Waiting III

I watch her struggle on the ground. She sits up and reaches down and feels her ankle. I see that her ankle is swollen, even from my vantage point. I see bl**d on her chin and on her shirt. She starts to turn over and is on her hands and knees. She is crawling back the way she came. I have no idea where she comes from each day. I have been watching her all summer and into this fall. I think, does she have a car parked somewhere? Does someone drop her off? Does she live nearby and run to the path each day?
I want to go down and help her, but I am afraid she will see me for what I am. She stops crawling and lays on her side and cries. She wipes her eyes and tries again. She stops to flick a rock away that she has kneeled on.
It is a mile to the secondary road that the path comes out on. I know I must find a way. I ease back from the trees and keep them between her and I. It takes a long time to make it up into the bordering field so I can walk normal, without her seeing or hearing me.
I walk down toward the road then cut back toward the path about a hundred yards from where she fell. I take a couple of deep breaths and set off toward her .
(See Waiting IV)
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very good