaulted her twice more before she ran away. He always made his move when his mother was out. The last time he came into her room and told her to undress. Sammie tried to refuse, but he sat her on the bed, roughly, and then tore her T-shirt and bra off exposing her hard nippled breasts that bounced with the v******e of his action. He pushed her backward and grabbed at her shorts and pulled them down and off. Sammie lay on the bed holding her arms over her breasts. Her pink panties were all that was between her and his angry penis. She grabbed at them, but he tore at them and then she was naked, locked in an i****tuous nightmare. She crazily thought they ought to make panties sturdier so it would be harder to get ****d. Tears ran down her cheeks and she was screaming inside herself. She weakly tried to push him off, but he was too strong.
She expected him to go into her, but he wrestled her onto her stomach and put his penis inside her rectum. Sammie opened her mouth in pain, but didn’t make any more than a whimper as he did it. He finally finished and pulled out. He walked out of the room and left her crying tucked up into a ball on her bed.
I was angry and sick of what she went through. I could never fathom why certain men couldn’t control their sex drive. I asked Sammie to tell him her b*****r’s address. I wanted to go and hurt him as bad as he hurt her, even though he could never get close to that special, hateful pain a woman experiences. She stopped crying and kissed me gently, then told me her b*****r and her were even now. I asked her what she meant, but she just said she would tell him later.
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