Yara Chronicles Part 1

The Yara Chronicles

When one thinks of life we think of things we want, but can’t have. Unless we’re lucky or, in reality, not lucky.

I have a job that takes me all over the world. I was on this day in the Eastern Europe, in the City of _______. I was encamped in a pricey, but inadequate hotel. The room I was in was confining and bleak. I decided to go out for a walk, even though I did not know the City at all. It was warm out and I walked a steady pace looking for something interesting. I walked from the more modern area of the City to the Old Town, with its cobble-stone streets and dim lighting. I was beginning to think that this was a waste of time when I came upon a seedy bar. There was a sputtering neon sign that was only half illuminated and the name of the bar was unintelligible.
I went inside and sat at the end of the bar, so I could see the whole interior. Music played from the dimly lit rear of the establishment. Some smooth jazz. There were a couple people dancing, moving slowly to the quiet beat,
I ordered a scotch with water on the side and slowly sipped the amber liquid feeling the smooth warmth flowing through my body. I drank one and then another, feeling more relaxed.
I heard the door close behind me and could see, out of the corner of my eye, a woman move into view, like a wisp of smoke, smooth and quiet.
She stood next to the bar, putting her purse on the counter. She was wearing a clinging dress that came down to her mid-thighs. When she sat on the stool her dress formed around her thighs showing off her beautiful legs. There was more though; More than I had ever encountered. Her beauty was beyond what I had ever witnessed in my life. Her face was exquisite, Her eyes were full and liquid. Her nose was small and perfect. Her hair framed her face showing it off perfectly.
I swallowed hard then finished my drink as the music swirled inside my head. She sat then turned her head toward me then away quickly, picking a cigarette from her purse. She flicked her lighter and touched the flame to the end of it. The brief flare of flame highlighted her beauty then faded. Her cheeks had a slight suntan, but her arms and shoulders were pale like a greek statue.
My head pounded. I forgot that I was in a little dive in the Old Town of ________. I was in a fantasy I’d never forget. I was tempted to go to her. Ask her her name, sit next to her and breathe in her scent, but was afraid that I would frighten her out the door to the misty night, never to see her again..
I noticed after awhile she looked over at me and held my gaze for a few seconds. There was no smile, just the beautiful countenance. She looked away, then put her cigarette out and stood up. I was shattered, as I thought she was going, but to my amazement she walked over to me and asked me if I wanted to dance. Of course I said yes.
She walked in front of me to the scuffed dance floor and I took her carefully in my arms, not pressing my luck, holding her loosely. She, however pressed close to me and wound her slim arms around my neck and put her head against my shoulder. We moved against each other and I felt my desire rise.
I was in heaven. She smelled like a Spring afternoon, warm and sweet. We danced for several songs, then she broke away and we walked back to the bar. I wanted to keep dancing, holding her close to me, smelling her. We had another drink, but she said nothing, letting the smoke from her cigarette swirl in the dank air.
Then, suddenly she took my hand and stepped off her stool and pulled me out the door. There in front of me in the dim light, was a bright red ferrari. She motioned for me to get in and she followed suit. She turned the key and the awesome car came to life. She put the car in gear and started down the cobblestone street moving quickly out of the old town, through the surrounding city, and into the countryside.
We drove for over an hour the Ferrari humming along effortlessly. I tried to imagine who this woman was. I looked at her steadily, but she never took her eyes off the road.
Finally we came to a parking area and she pulled in. She then looked over at me and smiled a beatific smile. I was incredulous at the way this night was going: The bar, the girl, the car....
She opened her door and stepped out, kicking off her shoes and began walking toward the lake in the distance. The moon was out and the reflection of it was on the water. She stopped and reached behind her and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the grass. She put her fingertips under the elastic of her panties and pulled them loose and they slid down her lovely legs.
I watched her walk to the water’s edge, then into the water. She stepped farther and farther out until the water was up to her neck. She swam a bit, but then stopped and waved for me to come in. I got out of the car and walked down to the edge of the water and took my clothes off. My heart was pumping hard as I moved in to the water and moved closer to her. When I stood in front of her my desire was complete and she pressed her soft tummy against my erection while lacing her thin arms around my neck and kissing me fully on the mouth, her tongue searching for mine,
Our bodies were slippery and we glided against each other. I felt her hard nipples against my chest and her soft thighs against my member. She tightened her grip around my neck and lifted her legs up and wrapped them around my waist. My penis slid into her and we were joined in loving.
I began walking out of the water with her clinging to me. I walked to the soft grass and bent over letting her press against the ground with me on top of her. we rolled around on the grass, making love, feeling each others sexual desire.
We made love for a long time, then we were both spent, lying side by side on the grassy ground I looked over at her for a long time taking in her sensual body.
She got up after a while and pulled her panties on the stepped into her dress and I got up and zipped it for her, then put my hands on her shoulders. She spun around and quickly kissed me on the mouth, then pulled away and started walking to the Ferrari. I followed suit and we were soon flying toward _______ and the Old Town. I kept looking over at her, but she was eyes ahead all the way. She had said but a few words all night, however, I felt I knew something about her.
We eventually pulled up to the Bar we had come from. She turned toward me and leaned over for a final kiss, then I got out and she leaned over and told me her name was Yara. She then put the car in gear and motored off into the misty night.
I stood looking at the receding taillights until she was out of view. My heart was sad as I walked back to the hotel.
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