Thighs Part two

A week went by and I fantasized about her every day. I masturbated so much my penis was getting sore. I realized I didn’t even know her name. I kept hoping she would show up, with her s****r or not.
I went out on the porch that afternoon and drank an iced tea. I was laying back on my lounge when I noticed two people back at the tree line. It was quite far but I soon saw it was her. She had a companion and as they walked closer I saw the other woman looked a lot like “my” girl. Must be her s****r I thought as they approached. Her s****r was pretty with a similar thin face, but more attractive. She wore rimless eye glasses which made her look a little like a school marm. She had a nice smile and she smiled at me. I saw she had the same narrow waist as her s****r, but not the full thighs and hips of her s****r. She had on a sleeveless T-shirt with a scoop neck. I could see she had small breasts with wide nipples. Her skin was smooth and tanned a little. To my surprise she had on a short khaki skirt instead of jeans or shorts. Her legs were shapely and tan down to her white tennis shoes and white sox. Obviously this woman didn’t hang out in the woods much.
My girl had on another tight pair of shorts that showed off her full thighs and nice butt. She also had on a T-shirt like her s****r exposing her upper chest. I could see neither one had on a bra. I hoped they would have to bend over a lot.
I asked their names and they told me that my girl was Susan and her s****r was Misty. I told them my name and asked them if they wanted to come in and rest. They said they were going to take a hike and would stop on the way back if that was OK? I told them of course.
I started having all sorts of fantasies about both women; but I had to realize I was an overweight grey haired man who was not attractive in any way. I even had a small penis. Oh well, I thought, I will have many ideas for fantasy masturbation if I got to know them a little. Trouble is I always got my hopes up when an attractive younger woman was nice to me.
It was almost dark when I saw them coming back out of the woods. That walked up to the porch and Susan said she had to pee badly. I asked her why she didn’t go in the woods. I almost said –like the other day-but caught myself. Susan went inside to pee and Misty stayed outside with me. She said she was tired and went over to sit down. I asked her what she did for a living. She told me she was a waitress. She said her s****r was a check out girl at the supermarket. I noticed she had a wedding ring on. I asked her where her husband worked. She told me they were split up. He was a quiet man that didn’t want too much excitement in his life. She said she was frustrated with him and she left. Misty added that she wasn’t a party girl, but wanted to be close to her man once and awhile.
I wondered if she was telling me cryptically that the sex was bad. I was in a state of mind that read sex into everything. I took a deep breath and relaxed. Susan came back out and let out a soft whistle of relief. She said that my cabin was nice. She wished she had a nicer place to live. She bent over to pick up a scrap of paper on the floor and her back end was to me. I felt a thrill go through me looking at the back of her naked thighs and her firm rear end. I couldn’t help but imagine she was naked and I was putting my penis into her. I almost choked as I took in a breath.
Misty seemed to sense what I was thinking and she put her fingers up to her lips to try and hide a small smile. I felt my face getting warm and when Susan stood up her face was pink from bending over. She asked what was so funny and we just shook our heads. She said she knew we were laughing at her big behind. I told her no, she had a very nice rear end. This surprised her a little bit and Misty laughed more. Susan got redder. Misty said to Susan that I wasn’t thinking of her ass as big, just, well..she tapered off. Susan got completely flustered and walked off the porch. Misty still chuckled. I told Misty that she hurt Susan’s feelings. Misty told me that Susan was a bit of a prude, but was trying to loosen up. Misty said she doesn’t know how to flirt harmlessly. She took everything seriously.
I walked after Susan and caught up to her. I told her that we meant no harm and I thought she was a really pretty woman. Susan cheered up a little. She asked if I really thought she had a nice rear end. I told her I really thought so. I added that I thought she was sexy too. At that she turned red, really red. Then to my surprise she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. She told me she thought I was special too. For an old man I added. She said she and her s****r didn’t feel that way.
I wondered why she had included her s****r in her comment. Susan walked ahead of me and we stepped onto the porch. Misty commented that we should get a room, kissing in public. Susan sat on the railing and told Misty what I said. Misty said she was jealous. We chuckled to that comment.
It was almost dark and the girls were nervous about walking back to their car. Misty asked if they could stay the night. I said sure, not expecting them to want to stay. I said I had a spare bedroom. Misty laughed and asked did that mean we couldn’t sl**p in my bed. And would three fit. Susan told Misty, sharply, that was enough!
It was an awkward moment. Misty retreated and told me that she was only k**ding. I told her I knew that. Misty wanted to take a shower and I found a couple towels. I told her I had a washer and dryer and she could wash her clothes if she wanted. Misty said she would appreciate it; she was stinky. She asked me if I had flannel shirt or something she could wear while her clothes dry. I got her a big pullover that seemed long enough. I was getting aroused by the thought of Misty in the shirt.
She went into the bathroom and started the shower. She called Susan and gave her the dirty clothes. Susan looked around and asked where the washer and dryer were. I told her I would take them; the washer was in back of the kitchen. Susan hesitated and gave me the clothes with Misty’s panties on top. I took them and put them in the washer and started it going. Whoosh, my penis was going up and down all day. I wished I could keep the panties.
Misty was done with her shower and I gave the shirt to Susan to give to Misty. Susan asked if she could take a shower. I told her sure. She took Misty my shirt and I found an old flannel shirt that I had in the back of the closet. I gave it to Susan. Misty came out of the bathroom with the pullover on. It didn’t do anything for her slight figure but it did show off her thighs and I could only think of her naked pussy under the shirt. My penis stiffened up quickly and I wished I could masturbate and relieve my tension.
Misty asked me where the washing machine was and I took her out to the back room. Her clothes were done washing and she bent over to put them in the dryer. I was standing in back of her and I got a view of her pussy lips as she put her clothes in the dryer. She straightened up and looked at me. She realized what had happened and said to me I must have seen one before. She turned red and I turned red and retreated to the living room. She followed after and apologized for being so coarse. She said she had always been more into reality than Susan.
I told her that it was OK. I’m glad she felt free enough to talk straight. I didn’t mind and in fact I liked it. Misty chuckled.
Susan came out of the bathroom, her hair still wet. The flannel shirt fell down to her thighs, but there was something sexy about her being nude or just panties under my shirt. Susan asked what we were laughing about. Misty told her what happened. Susan laughed nervously. She said to Misty to be more careful. Misty replied that she was sure that he had seen it before. I thought to myself that I hadn’t seen enough of them. Susan said that it was a private place to her and she liked to be naked, but when no one else is around. Misty asked her what fun was that. Susan said it felt good to not have clothes on, especially outdoors when she was alone. She liked to feel the sun all over and the wind blowing around her.
Misty went to the bathroom and left Susan and I alone. Susan asked if I would like to go for a walk. She said she wanted to get away from Misty for a few minutes. We left the house. I was amused that Susan hadn’t bothered to put her clothes back on, even though the shirt covered down to mid-thigh. I asked her if she wanted to put her clothes back on. She said that she felt OK and she had put her panties back on in the bathroom after she had peed.
We walked through the grass to the edge of the woods and I said we had better go around the steep hill down to the path. Susan said that she wouldn’t fall, so I went on ahead of her. She edged down the hill slipping a bit and I had to grab her arm to stop her from falling. After a few more feet she stumbled and I had to grab her around the waist which caused her shirt to slip up to her breasts. I made sure she was steady again and she pulled her shirt down. I had a glimpse of her panties nestled between her full thighs. She was wearing a pair of white sheer panties and I could make out the darkness of her pubic hair tucked inside them. I felt my penis stiffen in my pants. I wondered what her pussy would look like if her panties came off.
Her face was a little red and she said thanks for catching her. We made it down to the stream that flowed down to the bigger stream farther on. Susan sat on a rock and put her feet in the water. She pulled her shirt up to her hips and splashed water on them to cool down. I sat down looking at her shapely legs and full thighs. Her skin was pale and I imagined she hadn’t been getting much sun, but I loved pale skin on a women it made their assets seem more naked.
She got up after a few minutes and when doing so her legs came apart and I got another glimpse of her panties. She noticed me looking. She asked if I had got a good look and said she didn’t understand why men got such a thrill after seeing up a woman’s skirt. She went on and said she would give me a good look if I wanted. She suddenly lifted her shirt to show me her panties. I looked at the triangle of white with a few pubic hairs sticking out under the elastic of her panties. My penis was completely hard as she did this.
I said that I was sorry and it was a natural instinct. She sighed and said it was OK.She didn’t really mind, just caught her a bit unawares. She said I could look anytime and pulled her shirt up to let me see again. She said she knew she could trust me. She then put a finger under the top elastic of her panties and pulled the edge of the panties down so that her pubic triangle was exposed. Her pubic hair seemed to be trimmed for it nestled between her full thighs without straggling.
I was really shocked. I would expect Misty to be a little bolder, but not Susan. She said I could relive myself if I needed to. I’m not sure what she meant. She let her shirt go and then reached up and pulled her panties down and off, then lifter her shirt again. She said it was all right to touch myself if I wanted. I was flabbergasted. I wanted to masturbate madly, so I undid my pants and let them fall then pulled down my underpants. My stiff penis stood out hard. She again said it was OK. I took my penis in my hand and started stroking it. My Pre-cum dripped in excitement. Soon I was pumping hard and was near orgasm. I looked at her and saw she had flushed around her neck and face. I came hard shooting out long jets of cum onto the ground.
Susan pulled up her panties and let her shirt fall into place. My hand was sticky with cum and Susan took a couple of Kleenex out of her shirt pocket and handed them to me. I wiped off my hand and threw the Kleenex into the stream.
Suddenly we jumped as we heard Misty’s voice from down the trail. She had said very nice. I pulled up my pants quickly as Misty came down to us. She asked why we hadn’t waited for her. She had missed out in all the fun. She went over to Susan and grabbed her and kissed her hard on the lips. Susan partially responded, and then Misty pulled away. She looked at Susan and asked her why she hadn’t told her she would be with a man as well as a woman. Susan said she really hadn’t Thought of it until he and I were alone. She said she had seen me looking up her shirt a moment ago and she could see the bulge in my pants, so she had though what the heck I’ve never seen a man masturbate for real and she was curious. She was only being nice and he hadn’t touched her. Misty said she had seen it before. Her b*****r had made a habit of coming into her bedroom when Misty was only 16 and ask misty to take her panties off so he could jerk off. This happened to her a lot. She got sick of all the sticky cum that flew onto her thighs and was glad when she left home to go to college.
We all stood and looked at each other, then started to walk to my cabin.
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