When I turned 18 my neighbor came over to my house with a birthday cake. My parents weren't home, and I let my neighbor in. She put the cake on the kitchen counter. She was somewhere around 40 years old and divorced. She had on a thin white shirt. Her breasts sagged quite a bit, but were still sexy to me. I wondered how come I had never noticed before. My penis was getting had and I only had on a thin pair of blue shorts and no underwear. I knew my penis would be evident, so I went around to the other side of the kitchen counter, so my neighbor wouldn't notice. I saw two bumps on the front of her shirt, where her nipples were. I wondered what they would look like with the shirt off. She noticed me looking at her chest and reddened slightly. My penis was completely hard now. There was a level of tension in the room and we looked at each other. She suddenly said, "You're looking at my breasts. Do you want to see them?" My face flushed hot at the question. We were all alone and my mother wasn't due for hours. I didn't answer, but she began to lift her shirt up and off. I stared at her naked breasts as she pulled the shirt off and folded it on the counter. Her nipples were wide and her tip was long and hard. I wanted to touch it. She came around to me and saw my erection bulging on my shorts. "You can touch them." She said. I reached out my fingers and felt the hard nip. She gave a small shiver. I rolled the tip in my fingers and she gasped a bit. She pressed closer to me and I could feel her thigh against my penis. She kept pressing against me as I ran my fingers over her pale breasts. It was all I could take, and my penis let go, shooting cum into my shorts. I gasped and pressed against her thigh as I came and came. She stepped back and saw the large wet stain on my shorts. She put her fingers on the wetness and felt the creamy liquid. She smiled and said, "My turn next!".
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4 years ago
sounds like a part 2