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Now I'm too old I guess. Tough to get a hard on anymore. I had fond memories of when I was just realizing why my penis was getting hard, every once and a while. I found a paperback book alongside the road when I was walking to the swimming hole one summer. I had been pretty sheltered by my mother and as I was 13 I had never had an orgasm, or even a hard on. I took the book home and read it when my mother was at work. I had never seen writing like this; The book described breast and nipples and pussy. The man was putting his penis into the woman's vagina and something happened. I put the book down and realized something odd was happening. I was on the edge of an orgasm and for some reason i went up to the bathroom and took my penis out. It was hard and stood out and up straight. It felt funny, kind of a tickling sensation. Some instinct told me to put my hand on it and I began stroking myself, by instinct, I guess. It didn't take long and I felt this, almost frightening feeling of pleasure. The cum shot out of the tip of my penis and sprayed all over the toilet. I just stood there as the last dribbles fell on the toilet seat. I was slightly afraid, as I had never experienced an orgasm before. I wiped up all the cum and through the tissues in the toilet and flushed it. I went downstairs and hid the book. I would read more the next day and began masturbating every day and sometimes twice daily. Those were the days.
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4 years ago
i do not remember when i started but i think i was younger than that