Waiting IV

I'm sweating and my penis is half erect. I see her as I round a bend and she sees me about the same moment. Her face blanches, I guess, out of surprise and fear. I say hello and her hand covers her chest. She says hello. It is a moment frozen in my memory. Feelings of embarrassment fill me along with sexual desire. My penis is at full attention as I help her up and she puts her arm around my shoulder as I put mine around her waist. I feel smell her sweat and something else, something a woman has about her. We make it to her car. She determines she can drive OK and gets in. She thanks me and as she starts to pull away, she looks at me and says that she knows I watch her. She has known for months. I stiffen, but she smiles and tells me it's all right. She tells me that it makes her feel fearful, but aroused, then she accelerates as is gone. I have the feeling she will be back. I take out my penis and stroke it.
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